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KICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. Our goal is to create a platform that will not collapse the Ethereum blockchain in the case of a lot of raised funds, and to provide people from all over the world with an easy and convenient way to encourage investments in their projects.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolKICK
  • Circulating Supply686,031,455
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorFinance
  • JurisdictionNone specified
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Anti A. Danilevski photo

Anti A. Danilevski

Founder and CEO

Alexander Petrov photo

Alexander Petrov

Co-founder and CFO

Dmitry Raskladka photo

Dmitry Raskladka

Business Development

Verdandi Cao photo

Verdandi Cao

Lead Designer

Mikhail Sergeev photo

Mikhail Sergeev

Head of Community Management

Nikolay Syusko photo

Nikolay Syusko

Chief Marketing Officer

Yury Parsamov photo

Yury Parsamov

Strategic Partnership Manager

Kelley Weaver photo

Kelley Weaver

PR & Media

Nikki Brown photo

Nikki Brown

PR & Media

Jesse Lucas photo

Jesse Lucas

PR & Media

Conor O'Higgins photo

Conor O'Higgins

PR & Media

Zhang Sunrui photo

Zhang Sunrui

PR & Media


Andrew Perepelitsa photo

Andrew Perepelitsa

Co-founder, CTO and Platform Lead Developer

Petr Yakimchuk photo

Petr Yakimchuk

Backend Developer

Pacatum photo


Solidity Developers


Anton Gerasimov photo

Anton Gerasimov


Vladimir Ostapenko photo

Vladimir Ostapenko



None specified


None specified

Questions and Answers

None specified
KICKICO has a TrustScore of E
  • Team Members Verified Badge 8 of 27 Team Members Verified
  • Company Verified Company Verified
  • KYC Interview Conducted KYC Interview Conducted
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