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The Blockchain Standard for Business - Co-Innovated with SAP

Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Lition, in co-innovation with SAP, is a foundation that develops the next generation blockchain infrastructure designed for businesses to bring blockchain applications from their currently predominant Proof-of-Concept stage into commercial products with mass-market adoption in a legally compliant way.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolLIT
  • Circulating Supply25,682,869
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply160,000,000
  • Primary SectorInfrastructure
  • JurisdictionLiechtenstein
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Dr. Richard Lohwasser photo

Dr. Richard Lohwasser


Richard holds a Ph.D. in Energy Economics and is an international awarded IT specialist. At 15, he was fluid in 7 different programming languages. At 17, he developed and founded the startup, a Top-10 website at that time in Germany with 1 million views per day. Later he completed a 5-year university program in 3 years and graduated as No. 1 student. After founding another tech startup in California and working six years as a strategy consultant for McKinsey, he was appointed the youngest director in the history of Vattenfall, a US$ 10bn European utility corporation. Directly before Lition, Richard was managing director of German operations at ExtraEnergie, a leading independent international energy supplier with US$ >1bn in sales and responsible for >350 employees.

Dr. Kyung-hun Ha photo

Dr. Kyung-hun Ha


Kyung has a strong management and IT background. He holds an MBA and Ph.D. in IT (Summa cum Laude). He has been a director for Online at Vattenfall, one of four leading multinational energy conglomerates in Germany with more than US$ 10 bn in sales. Currently he is a senior director responsible for operations at GASAG, a US$ 1,4 bn leading energy supplier in Germany. Additional to his operational functions with Lition, as a cooperation with GASAG, he is an expert in the field of online marketing & data analytics. Prior and in parallel to his corporate career he has successfully founded five start-ups in tech and ecommerce sector

Dr. Manfred Gabriel photo

Dr. Manfred Gabriel

Board Member Business Development

Manfred holds a Ph.D. in Business. He has been one of the founding partners of ADVISUM in 2001 and since then has developed, raised, invested and jointly managed funds with more than US$ 700 m. He founded various start-ups and invested in more than 100 companies with a combined revenue of more than US$ 7 bn and approx. 35.000 employees. Before he was Managing Partner at the investment firm GCI Management in Switzerland and an Account Manager at Cap Gemini responsible for growing and restructuring companies in the technology, automotive and financial business like Deutsche Bank, BMW AG and Citigroup.

Jan Wiedenhaupt photo

Jan Wiedenhaupt

Board Member Legal/Finance

Jan graduated in Business and Engineering. He has been founding partner and managing director of ADVISUM since 2001. He developed, invested and jointly managed funds for institutional investors with more than US$ 700m. He was responsible for a volume of more than US$ 1 bn until today. Additionally, he has been a founder of four start-ups. Before that he was a member of the management board of GCI Management Germany a now stock listed investment firm. Earlier he served as engagement manager at Cap Gemini responsible for clients like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, and other clients in the financial and technology sector.

Reinhard Lohwasser photo

Reinhard Lohwasser

Board Member Technology

Reinhard completed his Master’s degree in Physics and holds an MBA. He has been a partner of ADVISUM since 2006. Until now he was responsible for an investment volume of more than US$ 400m. Additionally he has been a founder of three start-ups, one together with his brother Richard Lohwasser. Before that Reinhard worked for Lucent Technologies in various top management positions, such as leading the global product management team holding the profit and loss responsibility for the worldwide leader in optical multiplexer. Prior he worked as consultant with Cap Gemini, GCI Management and with Lockheed Martin, USA, in the field of atomic physics.

Stephan Vogel photo

Stephan Vogel

Business Development Manager

Stephan has a degree in Economics and a Master in International Business. He has worked for more than a decade as an international project and business development manager for T.A. Cook, a leading implementation consulting boutique focusing on the asset-intensive industries, such as oil, gas, utilities etc. During his tenure he advised companies like BP, Bayer, and many more top-tier companies with billions in sales. Moreover, Stephan founded the Brazilian office and lead sales in Latin America.

Stephan Bialek photo

Stephan Bialek

Head of Finance & Operations Manager

Stephan studied information systems and is a certified accountant. He is an expert in the utility business. At ExtraEnergie, one of Germany’s top 3 independent utilities, he ensured correct billing and revenue assurance of ExtraEnergie’s 700.000 electricity and gas customers in B2C & B2B, US$ 850 m revenue and US$ 100 m operating profit. As a department manager he was responsible for more than 30 employees in billing and revenue assurance. Prior to this, he successfully founded an e-commerce platform for World of Warcraft.

Benni Wörpel photo

Benni Wörpel

Blockchain Marketing Manager

Benni has a B.A. in Science and Technology and has a Master in Integrated Natural Resource Management. His main focus areas are “Renewable Energy and Climate Change” and “Methodology and Modelling of Sustainability”. He is a blockchain pioneer, being certified by the first blockchain university courses in Germany. He has researched for his master thesis about the implementation of blockchain technology in a carbon cap and trade scheme. Benni has marketed and partnered with various start-ups. He is also an early investor in bitcoin and altcoins.

Chris Kilchling photo

Chris Kilchling

Brand & Design Manager

Chris holds a diploma in Graphic Design. He is a brand consultant and creative director, specializing in the development of corporate identities for forward-thinking companies across a variety of industries. He has been instrumental in elevating numerous successful companies through the implementation of compelling and fully-integrated design and branding strategies. He has worked on creative projects around the globe, gaining 15 years of multi-disciplinary design experience in digital design, web design, corporate branding and more. His most valuable strength is passion and good taste.

Susanne Hößler photo

Susanne Hößler

Senior Data Analyst

Susanne’s function as a Data Analyst in the energy sector started almost 10 years ago at eg Factory, service provider of the ExtraEnergy. As one of the 3 biggest energy supplier in Germany for private sector acquiring more than 1 Mio customers, the ExtraEnergy holds a tremendous data pool to analyze and work with. Working closely with both business and operative management, Susanne provided evaluations and statistics fundamentally influencing business procedures and company decisions. Both Susanne’s excellent analytic skills and her being an Excel power user will continuously help to improve our business performance.

Amy Xiao photo

Amy Xiao

Marketing & Community Manager

Amy has been working at multinational companies for more than 9 years. During her previous working experiences, she gained enormous acknowledges in terms of sales and marketing worldwide. Her working environment has always been very international so that she has excellent and customer-driven communication skills. As her professional activity has been in China for years she is perfectly suited for marketing measures in the Chinese market. Currently Amy is in charge of all our social media communication channels and community building in China.

Qinwei Hao photo

Qinwei Hao

Managing Director Lition China

Qinwei is a graduate of the renowned China Youth College for Political Sciences, which only accepts 100 students per year. Thereafter, she earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Cologne. She then held various managerial positions in an electrical company, where she worked for more than 7 years. Thanks to the international context she has worked in, Qinwei has developed a strong intercultural mindset which fits Lition’s global vision. As Managing Director, she is leading Lition’s Chinese branch in implementing EV charging stations in China.


Artur Basak photo

Artur Basak

Lead Frontend Developer

Artur holds a B.A. in Computer Science. He is an outstanding specialist with strong skills in front end development and deep knowledge of a vast range of technologies. Artur started to program from the 5th grade. Currently Artur is a fullstack Developer with an impressive number of successfully implemented projects. Furthermore, Artur is a great programmer and lead software developer at *Instinctools. Artur doesn’t stop at the reached level and keeps mastering his skills day by day. As a lecturer and trainer he enjoys to share his profound knowledge.

Nastassia Metselitsa photo

Nastassia Metselitsa

IT Project Manager

Nastassia has an extensive academic background. After her studies she started to work on various IT related topics in the sales department. After successful delivery, she moved quickly into the project management position for *Instinctools clients. As a Project Manager her strength lie in facilitation skills, agile approaches, time and resource management, as well as providing technical expertise. Nastassia is very fond of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects in the renewable energy sector.

Aliaksandr Zimakou photo

Aliaksandr Zimakou

Blockchain & Frontend Developer

Aliaksandr started his career path with getting practical experience in Backend development. Thanks to an impressive number of implemented projects on various domains, Aliaksandr developed a strong skill set in Frontend, Fullstack and Blockchain development. Aliaksandr is very enthusiastic about studying new technologies, such as Ethereum ERC20 and learning new programming languages. He quickly improves hard and soft skills, being able program and lead sophisticated projects He is also an early investor in bitcoin.


Dr. Jürgen Müller photo

Dr. Jürgen Müller

Technology Advisor

Jürgen holds a Ph.D. in IT Systems Engineering from the Hasso Plattner Institute where he was co-representative of Professor Plattner’s research chair at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) for Software Systems Engineering, University of Potsdam, Germany. Besides numerous teaching activities, he mainly contributed to research projects in the area of In-Memory Data Management. Jürgen is Chief Innovation Officer of SAP, the world’s leading enterprise software company with over 335,000 customers in over 180 countries and €22 bn in revenues. Jürgen has global responsibility for innovation across SAP and advises the executive board on all innovation-related topics in the tech field. As SAP's main driver for innovation, he has a deep understanding of the most recent tech trends, especially blockchain technology. As Lition's chief advisor for innovation and blockchain technology, Jürgens assures Lition develops the most technically sound, innovative and tangible solutions to conquer the market.

Kelly Ford photo

Kelly Ford

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Kelly is a serial international entrepreneur with 28 years of international marketing and strategy experience including 2 venture-funded tech startups (SiteAdvisor and Hunch) with successful exits (to McAfee and eBay). Most recently, Kelly served as CMO at leading European mobile bank N26. During his marketing leadership, N26 became one of Europe’s most successful FinTechs, expanding from 2 countries to 17, growing its customer base 12x to more than 1 million, and raising in excess of $200M in venture capital. Before N26, Kelly was CMO for PayPal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Prior to that he served as Head of Marketing, for EBAY in New York, as Sr. Director of Marketing for MCAFEE and as Director of Media Strategy for AOL. His career included 8 years in international brand management at the Campbell Soup Company as well as several years in boutique strategy consulting to Fortune 500 clients. Kelly has an Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree from Stanford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Sang-seop Lee 이상섭 photo

Sang-seop Lee 이상섭

Advisor Blockchain & Energy Use Cases

Sang - Seop is working as Head of Specialists and leading energy expert for the Korea BlockChain Association (KBCA) primarily conducting research and providing blockchain consulting services for the smart energy age. Sang-Seop has worked in the tech and IT sector at various senior executive positions for over 16 years. For seven years he has been the Head of SI Division of Gabia, one of the leading South Korean-based company dedicated on the provision of internet. As Lition’s advisor for Blockchain & Energy Use Cases Sang-Seop strongly supports Lition’s ambitions to internationally scale its energy blockchain solution. He facilitates and builds relationships with top blockchain experts, business executives and politicians especially in the Korean market.infrastructure services. Prior to that, he worked as a Managing Director at Godosoft Co. Ltd., the leading e-commerce solution provider in South Korea. Sang- Seop has a Sociology degree from the prestigious Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Prof. Dr. Markus Bick photo

Prof. Dr. Markus Bick

Advisor for Research

Prof Dr. Markus Bick is Head of the Chair of Business Information Systems at the ESCP Europe, one of the top tier Business Schools in Europe, since 2005. His chair of talented researchers and developers mainly focuses on the effective and efficient development and utilization of information systems like Blockchain technology as well as on the challenges and opportunities related to digital transformation. Main objective is to gather theoretical knowledge, methods and tools regarding modern digital information systems and technologies. During his tenure at ESCP Europe Prof. Dr. Markus Bick has published countless journals, conference papers and book contributions at highly renowed outlets worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. in Business and Information Systems from the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he worked as a researcher at the Department of Information Systems for Production and Operations Management (Prof. Dr. H. Adelsberger).

Eddy Travia photo

Eddy Travia

Advisor Digital Token Economy

Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technology startups and the CEO of Coinsilium, a London-based venture builder, accelerator and investor in early-stage blockchain technology companies (NEX:COIN). In July 2013, after several years in private equity in Greater China, Eddy co-founded Seedcoin, the world’s first global incubator of digital currency startups and, in May 2014, was named among the ‘Top three Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards. Eddy has led early-stage investments in 17 blockchain companies around the world. He also regularly delivers keynote speeches on blockchain and advises corporates and financial regulators.


For Sale80,000,000 LIT50.00%
Support Ecosystem Users/Companies20,000,000 LIT25.00%
Team, Creators, Advisors, Future Employees8,800,000 LIT11.00%
PR & Community6,400,000 LIT8.00%
Motivate Ecosystem Developers4,800,000 LIT6.00%


None specified

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Lition is going to succeed because it’s placing itself in a market position that is not yet exploited. Blockchain as such is failing in being truly applicable in the business context due to current technology limitations such as privacy laws incompliancy and low transactions throughput. Lition aims to fill these gaps with the help of a strong business-oriented leadership team and advisory board as well as by joining forces with the N.1 company in the world when it comes to business software development, SAP.
SAP and Lition believe that the objective could be achieved by combining a data storage & exchange focused, permissioned platform with a layer for publicly verifiable claims similar to concepts described commonly as zero-knowledge proofs.This would allow for high throughput, low latency for the majority of private transactions and public validation capabilities for select records.
Based on the design mentioned above, SAP aims to explore a decentralized data storage & exchange focused, permissioned platform, that incorporates a pluggable verification layer, leveraging their existing database & middleware expertise.
Lition will provide a decentralized consensus and verification mechanism tailor-made to hold these publicly-verifiable claims, extending the capabilities to an identity-agnostic audience.
The co-innovation agreement is not only delivering the needed expertise to develop the standard blockchain for business but also makes sure that the infrastructure user base can quickly grow thanks to SAP’s 400.000+ customers in more than 180 countries and the 17.000+ SAP partner companies.
Moreover, to fully unleash blockchain’s potential, Germany’s federal government needs to go a step further in developing a legal framework that supports Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) while preventing data breaches and other abuses. In this context, Lition is in the forefront with its CEO, Dr. Richard Lohwasser who is regularly invited by German lawmakers to shape the national legal framework.
Finally, Lition is well positioned to design a blockchain infrastructure for business use, as it launched the world’s first P2P energy trading dApp that is commercially live in a mass market with real revenues and real customers in over 25 cities.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Lition’s founders met originally at Vattenfall, one of the biggest energy conglomerates in Germany. After many years spent as technology entrepreneur and later consultants, Richard and Kyung saw a new opportunity arising on the horizon. He had the feeling that outdated structures and technologies were holding back innovation.
Finally, approaching the end of 2017, together with Kyung-Hun Ha, Lition was founded. After onboarding Lition’s seed investor the rest of the team joined gradually the Berlin based headquarter, between March and June 2018.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1. Regulatory risks:

Governments are still grappling with public policy on the regulation of crypto currencies as a form of settlement in trade. Governments adverse to the proliferation of the use of crypto -currencies in local commerce could issue laws and regulations deeming the use of cryptocurrencies a regulated activity It is therefore crucial that trusted brand names – like SAP – enter the market to ensure mainstream adoption.

2. Immature technologies:

New technologies that are challenging the dominance of blockchain as new “revolutionary” medium, such as distributed hash table (DHT) directed acylic graph (DAG). The problem is that these represent immature technologies, that can lead to data protection issues, hacks and thus negative public perception. This, in turn, will hinder mass market adoption, regardless of how solid the SAP-co innovated Lition solution might be.

3. Market:

Overall crypto market evolution – at the time of writing we are approaching the end of 2018 and the market confidence is low. The ongoing loss of interest in the technology could lead to a significant delay in mass adoption. However, being Lition B2B oriented, this threat is not seen as very significant, as the main token purpose and thus demand arises lies in organic, business-driven transactions and not speculation

4. Talents availability:

Ability to attract and retain additional, qualified personnel. Competition for such personnel can be intense, and there can be no assurance that Lition’s results shall not be adversely affected by difficulty in attracting and/or retaining qualified personnel.

5. Consensus layer participation:

To ensure the integrity of blockchain transactions Lition uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that require users to “stake” a portion of their tokens. Many activities are planned to motivate participants to join the network, nevertheless it is hurdle.

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