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GSTAR has a TrustScore of C

GAME and ENTERTAINMENT, Mobile mining

Gstar was developed for the purpose of applying to the Creative Industry. GOX system is for Mobile mining. mobile game is mobile mining. Main Business is 1. Web-based mobile games for mobile mining, 2. The large scale Global audition program with many countries, 3. mobile broadcasting.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolGOX
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply10,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorGaming & VR
  • JurisdictionJapan
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Tom Kim photo

Tom Kim


Expert in the block chain
Marketing consulting for Hyundai, LG, KT, etc.
Business with 60 foreign countries
Listed Venture company on KOSDAQ
Operation international Exchange
Consulting of many Cryptocurrencies
Including Energy, Pay system and Block Chain

Sung Joon Moon photo

Sung Joon Moon

Co-Founder, Global investment

Expert in entertainment
MBA from Seoul National University Worked in Foreign Advisory Department
of TONGYANG Capital Management
Worked as a vice president at JTV Broadcasting
Korean Advisory Board for the Entertainment
Industry in American Arbitration Association International Dispute Resolution Center(AAA/ICDR)

In Sik Kim photo

In Sik Kim

Co-Founder, Marketing & Entertainmet

Journalist/Director, Sisa Journal TV. Director, Film Production Division of WiIISTAR
Vice President, CNZ-TV .COM. Vice President, CLK Entertainment Inc. Advisor to the Sydney International Film Festival in Australia, 2013. Head of operation, the International Journalist Club. CEO of COIN25TV Internet Broadcasting

Jae Hyun Shin photo

Jae Hyun Shin

Co-Founder, Company Cooperation

CEO of MUSEM(Cooperation, IT Development)

Richard Noh photo

Richard Noh

Networks & Platform

Expert in Networks & Platform
Expert in iCT Standardization(TTA)(20 years of experience)
Bachelor from Seoul National University National R&D task selection and evaluation committee of KCA

Hyun Lee photo

Hyun Lee

Game Development

Experts in development of web game(18 years of experience)

Byoung Youl Jeong photo

Byoung Youl Jeong

Trading with Middle East

CEO of J&J Global HK LTD
GOLD Trading, Trading with Middle East and Africa

Dae Kyung Kim photo

Dae Kyung Kim

Public Release

Director of video department in YTN Press Bureau
Head of reporting department in YTN
Joined YTN on February 14, 1994

Anthony Abunassar photo

Anthony Abunassar


Advisory Board Member of Malta Blockchain Association
Vice President of J.P. Morgan
Vice President of Goldman Sachs
IT Risk Advisory of Rothschild & Co
Banking Advisory of PwC


None specified


Nov 2018Pre-ICO on Exchange of from Nov.12~Dec.14
Dec 2018Pre-Sale in ASIA
Mar 2019Listing on Exchange of

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Our business model is GAME and ENTERTAINMENT. We have already 10 games for Cryptocurrency. So we will adopt these games from March 2019. Our project is realistic and not fanciful as any other company. We can produce game every 2~3 months. And Our mining is mobile mining to use game. The user simultaneously do mining while playing the game. And Many children dream the Singer star as like IDOL group. So we will audition for singers with broadcasting company of many countries. All applicants for audition will do mobile broadcasting. And they become BJ and collect a lot of fans and viewers. Those viewers use our GSTAR COIN. We are also preparing global auditions and mobile broadcasts to make GSTAR more versatile. We are also preparing Medical HEMP BLOCKCHAIN to contribute to humanity. You will soon realize that GSTAR is different. In 2019, you will see coins used in real life.

Advantages of GSTAR game
The age of real games has come. Now the game also produces value.

1. Mobile game mining, rewards program
Now mining is no longer labor. Let's enjoy mining. in 2019, new mining will emerge. The game itself is mining. Not just one or two, but about 10 are launched at the same time. A new age comes to mining. GSTAR opens a new mobile mining era. So far, there was no compensation program ~ !!!
Mining can be done by investing in cash, but users who purchase GSTAR can reinvest and mined GSTAR. If you buy GSTAR now, you will get two benefits. If you reinvest in mining with GSTAR, which you initially bought at a cheap price, your profits will be multiplied.

2. Competitive Rewards Games
It is a program that rewards all the users from all over the world by ranking them from the first to the last. Imagine it. It is an exciting reward game program where thousands of people and millions of people compete in massive competition. It gives rewards to the last. What is my rank?

3. The existing mining Agency should go away.
Even if you invest only 45 seconds, it will be mined. It is always possible to be mined when taking a break in the subway, toilet, etc. It is not uneasy because the user can directly mine the game and check it immediately. Anyone in the world can mine. It is very simple, not complex. Mining is possible without teaching.

4. New mobile mining era, no waste of resources.
Are you going to the North Pole for mining? I play and mine. It does not cost expensive electricity like existing mining. No space needed. Time is also saved. It may take a while.

5. A truly shared economy has been begun.
Mobile mining is not as monopolistic as existing mining. 1 person, 1 mobile mining only. A true shared economy begins.

6. Coins mined in the game, used in the real world.
Now, play produces value. It will be used for various Internet contents and shopping with coins mined while playing. We plan to apply various contents such as self-prepared and affiliated Internet contents. For example, content can be used in many places, including education and download services.

7. GSTAR mined is traded on the exchange.
The coins mined are of course traded on the exchange. It can be converted into the currency of each country through the exchange and used in reality. We are already negotiating with various countries to list on various exchanges.
Where did your team members meet originally?
We are business partners for a long times.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Fake coins without technology emulate investors by mimicking our business model in words. But we do not worry much. Fake coins do not produce any results over time. We have a clear business model. And we are able to practice. And users will experience amazing results.

Where to Buy and Trade GSTAR

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade GSTAR, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
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3. Past token offerings

Name Started Ended
GSTAR Pre-ICO01 Jan 201920 Mar 2019
GStar12 Nov 201820 Mar 2019
GSTAR has a TrustScore of C
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