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Fabric Token FT

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Fabric Token has a TrustScore of D
The Fabric Token ecosystem will empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts thus allowing virtually anyone to participate, in one way or another, in building a decentralized and trustworthy world.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolFT
  • Circulating Supply24,593,615
  • Total Supply43,593,615
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorInfrastructure
  • JurisdictionNone specified
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Nikolay Nikov photo

Nikolay Nikov

Vision, Strategy, Back-End Development, CEO

From working on the largest fraud detection software in the UK and EMEA, to building the software security framework for a British Royal institution, Nikolay’s background in software development has helped him gather both technological expertise and a huge network.

Marin Ivanov photo

Marin Ivanov

Software & Smart Contract Development, DevOps, CTO

With more than 10 years of experience in projects ranging from web development, system applications and low-level embedded programming, Marin knows the right tool for every trade. Combined with a career encompassing both his creative side and the disciplined approach to regulatory compliance, he is a CTO any project would love to have.

Doncho Karaivanov photo

Doncho Karaivanov

Marketing, Content, Design, Front-End & Smart Contract Development, COO

A successful entrepreneur in digital marketing at present, Doncho has a rich background in software development. Driven by his creativity and strive for perfection, he is the perfect fit for a technical team focused on innovation and user experience.


Dimitar Boyanov photo

Dimitar Boyanov

Advisor (Business & Legal Framework)

Krastyu Georgiev photo

Krastyu Georgiev

Advisor (Technical Consultant)

Marian Nedelchev photo

Marian Nedelchev

Advisor (Business Landscape Analysis & BPM Consulting)

Milen Ivanov photo

Milen Ivanov

Advisor (Market Research & Project Economics)

Petya Valkova photo

Petya Valkova

Advisor (Project Management Consultant)

Simeon Karaivanov photo

Simeon Karaivanov

Advisor (Content Editor)


Public71,250,000 FT71.25%
Core Team12,000,000 FT12.00%
Partners8,750,000 FT8.75%
Advisors7,000,000 FT7.00%
Marketing1,000,000 FT1.00%


Feb 2018TokenGen 1.0
Includes fully functioning web application for token and fundraiser smart contracts generation.
Apr 2018TokenGen 2.0
Additional smart contract templates added for both token and fundraiser functionality.
Jul 2018DApp Workbench Public Beta
Includes the fully functioning DApp Workbench desktop application as well as cloud with a limited set of smart contract components, which will be determined and publicized prior to the beta launch.
Sep 2018DApp Workbench 1.0
Extends the beta version of the software by signi?cantly expanding the smart contract components provided by DApp Workbench.
Oct 2018Fabric Store Development Start
Initial code for the smart contracts of the project is written, optimized, tested, audited, and then deployed. Next, a UI to work with the smart contracts is developed.
Dec 2018Fabric Store Public Beta
Partly functional UI connected to the smart contracts of the Fabric Store is open to the public for testing purposes.
Feb 2019Fabric Store 1.0
The first fully operational decentralized marketplace for smart contract components is o?cially released thus allowing third-party developers to further improve the performance of our vanilla projects and expand the adoption of

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Fabric Token Whitelisting Phase22 Jan 201815 Feb 2018
The Fabric Token Ecosystem ICO15 Feb 201801 Apr 2018
Fabric Token15 Feb 201801 Apr 2018
Fabric Token has a TrustScore of D
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  • Company Verified Company Verified
  • KYC Interview Conducted KYC Interview Conducted
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