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eGold Mining EGM

eGold Mining has a TrustScore of C

Earn a monthly passive income through cryptocurrency mining!

eGM will be headquartered in South Dakota. Industrial electric prices of less than 4.5c/kWh, cool temperatures year round, coupled with no state corporate taxes make SD a prime location for a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation. eGM plans to be the first SEC compliant security token that pays investors a share of net profits every month regardless of the state of the market! Our model was developed to help ensure investments are profitable even if the market tanks further. 
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolEGM
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply25,000,000
  • Primary SectorMining
  • JurisdictionUnited States
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Mohammad Khan photo

Mohammad Khan


I have been building my education to eventually become a Medical Doctor in the USA. I have a passion for medicine but also have a passion for business, market trading, and cryptocurrency. I have taught myself many components of economics and trading and have a vast understanding of all things related to cryptocurrency.

I attended Rutgers University until 2012 with a choice of either continuing my education in medicine or business. I chose to pursue medicine and graduated from Avalon University School of Medicine in 2018. After graduating, I decided to keep up with the medical field but also to branch out into the growing industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that I am extremely passionate about.

I am currently the CEO of eGold Mining Corporation and I am in the process of building the first ever USA SEC-registered cryptocurrency mining business in South Dakota that pays monthly dividends to investors. We have a large team of qualified individuals ready to make a reality of our goals.


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Jan 2019Private Token Sale Has Begun!

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
eGold Mining is built to succeed for multiple reasons. Firstly, we have reduced all expenses associated with our business to make it much more profitable in the long term. For example, our electricity price per kWh is quoted for 4.5 cents. This is less than almost every other profit sharing mining company. This will allow us to stay profitable in a bear market, and even if the market becomes worse. The electric price is one of the biggest factors determining how profitable mining will be. We can gladly say we have one of the lowest in the world. Secondly, we will be using much more efficient hardware in FPGAs compared to everyone else using ASICs. FPGAs are harder to assemble and maintain but the eGM team has the experience to do both. This is one huge factor that separates us from others and will lead to success. We will also be retaining these FPGAs on a highly discounted price from one of our suppliers so our return on investment will be much faster than others. One of eGM's goals is to reduce the ROI as much as possible. Third, we will be diversifying which algorithms we mine so our business is not entirely dependent on a single algorithm. Many companies simply mine Bitcoin and become unprofitable due to a fall in price or increasing in mining difficulty. This is very bad and will only lead to failure during a bear market. Lastly, we have an expansion program set to continuously increase the amount of hardware we own and to continuously increase profit sharing for our eGM token holders.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The team members of eGM met through online telegram chats related to cryptocurrency mining. The team members noticed the lack of transparency, lack of knowledge, and abundant amount of scams in this industry and decided enough is enough. The eGM team collectively has abundant years of experience in cryptocurrency mining as well as large scale crypto-mining. Through daily conversations and exchanging of ideas, eGold Mining LLC was developed. The team officially met in person at the blockchain expo in Santa Clara in late November 2018 where they presented their company to hundreds of potential investors.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
The number one risk of eGM is the price of cryptocurrency falling much further. If BTC falls under $2000, eGM will be unprofitable. Another risk is the difficulty levels of mining for all algorithms skyrocketing in a very short amount of time. Any negative cryptocurrency laws passed in the United States may also put the company at risk. Lastly, mining hardware that may go bad before its expected date of expiration 2-3 years after purchase.

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eGold Mining has a TrustScore of C
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