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Elysian ELY

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A decentralized platform to build Ecommerce websites

Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform that builds websites on the blockchain for Ecommerce merchants. The platform improves security by storing data across a distributed private network using Ethereum's private side-chain for Proof-of-Authority consensus. In addition, the platform creates enhanced user experience through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for virtual assistance and simple website navigation.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolELY
  • Circulating Supply97,966,210
  • Total Supply260,000,000
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorData Storage
  • JurisdictionNone specified
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Leo Ameri photo

Leo Ameri

CEO & Founder

Leo Ameri is a tech entrepreneur with successful exits of multiple Ecommerce stores. He has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2014. Through his former company, Leo traveled the globe assisting individuals in scaling their Ecommerce stores, developing extensive knowledge about competing platforms such as Shopify.

Jesse Brandenburg photo

Jesse Brandenburg


Jesse Brandenburg is a graduate of Rutgers University with a B.A. in Economics. He is an early investor and cryptocurrency advocate with experience in managing an IT business and advising entrepreneurs.

Ioan Hategan photo

Ioan Hategan


Ioan Hategan has expertise in marketing, Ecommerce, entertainment industry, business development and shared economy, along with extensive hands-on experience managing several websites, people and start up projects.

Kj Magill photo

Kj Magill


KJ Magill started his journey down the blockchain rabbit hole in late-2014. Over the last decade, he has led teams in marketing, e-commerce and IT, as well as founding two tech startups. His passions are decentralization, business development, athletics & the progression of technology.

Roelof Gootjes photo

Roelof Gootjes

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Roelof Gootjes is the CEO of ArtMNKY, with a B.A. in Recording Arts and M.A. in Interactive Media. He is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, entrepreneur, researcher, innovator, and investor in high-tech start-ups.

Nadine Dominik photo

Nadine Dominik

Corporate Secretary

Nadine Dominik is a graduate of "BS3" Pharmacie college in Wels, Austria with a degree in Pharmacy. She successfully ran her own Ecommerce store which she sold to focus completely on Elysian.

Ihor Pidruchny photo

Ihor Pidruchny

Blockchain Engineer

Ihor Pidruchny is the CEO of Applicature and a seasoned, high-accomplished advisor and developer with a specialization in blockchain architecture and cryptocurrencies. Ihor's expertise allows him to offer unparalleled solutions pertaining to project management, blockchain infrastructure, token utility, and scalability.

Lucy Vardanyan photo

Lucy Vardanyan

Senior UI/UX Designer

Lucy Vardanyan is an experienced Senior UI/UX Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.

David Blumsack photo

David Blumsack

Community Manager

David Blumsack is currently a student at University of Massachusetts Lowell. His experience with Cryptocurrencies extends back to 2016 when he began investing. Since then, he has been an involved member of over a dozen communities spanning across multiple social networks, including Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter.

Tyler Sanford photo

Tyler Sanford

Marketing Consultant

Tyler has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry and is passionate about helping new and existing businesses surpass their goals and deliver successful projects. To date he's been a part of 8 ICO's raising $130+ Million. He brings a strong knowledge of marketing experience with seven years of experience with Tech-Startups such as Yelp and Zenefits.


Levon Tikoyan photo

Levon Tikoyan

CTO/Lead Developer

Levon Tikoyan has several years of development experience, and is passionate about technology and coding. He has been involved in blockchain since 2016.


Stuart Farmer photo

Stuart Farmer

Technical Advisor

Stuart Farmer is the CEO of Lamden and Logic Labs Ltd. He has a B.A. in Human Computer Interaction from Ohio State University and is passionate about blockchain and how its rapid growth can benefit society.

Anders Larsson photo

Anders Larsson

Communications Advisor

Anders Larsson has worked for two decades in 10 countries with Ericsson, creating ecosystems of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and IoT that led to 7.8 billion mobile subscriptions today. He is a top blockchain advisor who is committed to taking cryptocurrency to the same level as telecom, and is the co-founder of allcoinWiki.

Daniel Santos photo

Daniel Santos

Financial Advisor

Daniel Santos has spent 15 years working at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Renaissance Capital. He is the CEO of Token Advisors in Singapore, and his key focus is on developing the token economy and ecosystem in the region.

Graham Doggart photo

Graham Doggart

FinTech Advisor

Graham Doggart is the lead strategist at Dynamic Abundance, and has worked with numerous blockchain projects internationally. For more than 20 years he has provided tech management consultation, structuring for token offerings, compliance advice, and growth strategies covering legal, compliance, and investor relations, as well as design, authorship of materials and TGE marketing.

Geoff Mccabe photo

Geoff Mccabe

Business Advisor

Geoffrey McCabe is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Divi Project. He is the leader of several startups, including being the founder/owner of the innovative VR site and cryptocurrency news site He has a M.S. in Physics/Materials Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Troy Linforth photo

Troy Linforth

Security Advisor

Troy Linforth is the CEO and Co-founder of Linhart Blockchain Consultants Ltd, He has been providing communications and security consulting services to various blockchain startups since 2015. In his short time as CEO and Co-founder of the UK based consulting firm, Troy and his team of blockchain security professionals have provided protection and security during crowdfunding for multiple blockchain ventures.

Scott Douglas photo

Scott Douglas

Content Advisor

Scott Douglas is the CEO of the Crypto Improvement Fund,, and blockchain.launchpad. He has worked with several high profile companies such as Cisco, Bell, Avaya, and NEC. He is an industry leader with a proficiency in project management, sales, leadership, scaling, and improving operational efficiencies in F500 companies.


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These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Elysian, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
1. YoBit 3.76
2. BitForex 3.06
3. Hotbit 2.44
4. Mercatox 2.34
5. IDEX 1.13
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Elysian04 Jun 201808 Jul 2018
Elysian04 Jun 201808 Jul 2018
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