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GoldFinX GIX

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GoldFinX is a Fintech venture comprised of a team of experts with decades of experience in Gold mining and Gold trading. GoldFinX provides financing to Artisanal Small Gold Mines worldwide and gets in exchange a share of their production. The first production of gold will be delivered by Q3 2019, and will accumulate and stored indefinitely to back the value of the GiX coin. Public Pre-sale starts Oct 8th, 2018 and ends no later than March 31st, 2019, the date the GiX ICO then launches.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolGIX
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply250,000,000
  • Primary SectorFinance
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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Philippe Bednarek photo

Philippe Bednarek


Philippe is the co-founder and Chairman of the Atlas Group of Companies, a private equity firm founded in 1994 that invests in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital.
Philippe holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law and a post-graduate Degree in Public Law.

Jean-Michel Alfieri photo

Jean-Michel Alfieri


Jean-Michel is the co-founder and President of the Atlas Group of Companies, a private equity firm founded in 1994. It invests in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital. The Group has enthusiastically embraced the Blockchain revolution, and is today a proud player in cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Francois Dumont photo

Francois Dumont

Chief Operating Officer

Francois has extensive experience creating and managing new ventures worldwide for the past 25 years. He has conducted successful business in more than 45 countries on 4 different continents, and includes the areas of Alternative investment, Cryptocurrency-Blockchain technology, Natural Resources-Mining, Innovative Technologies, IT-Telecommunication, Defense, Telemetry, System Integration, EPC-Infrastructure, Armored Material, Environmental, and Composites - Nanotechnology.

Amyn Chagan photo

Amyn Chagan

Chief Information Officer

I am a FinTech professional & turn complexity into simplicity, through technology deployment, powered by the blockchain using cryptocurrencies via smart contracts in decentralised environments.

I am responsible for design, implementation & launch of the ICO, deployment of the Smart Contract on the Blockchain and management of the Cryptocurrency platform including funding implementation strategies.

As a hands-on entrepreneur and business executive, my professional expertise stems from implementing technology projects globally. My experiences includes selfless philanthropic activity which contributes to my superior project management and organizational techniques.

Adam Boulel photo

Adam Boulel

Chief Community Officer

Adam is the co-founder of GoldFinX and is also the current CEO of Atlas Telecom, a division of the Atlas Group of Companies. He was an early adapter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and co-created the trading platform for Atlas Finance.
As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, and is known for his strong business development and relationship building skills. His unique background in humanistic psychology lead him to work with underprivileged kids and people with learning disabilities from different walks of life. He is actively involved in the empowerment of these wonderful individuals within the workplace.

Charbel Hage photo

Charbel Hage

Chief Technology Officer

Charbel is a technology veteran, presently serving as COO of Absolutely Digital which is a member of Atlas Group Of Companies. He has over 10 years experience in managing platforms and solutions in the field of Internet Marketing, Telecommunication, mobile applications and Digital Advertising. In the past few years, he developed a passion for Blockchain technology which he saw as an opportunity and a solution for a lot of current technological hurdles.

Debora Turner photo

Debora Turner

General Counsel

Debora joined the Atlas Group of Companies in 2001 and as Head of Corporate Affairs provides international corporate services to companies in and outside of the Atlas Group, also providing support to the group founders. Debora studied both the UK and France to achieve an LLB in Law with French, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and became a Graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.

Gonzalo Gandia photo

Gonzalo Gandia

Senior VP Marketing

Gonzalo has over 28 years of international experience in marketing, technology, entrepreneurship, and business administration. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Maki Zhang Josel photo

Maki Zhang Josel

VicePresident, Investor Relations - Asia

Maki is an experienced Senior Business Development and investor Relations executive, with a demonstrated history of sustainable success. Very skilled in strategic analysis, negotiation and relational building. Also skilled in M&A and investment consulting. Fluent in English, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Claude Mizrahi photo

Claude Mizrahi

Legal Counsel

As a founding partner of Mizrahi Associé, Claude knows the ins - and - outs of the French, European and US legal systems. He provides a full range of services, including prosecution, litigation and negotiation in all areas of Intellectual Property as well as in other areas of law such as Business, Labor, Corporate, Family, Criminal and Immigration Law.


Marta Benito photo

Marta Benito

Geo-Data Scientist

Marta is a Geologist with 24 years of experience in mineral exploration, mining production, hydrogeology, and environmental studies. She has an international Master's Degree in Geographic Information System (GIS) Management from UNIGIS International University of Girona, Spain. She worked 18 years as a GeoData Scientist, specializing in exploration data integration and is a recognized Expert in GIS, Remote Sensing and modelling applications. Her experience includes working several years as a GIS and Business Intelligence Manager for leading Mining Companies around the world. In 2010, she founded her own company, recently merged with, which offers different types of Advanced Scientific Consulting. For the last 6 years she is Director and Professor for the e-learning platform

Alain Berclaz photo

Alain Berclaz

Geosciences Expert

Alain is the President and Principal Consultant Geologist at ABGeoConseil Inc. He has 27 years total experience in geology, including 18 years’ experience exclusively in mineral exploration and 15 years in projects management in Canada (Québec, Ontario, Nunavut and Newfoundland), West Africa and Europe. Alain has a proven track record of major mineral discoveries for precious and base metals, including gold. He is the author/coauthor of 19 government geological reports and maps, as well as a dozen scientific papers published in international geological journals with referee committee.

Aldo Gorovatsky photo

Aldo Gorovatsky

President of FWCG SpA

Aldo Manager is an administrator for large mining projects and mega constructions in Chile and abroad, including industrial and chemical plants, projects of gold, copper, potash and chlorine plants. He is presently dedicated to the commercialization many minerals and precious metals to large companies in China, Korea, Argentina and Chile.

Fernando Gallardo photo

Fernando Gallardo

Exploration Geologist

Fernando has vast experience with deposits of different geological models and mineralized systems such as: hydrothermal vein, IOCG, porphyry Cu - Au, Cu - Mo - Au, mantiform system and linked strata Cu-Ag. He has been involved throughout the developmental stages of basic exploration to more advanced, district and infill. He is committed to safety and teamwork.


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Q1 2017Concept validation
Q2 2017Project Launch
Q1 2018ICO Prep
Q4 2018Pre-ICO sale
Q3 2019ICO Launch
Q4 2019Gold Production
Q4 2019GiX Listing
Q1 2021Phase 2 ICO
Q1 2023Phase 3 ICO

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Philippe Bednarek and Jean-Michel Alfieri founded the Atlas Group of Companies (AGC) in 1994. AGC is a private equity firm investing in businesses at different stages of their growth: seed capital, venture and development capital. From the very beginning, AGC has funded numerous successful start-ups using seed capital to cover R&D, capital and operational expenditure until reaching profitability. Many of these ventures have gone on to become multi-million dollar companies.
Benefiting from its experienced, international team and its deep understanding of global financial trends and practices, AGC has enthusiastically embraced the Blockchain revolution and is today a proud player in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The entrepreneurial mindset and creative innovation approach have perfectly positioned GoldFinX as a future leader in the crypto sphere.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The GoldFinX team has been put together from various past and present AGC ventures, in addition to long time advisors within the Crypto and Finance world. The proven track record of all team members in their selected fields generates the right mix of skill level to carry out the objectives of GoldFinX.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Risk 1: GoldFinX looks to resolve a social issue using Fintech and crypto solutions. We fully realize that there may be some pushback from traditional players in this industry as the usual objective is making money, not being altruistic. Protecting the environment is at the root of the GoldFinX project. We only focus on existing gold mines by helping them to employ socially conscious and sustainable mining methods that reduce the negative impact on the surrounding ecological system.
But drastically improving the lifestyle of miners and their families through GoldFinX is not charity. It is an extremely good business model that not only rewards the risk taken by initial coin holders, but also benefits gold miners while positively impacting rural communities both socially and environmentally.
Risk 2: GoldFinX is subjected to the typical regulatory changes that may occur within the crypto sphere in the coming months and years. We are taking all the precautions necessary to minimize any potential issues that may occur by being proactive with our preventive measures by foreseeing these issues in advance, as well as relying on the team’s decades worth of experience in fast changing industries.
Risk 3: Even with a successful and established company like AGC, there is always a risk when merging social responsibility and new financing methods within a nascent world like cryptocurrency. We feel very strongly that this is a perfect way of capital raising for an industry that is seldom given such opportunities.

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GoldFinX has a TrustScore of A
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