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Fishcoin FISH

Fishcoin has a TrustScore of C

A blockchain based data ecosystem for the seafood industry

Fishcoin brings blockchain to the seafood industry. Fishcoin will be deployed via mFish, using blockchain to capture key supply chain data elements from the critical first mile at the dock onwards and leverages data-enabled mobile phones. The exchange enables any developer to launch a compelling product or service (e.g. SEA trade finance, insurance, etc.) to use the token to access, leverage and otherwise enhance the immutable supply chain data made possible by blockchain.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolFISH
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply5,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorCommodities
  • JurisdictionSingapore
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Alistair Douglas photo

Alistair Douglas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alistair has been involved in the seafood industry as a researcher, trader, and auditor for almost 20 years. He established importing companies in Japan and the United Kingdom to import and sell tuna at auctions throughout Japan, as well as direct to traders, retailers and restaurants in both countries. In 2010, he began exporting seafood from his Japanese company to a Singaporean based JV he formed with a logistics firm to handle, process, and sell more than 500 types of frozen, chilled and live seafood from over 15 countries. In these companies Alistair has applied his research including the world’s first digital grading and sensory analytical profiling of sashimi grade tuna, and a fillet level traceability system that, in-conjunction with Australia’s CSIRO, demonstrated that DNA traceability from an individual fish down to a piece of sushi through the supply chain is possible.

Jayson Berryhill photo

Jayson Berryhill

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Jayson has more than 10 years experience in digital innovation. He has worked on projects with top organizations such as Unilever, Facebook, the US State Department and the GSMA. Prior to developing solutions for the seafood supply chain, Jayson worked for one of the largest mobile network operators in Southeast Asia. He also previously served as Head of Marketing for a Swiss based mobile game payments company with more than $50 million in annual revenue and distribution in almost 60 countries worldwide. In that role he led teams across 4 continents and developed the product strategy for a social game platform that gained more than 2 million downloads within the initial months of launch. Jayson has an MBA from Indiana University.

Alastair Smart photo

Alastair Smart

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the aquaculture industry Alastair is recognized internationally for his breakthrough achievements in salmon harvesting and processing and product quality management. He was also the manager of a tuna research farm, a blue mussel grower and founding President of the South Australian Mussel Growers Association, and has helped advise numerous aquaculture companies and investors spread globally in location and species. During this time he has also been deeply involved in nutrition and diet development, environmental monitoring, health management, processing, logistics and product quality in species as diverse as crocodiles, yellowtail kingfish, barramundi, Atlantic salmon, and tuna. In his spare time he is one of the owners of global mountain bike destination concept Over the Edge, purveyors of awesome mtb experiences around the globe.

Mark Kaplan photo

Mark Kaplan

Partner and Chief Marketing Officer

Mark developed solutions and leads programs with Unilever and Microsoft, MasterCard, ARM, GSMA, Facebook, the Banking Environment Initiative and the United Nations. Mark is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance Founded at Georgetown University. Before Unilever Mark was CEO of start-up Tone, who led the mFish Initiative in partnership with the U.S. State Department and the GSMA. The mFish Initiative is a public-private partnership that aims to make fishing more sustainable and improve the lives of fishermen and their communities by developing practical solutions that use the power of commercially viable mobile technology. Mark has implemented mobile marketing platforms reaching over 30 countries with brands like Coca-Cola, P&G, ESPN, Nike Jordan and PayPal. Mark’s work has been recognized by the MMA Smarties, One Show, D&AD, Hollywood A-List and Cannes Lions. Mark has a BA from the Boston University College of Communications.

Corey Peet photo

Corey Peet

Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer

Corey is an expert in sustainable seafood having worked on multiple aspects of seafood supply chains including defining certification standards, designing sustainability improvement programs, and working directly with buyers to overcome challenges in fisheries and aquaculture. He has previously worked with Seafood Watch, the leading seafood sustainability rating system in the US, assessing sustainable aquaculture operations around the world for the species imported into the US and Canada, as well as for World Wildlife Fund developing standards within aquaculture. Corey also developed shrimp standards in Thailand, Vietnam, and Ecuador for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and he is currently leading the development of the South East Asian Shrimp Aquaculture Improvement Protocol as well as a Fishery Improvement Project within the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative.


Initial Token Sale2,000,000,000 FISH40.00%
Fishcoin Ecosystem Reserves1,650,000,000 FISH33.00%
Fishcoin Marketing & Administration500,000,000 FISH10.00%
Fishcoin Project Team500,000,000 FISH10.00%
Fishcoin Ecosystem Partners & Advisors350,000,000 FISH7.00%


Q3 2018Partner network development — Drawing on our team’s extensive industry network and the trust we have earned throughout the years we have developed a strong base of partners to scale Fishcoin.
Q3 2018MVP development — A basic CDT (Catch Documentation and Traceability) application built in Angular for passing records between supply chain stakeholders while using a smart contract to reference those transactions on the Rinkeby Testnet. This is mostly for
Q3 2018Mobile incentive platform development — We demonstrated mobile top-up transfers in Thailand and Indonesia, and initiated development of the platform MVP as well as our direct partnership with mobile industry partners.
Q4 2018Demo mobile app launch — We begin private demonstrations of the MVP and will be making it available for private beta testers on Google Play and the App Store. We will also be adding a QR code handoff feature for increased verification.
Q4 2018Token Sale — We began the Private Sale phase of the Fishcoin Token Sale in approved jurisdictions with immediate interest from blockchain and seafood industry insiders. The Presale will begin in September and the Crowdsale in October.
Q4 2018Supply chain demonstrations — Our team is already scheduled to be in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in collaboration with multiple Fishcoin partners working primarily on shrimp/prawn farms demonstrating traceability back to the feed. We already have depl
Q4 2018Mobile incentive platform MVP launch — We have multiple partner announcements related to scaling mobile incentives to be made in the coming weeks. Check back on our Medium soon.
Q4 2018Supply chain demonstrations — In addition to continued demonstrations in Thailand and Indonesia, we have interest from partners to deploy in the US (Alaska), India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico and Ecuador. As with all supply chain pilots
Q4 2018Sensor integration w/ demo app — We will be enabling Bluetooth with the demo app in order to pilot using Seafood Analytics’ sensors, providing freshness related data from harvest to consumption.
Q4 2018Starfish Protocol Network (Alpha) — This will be the first version of the Network Layer using IPFS and Ethereum. This early release will be focused on the KDEs (Key Data Elements) required for SIMP (the US Seafood Import Monitoring Program).

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Seafood is one of the largest industries on the planet. 1 out of every 10 people on earth derive their incomes from seafood, and the wholesale export-import value alone is more than $150 billion. The seafood industry is about to make the leap into being data driven, but is not there yet. In fragmented seafood supply chains incentive structures for data sharing are misaligned and trust is abysmal. The industry needs a common protocol for sharing data, along with a scalable and borderless incentive structure that is meaningful to the masses of fishers and fish farmers primarily located in developing nations.

Fishcoin combines the mechanism for data sharing, using blockchain, with a scalable incentive (pre-paid mobile top-ups) using Fishcoin, that is meaningful to the millions of fishers and fish farmers around the globe from the large seafood producing nations like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and many more. While there are other blockchain initiatives for supply chain management, most focus on the mechanism for data sharing, but not the incentive. In fragmented seafood supply chains this question is critical - Why are seafood producers around the planet taking the extra effort to capture and communicate more data?

Fishcoin is designed and developed by a unique team of seafood industry insiders, and technology experts with a background in developing mobile solutions for the base of the economic pyramid. Each member of our team has decades of experience in their respective fields, along with wide networks based on projects and engagements with top organizations related to the industry. Because of this our team is proud to be partnering with some of the world’s largest seafood companies, as well as collaborations with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, multiple technology and sensor providers, and multiple NGOs that span the industry and are eager to help scale Fishcoin. We have also been asked recently by the US Department of State to manage Fishackathon, one of the largest environmental hackathons in the world. You can read more about these and other partnerships and initiatives on the Fishcoin Medium.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Eachmile Technologies Pte. Ltd. ( is led by a team of highly experienced industry execs from the global seafood and telecommunications industries. The company has launched the Fishcoin ICO, whose token (FISH) brings blockchain to the entire global seafood industry. The Partners have worked together across hundreds of Supply Chains and top organizations such as Unilever, Facebook, the US State Department and the GSMA.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
ETH Volatility, Regulatory Volatility on Crypto, Climate Change, Ocean Pollution and Over Fishing

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Fishcoin ICO14 Nov 201830 Nov 2018
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Fishcoin has a TrustScore of C
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