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Ellcrys ELL

Ellcrys has a TrustScore of C
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolELL
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total Supply1,500,000,000
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorInfrastructure
  • JurisdictionUnited States
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Public Sale0 ELL60.00%
Founders0 ELL14.00%
Advisors0 ELL1.00%


Jul 2019IEO Launch
Oct 2019Protocol & Reference Client Audit
Oct 2019Client & Alphanet v0.3 Release (alpha)
Oct 2019Upgrade Block Explorer To v0.3 (alpha)
Oct 2019Upgrade SafeHold Desktop Client To v0.3 (alpha)
Nov 2019Begin PeopleMint
Nov 2019Release Decentralized Git Web Client (beta)
Mar 2020Main Network Launch
Mar 2020Full Launch of SafeHold, EllScan and Decentralized Code Sharing Web Application

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Internet users are increasingly getting frustrated with the way big internet organisations alter the workings and behaviour of the services we use and have come to love. These large internet corporations regularly change the way existing features work, add new features, completely change the look and feel of the services and the worst of all - They misuse users’ data, restrict access to it and sell it to the highest bidder. The fact is that the web is structured in a way that puts internet users at the mercy of platform providers who consistently optimize for profit and the benefit and happiness of shareholders. What the people of the internet need are service providers that are user-centric and care about the needs of users as opposed to being driven by the desire to make profit of users at any cost.

We believe the answer lies in open source software development. Today, the world depends on open source software; Small and large organizations depend on free software developed by communities of people spread across the world. These communities have in them the right incentive to take on the role of future platform and service providers because they contribute to the world without expecting personal gains. These are the kind of communities we need to provide the much-needed change. Bitcoin is an example product that is a clear and undisputed proof that open source developers can co-ordinate themselves to co-create and co-govern large and valuable projects designed for the collective good of its users.

While we have the individuals and communities who are ready to lead the dream of user-centric services, these communities depend on centralized collaboration platforms like GitHub that do not provide a censorship-free platform where they can build things together without fear or harassment. They do not have the ability to truly share ownership of shared assets (money, source code, user base, keys, files, hosting account, payment processor account etc). They cannot device governance structures in an environment where only one user owns the GitHub account and all its associated projects. There is also no shared identity that is controlled by collaborators and most importantly, no automation that enforces agreements between these collaborators.

We are Ellcrys are building the protocol and tools that will enable thousands of people to collaborate without fear of censorship, harassment or service outages. These collaborators will be able to truly share ownership of software under a single identity controlled by them. They will have the ability to create simple to complex governance structures that take root from a decentralized protocol and is enforced by it as opposed to relying on the goodwill of a GitHub account owner to be fair and just.

You see, Ellcrys is a technology solving a fundamental problem faced by thousands of cryptocurrencies who rely on Github to coordinate themselves. These large communities building decentralized systems but ironically still rely on a centralized system.

We will succeed because the problem we are interested in is unsolved and is a disaster waiting to happen. We will win because open source collaboration is beginning to test areas that are typically controlled by centralized organization and we will be here to provide them with the fundamental tools to make open source thrive in this phase of service delivery.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Odion and I (Kennedy) met in school (Aptech).
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
The biggest risk is regulation and network adversaries.

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Ellcrys Pre-IEO01 Jul 201914 Jul 2019
Ellcrys has a TrustScore of C
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