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EndChain ENCN

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Ending counterfeits and logistical complications

EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain utility company that is focused on bringing mass adoption of blockchain tracking to all markets. Our patent-pending QR and barcode combination allows EndChain to have 2 distinct advantages in this market: (1) integration, legacy systems and the blockchain update at the same time (2) price at the fraction of current NFC chip solutions.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolENCN
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply135,576,931
  • Primary SectorTransport
  • JurisdictionHong Kong
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Aaron Perkowitz photo

Aaron Perkowitz


Aaron currently works in the logistics arm of HNA Group, a fortune 500 company. His job has revolved around researching innovations within the logistics field, connecting with industry leaders, and identifying potential acquisition targets. He has been involved in several
logistics projects that were valued at up to $500 million. After working for a large multinational corporation with a substantial logistics arm, it became apparent that there was a need for an all-in-one blockchain solution. It was after realizing the need for such a product that Aaron developed the idea for EndChain. Aaron is a graduate from the Shanghai Advanced
Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and holds a Master of Finance. A majority of his time at school focused around his dissertation, regarding one of the most successful logistics companies in the world, Ingram Micro.

Pierre Angot photo

Pierre Angot


Pierre is a blockchain enthusiast who is trained in data science engineering. He has graduated from the top French engineering school, École Centrale Lyon, with a focus on applied mathematics and data science. His work history focused on technology and supply chains with his first job at Peugot Citroën within their logistics division. He has also worked as a partner of Google France to digitalize top French companies. Currently, Pierre is assisting leading French companies integrate artificial intelligence to advance their business practices. He is no stranger to leading within his role, he leads teams of developers, architecture engineers and data
scientists to technologically transform corporations.

Felix Engelhardt photo

Felix Engelhardt

Business Development

Felix has over 6 years of business development experience in Asia. He has accrued experience at Leighton Asia, a multi-billion dollar construction management and logistics company by establishing and executing client engagement strategies. He also has experience optimizing logistical supply-chain processes reaching from cement procurement to rebar delivery
and processing. Simultaneously, he worked on his passion project Bright Tech
Technology, where he was responsible for strategic relationships, negotiating
merchant accounts and payment gateways. He is now applying these skill sets
at EndChain by forging strategic partnerships, onboarding clients and driving the adaption of new features when rolled out.

Felix Becquart photo

Felix Becquart

Progressive Web App Expert

Originally trained as a mechanical engineer he rapidly switched to full stack development in order to indulge his passion for mobile games and gamified systems. He is now an expert in the field of Progressive Web App development and hosts regularly hackathon and tech events. He is increasingly engaging in AI and code web applications to help make these systems more accessible.

Eileen Chen photo

Eileen Chen

VP Logistics

Eileen Chen is the President of Charter Logistics Shanghai Limited. She has well over 10 years of in the logistics industry and her company is a comprehensive international freight forwarding agency approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Charter Logistics Shanghai Limited is mainly engaged in international shipping, land transport, air transit and cargo container transport. The company has its own agent in the United States, which gives her access to US freight lines and allows her company to have a competitive edge in the Chinese market. Eileen is heavily involved in dealing with special cases that involve FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP or multiple other requirements and has accumulated rich experience in large-scale transport.
During the last 5 years, she has been engaged in a new successful venture cooperation with Logistics Plus by being part of the managing team of Logistics Plus China Limited.

Javince Chan photo

Javince Chan

UI/UX Designer

Javince has over 10 years of experience as a UI / UX lead and has worked for companies such as Amazon, Macquarie and AKQA. After working at large corporations and learning from her experiences, Javince decided to create her very own digital company, Phantasos Studio.

Vasil Dukov photo

Vasil Dukov

Blockchain Marketing

Vasil started his career in investments with Europe based CROSS Invest before moving to Shanghai to take on a M&A role. In his most recent position as senior manager at the logistics division of HNA, he has taken part in multi-million dollar projects where his due diligence
efforts gave him unique insights into logistic processes. In his position he also markets upcoming investment projects to investors and manages investor relationships. This well-rounded profile of logistic-insights and marketing equips him for his marketing and investor relationship tasks at EndChain.

Alex Serdiuchenko photo

Alex Serdiuchenko

Senior Web Designer

With about 40 successful page designs, Alex has valuable User Design and User Experience knowledge. He has specialized in Landing Page conversions, knowing where the human eye wanders and how to funnel clicks effectively. His clean designs and highly easy usability are invaluable.

Luciani Di Palma photo

Luciani Di Palma

Data Exploration and Information Retrieval

Currently a PhD Student at Ecole Polytechnique, Luciano is pursuing a specialization in active learning, a branch of machine learning. Not a stranger to machine learning and big data frameworks (hadoop, spark), operations research and distributed algorithms. He has applied this knowledge in the data science and data engineering domain.


Vivek Verma photo

Vivek Verma

Full Stack Developer

Vivek is a seasoned developer with experience in frontend, backend and smart contracts. Through his company, Algosoft, he and his team have delivered products to companies like Maruti Suzuki, Electrolux, Ford Motors UK, Hyundai Motors UK, University of Sheffield, Paktor, Alumnee & others Fortune 500 companies and more.

Vincent Gatineau photo

Vincent Gatineau

Developer / Qant Trader, Macquarie

Vincent Gatineau is a quantitative trader at Macquarie, the world’s largest infrastructure asset management firm. As a quantitative trader, he merges his expertise in programming, finance and commodities to design and backtest systematic trading strategies. Most frequently, he uses C+, Matlab and Python in the development of these systems in order to expand the business into cross asset strategies. Before joining Macquarie, he developed the WebApp TeleStory and obtained two Master’s degrees: one in finance and another in engineering.


Blazo Ivanovic photo

Blazo Ivanovic

MD, Montebay Capita, ex Morgan Stanley for 12 years

Blazo Ivanovic is a Managing Director at Montebay Capital, where he currently works with institutional investors based in Europe. Previously, he spent 12 years at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, where he helped manage investments for ultra high net worth individuals. He has also worked at Westmount Asset Management as a portfolio manager and as a member of their investment committee. Blazo has had exposure to multiple asset classes including: private equity, hedge funds and alternatives. He holds a MBA from the University of Southern California.

Luis Rodriguez photo

Luis Rodriguez

Senior SEO Manager, Uber

Luis is a SEO and Digital Marketing expert, currently working as a Senior SEO Manager LATAM for Uber. Before joining Uber, Luis graced various performance marketing roles from Rocket Internet in Germany to Compare Asia in Hong Kong. Beside his day job, he is still engaged at Ignite Digital, the digital marketing agency that he co-founded in 2015.

Aymeric Zhuo photo

Aymeric Zhuo

Data Scientist, King

Aymeric is and has always been a tech enthusiast. His passion for innovation has brought him to pursue a double Master’s degree from the Ecole Polytechnique and ECE Paris in France, where he studied both Engineering and Data Science. His interests lie in scaling projects through insights from data, as he is a true believer that data driven decisions are key to a successful business. During his experience at King, he has worked across multiple data teams in Barcelona and London as a data scientist. This has helped Aymeric perfect the art of using data in to reveal unique insights. Aymeric's interest in blockchain technology started as early as 2013, he profoundly thinks that blockchain will revolutionize society, and that this will only happen by leveraging the power of big data.


ICO74,567,312 ENCN55.00%
Future Development29,826,925 ENCN22.00%
Team13,557,693 ENCN10.00%
Advisors + Partners6,778,847 ENCN5.00%
Team - Leadership6,778,847 ENCN5.00%
Bounty & Referrals4,067,308 ENCN3.00%


Nov 2017Development of EndChain concept
Feb 2018Whitepaper v1 completed design process flow
Jun 2018Discussions with patent lawyers
Aug 2018(1) First working version of the unique EndChain QR code/barcode (2) Different versions being tested for efficiency
Sep 2018(1) Launch of (2) Release of a finalized EndChain Whitepaper
Oct 2018(1) Setting up ICO and reaching out to potential partners (2) Obtain patent pending status
Dec 2018Start token crowdsale (GMT+8, 01:00, 1 Dec 2018)
Jan 2019(1) Finish of crowdsale (GMT+8, 01:00, 15 Jan 2019) (2) Token distribution following internal and external audit
Mar 2019(1) Develop beta smart contract library (2)  Basic KYC framework development (3) Prepare strategic partners for early adoption
Jun 2019(1) Direct communications infrastructure (2) Create API for easy use of our system
Sep 2019(1) Complete test platform for contracts (2) Alpha-testing of Minimal Viable Prdoduct through existing app with leading partner
Dec 2019(1) Beta testing of the app, roll out beta to a more partners (2) UI and UX improvements to app
Mar 2020(1) Discuss with beta testing users and update app based upon suggestions (2) Improve app functionality and backend integration
Jun 2020(1) Improvements for fraud reporting and allocation (2) Train AI to recognize patterns in fraud
Sep 2020Full version of app launch
Dec 2020(1) Big data analytics opens (2) Further development and features to be announced

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
We have been focusing a lot on the product as opposed to marketing for the ICO and / or a big social media presence. This will eventually set us apart from the competition. Most outstanding would be the following four points:
(1) Patent pending: We have submitted the patent for our integrated QR/barcode combination in October 2018. The ID: 16104317. Like most US patents, this will also not receive final review for at least another 2 years. However, this will not hold or slow our plans
(2) We have a product; We finished writing the code for our Beta of QR/barcode scanner written. This has been a major breakthrough on the coding front. It still needs to be fine tuned, but it’s a first working version of our product.
(3) Chinese Factory Relationship: We have a partnership with Ming Kee Ltd electronics factory in Ningbo, North Eaast China. Once the beta tests are successful and integrated into an APP, we can design and start first real scenario testing on real products from the factory.
(4) Smart contracts: Our Smart Contracts for the ICO have been written and can be seen on GitHub and excerpts are also available on our website.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Aaron Perkowitz (CEO) and Pierre Angot (CTO) have been long time friends. They met over 4 years ago during their postgraduate studies in Shanghai at one of the country’s most renown universities. After graduation Aaron ventured into the Logistics arm of one of the biggest privately owned Chinese conglomerates, HNA. Pierre focused on his Tech abilities, deepening his AI knowledge and becoming a Blockchain advocate. However, the two have been in close contact ever since. Other key team members such as Eileen Chen and Vasil Dukov have been friends and/or work colleagues with the two from their respective times in China.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
We take all challenges seriously, however if we had to point out 5 in particular, it would be
(1) Patent running out: We are very positive about the award of the patent. So, once the patent is awarded, the patent’s time limit is definitely a challenge. It gives us a finite amount of time to penetrate the market before competitors can use our invention and copy us. However, our roadmap prepares us well to have a speedy roll out of our product and build up barriers of entry.
(2) Developers: Finding good developers Is always a challenge. Especially blockchain developers are a rarity. We fear that the search for new developers might slow our growth ambitions down. We are confident that our network within the developer scene is strong and will provide us with a steady supply of new talent, especially through our connections to academics, which taps us right into the source.
(3) Data base structure: We are dealing with massive amounts of data for the implementation of our big data feature. For this we need a smart data structure. We were lucky to secure Josh Tipping, CTO of iCITA and partner of Huawei Cloud Data Centre to support us with his knowledge in this challenge.
(4) Scalability: Like with most products scalability is a potential bottleneck. Our lean product structure however, enables us to quickly scale, as no hardware, NFC chips or the like is required.
(5) The unknown: The biggest challenge is the unknown. “You don’t know what you. don’t know”. However, the EndChain management team of Logistic and Tech professionals is most confident to weather also unexpected tubulences.

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