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Discoin DSCN

Discoin has a TrustScore of B

The new coin for online shopping. Natively integrated.

Discodery ( is an all-in-one solution that allows any small business to create its own website, its own mobile app and a complete management software in less than 72 hours and for only $9.90/month. In a world where customers are connected 24/7 and where consuming habits have completely shifted, turning to digital has become a necessity, as much as an opportunity, for small businesses. However, most of these businesses are late in their digital transformation and usually for 3 reasons : they don't have enough financial resources, they don't have enough time or human resources and/or they simply don't know where to start or how to do it... And that is exactly why Discodery is such a unique solution! When subscribing to our model, our customers gain access to an affordable (9,90$/month excluding discounts and promotions), all-in-one (website + mobile app + management software with over 50 key features to optimize their business) and fully-serviced solution, me
  • Project TypeBlockchain
  • AlgorithmPoW OTHER
  • SymbolDSCN
  • Circulating Supply1,400,000,000
  • Total Supply2,000,000,000
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorPayments
  • JurisdictionHong Kong
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Florent Daquet photo

Florent Daquet

Co-Founder, CEO

Florent has 10 years of professional experience in development and cybersecurity.

After graduating from the French school SUPINFO, he worked during 4 years on big scale web projects and then worked for 6 years as a Senior Security Auditor at Wavestone consulting group.

Passionate about new technologies, development, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Florent is a cofounder of the Discodery project, now leads the IT (infrastructure and development) in the company and is the initiator of the Discoin project.

He is particularly regarding on innovation, great code quality and continuous integration of the cybersecurity in all the projects.

Nicolas Mechelany photo

Nicolas Mechelany

Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Nicolas already launched two successful tech startups: a web & marketing agency in Hong Kong and one of the leading platforms for small businesses in French-speaking Africa (

His entrepreneurial experience was a great asset when founding Discodery in 2017. He also has a great experience in web development, in marketing and in sales.

He now leads the Marketing & Sales at Discodery, actively manages the marketing and communication efforts of the Discoin and will also take part in the front-end development for the Discoin web platforms.

Lorenzo Meneghini photo

Lorenzo Meneghini

Co-Founder, Product Director

Lorenzo is an entrepreneur specialized in digital and local businesses. He is the owner of a bar / nightclub ( and a print shop ( generating 1,5M€ turnover each. He is also one of the three co-founders of Discodery, bringing all his experience and ideas for innovation to the digital world.

Today, Lorenzo leads the product and creative department for Discodery. He works actively on bringing the best user experience and user interfaces for Discodery and the Discoin on all the digital supports (web/desktop/smartphone).

Basile Durst photo

Basile Durst

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Basile comes out of French development school 42. He is passionate about new technologies and always curious about discovering new things and new programming languages.

He quickly joined the Discodery team to contribute to the development of the front-ends applications and to lead the development of the iOS application (in Swift). He did not only invest his mind and time in the project but also joined the board after entering the capital of the company.

On the Discoin project, Basile is leading the development of the Discoin front page and dashboard and will lead the development of the GUI wallets.

Mathieu Meyer photo

Mathieu Meyer

Lead Developer

Mathieu also comes out of French development school 42. He soon developed a great interest for low level programming languages, especially C and C++, for blockchain(s) and cryptocurrencies in general. He is part of the Discodery adventure from the beginning.

His main role was to contribute to the development of the back-end solution (especially in Python and PHP) and to lead the development of the Android application (in Kotlin). On the Discoin project, Mathieu more particularly works on the development of the coin itself.


Rubab Arshad photo

Rubab Arshad


Rubab is a leading ICO Advisor with in-depth knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrency markets, experienced in handling all marketing, technology, legal and capital raising to ensure a secure and successful ICO.

She help founders prototype, builds & launch innovative products, combining technical know-how with business and marketing to deliver projects together with globally distributed teams.

Hamza Khan photo

Hamza Khan


Hamza is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency expert based in United Arab Emirates.

He has worked on multiple blockchain projects over the past 3 years and is advising us on a wide range of topics from marketing to PR, networking and execution in general

Ian Scarffe photo

Ian Scarffe

Lead Advisor

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world.
As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.

A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities across the world.

Ian now focuses on the Blockchain industry and offers advice, consulting services and connections to Blockchain experts.

Ian Scarffe has outstanding entrepreneurial skills and commercial acumen with innovation and motivation. With the capacity to work at strategic levels, Ian possess exceptional interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills.

A passion for customer service, wealth of knowledge and vast amounts of hands on experience in almost every role, means Ian has valuable insight into millions of customers, proving him to be a valuable asset to companies across the globe.

- Cube $20,000,000 (Sold Out Private Sale)
- Hurify $20,000,000 (Sold Out Public Sale)
- Cedex $20,000,000+
- Tradove $55,000,000 (Public Sale)

"To date, the TraDove token sale has taken off and has just crossed $45 million out of the $50 million hard cap… making this one of the most successful ICOs to date in 2018."
Mitchelle Barriga.

"Ian Scarffe and his team delivers a valuable service to companies running their ICO. By providing both the outreach to crypto investors and the syndication of press articles enables a broader reach and helps create more interest and a buzz around the ICO. Tradove was successful in raising 52,000,000 USD. I would highly recommend the services”

Kent J Yan – CEO TraDove Global Business Network.


Ian Scarffe's Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency -


Investors980,000,000 DSCN49.00%
Community800,000,000 DSCN40.00%
Team220,000,000 DSCN11.00%


Jun 2019Public Mining Opened
Aug 2019Airdrop
Aug 2019Pre-Sale
Oct 2019Main Sale
Oct 2019Discoin Integration in the Discodery Ecosystem
Dec 2019Built-in Exchange Opening
Jan 2020Public Exchanges Opening
Mar 2020GUI desktop and smartphone wallets release
Apr 2020Payment gateway in Discodery digital solution

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
We believe our success will come, and already is coming, from the 3 following factors:

1) A disruptive product with an unique selling proposition

In a world where customers are connected 24/7 and where consuming habits have completely shifted, turning to digital has become a necessity, as much as an opportunity, for small businesses.

However, most of these businesses are late in their digital transformation and usually for 3 reasons : they don't have enough financial resources, they don't have enough time or human resources and/or they simply don't know where to start or how to do it...

And that is exactly why Discodery is such a unique solution! When subscribing to our model, our customers gain access to an affordable (9,90$/month excluding discounts and promotions), all-in-one (website + mobile app + management software with over 50 key features to optimize their business) and fully-serviced solution, meaning we take care of everything for them - from design to development, publication, maintenance and security.

That unique selling proposition is a real game-changer for millions of businesses all around the world!

2) A truly customer-centric company

At Discodery, we really pride ourselves in putting our customers are at the heart of our project and trying to be truly customer-centric. For those who don’t know this term, ”customer-centricity" is an approach to doing business, even a philosophy, that focuses on providing a positive customer experience in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.

Customer-centricity usually has 3 main advantages: it leads to very high customer satisfaction; it allows to create a true and loyal community around your business because the customer is involved in parts of the decision-making process; and it really makes your innovation process much more efficient because you get to learn who is your customer, how we thinks and what he expects out of your product.

In our case, we believe adopting this philosophy was more than essential, given our business model that is based on customer loyalty and recurring payments. Practically speaking, we have implemented that by surveying our customers on a weekly basis, asking their opinion about our product, the new features they would like to get, our customer service, the quality of our designs and customer journey, … That has allowed us to prioritize our development focus, to implement new features that are almost instantly adopted and globally speaking to make our customers really feel like they are part of the team.

Furthermore, we have offered all of our customers to join our Discodery Partners program (, that allows them to talk about Discodery around them and earn 25% commission on each sale they make (!). That has 2 great advantages: our customers are financially incentivized to learn how to use our product (e.g less questions coming in, less customer support required, …) and since commissions are paid every month, it creates a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between our customers and us, resulting in much lower churn rate.

3) A revolutionary approach to market

Finally, we believe the third key of our success is our unique go-to market strategy. While we can’t reveal too much information to avoid competitors stealing our strategies, and along more traditional marketing strategies, we’ve been investing a lot of time, energy and resources into developing proprietary systems that rely on automation, vitality, affiliation and incentivization to grow at a very high rate.

We’re already seeing the results of this investment and are very confident in the outcome in the medium- and long-term.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The initial Discodery team is composed of Florent Daquet, Lorenzo Meneghini and Nicolas Mechelany. They were soon joined by Basile Durst and Mathieu Meyer, who were the first employees of the company and are now full-time partners.

After working together on some high-scale web projects for a few years, Lorenzo, Florent and myself (Nicolas) founded Discodery in late 2017 with the (not-so-simple) mission of allowing any small business to access high-quality digital tools at a very affordable price.

The three of us had very complementary skills, good experience in the industry and most importantly, shared a very strong drive towards entrepreneurship.

So in November 2017, we quit our jobs, teamed up and started working hard on building our product.

Our vision was the following, local businesses are getting eaten by big corporations and e-commerce giants because they simply don't have access to the same weapons, and that is for 3 reasons:

- Softwares are way too expensive. Anything more advanced than a simple website can cost thousands of dollars;
- Softwares are often too complicated to use and not adapted for regular, family-sized businesses;
- Softwares require time and energy to build and even more importantly, to maintain.

So we got to work and slowly developed Discodery into what it is today: an all-in-one solution that allows any small business to get its own e-commerce website, its own mobile app and its own management software, in less than 72h and for a few dollars per month.

After 12 months of intense development, we finally launched our product in late 2018 and have grown non-stop ever since.

We now count over 2000 customers on 3 continents and have rolled out over 5000 e-commerce websites in that period. Our clients are now able to launch their own mobile apps natively on iOS and Android. And our management software now includes over 50 key features that allow our customers to manage all aspects of their business from social media to team schedule and automated invoicing (you can find the full list here:

We are now really looking forward to the next phase of our growth, and we are very happy to have you with us in the adventure.

We truly aim to make the Discoin a global e-commerce payment facilitator that will allow us, our customers and all of their customers to exchange goods and services more easily, with more privacy and less commissions. And why not every single e-commerce platform, down the road?
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
1) Dependency on third-parties

With limited resources and in order to grow fast, we are currently relying on a certain number of partners, suppliers and/or third-parties to get our product out there.

While none of these partners hold a critical position (they could potentially all be replaced if the need arises), we believe it is our duty to reduce our dependency on such third-parties because it represents a risk towards our business.

Indeed, we are never sheltered from policy changes, price increase, technical issue or full-on termination of business from one of them, which could have negative impact on our business and the business of the customers who trust us.

Furthermore, most of our customers are small businesses that have limited time, understanding and/or interest when it comes to digital and, as their provider, we feel we have a moral responsibility towards them in that regards. That is why it is essential for us to have as much control on our technology as we can, and that includes our blockchain (which is one of the reasons why we are building the Discoin).

Now with that being said, and for full disclosure, this is a long-term vision that will be built slowly over time - we are nowhere near full autonomy and will keep relying on quality partners to grow our business in the next few years.

2) Increased Competition

Like any business, we face the risk of increased competition, especially from bigger players. That is why we will keep heavily innovating and disrupting our industry, while building a strong community around our project.

3) Lack of Available Payment Solutions

As you may know, Discodery operates in a lot of countries where online payments - and recurring payments on top of that - can be difficult, slow, expensive (high commissions), … The lack of available payment solutions also prevents us from entering a certain number of markets that would otherwise be very attractive to us.

That is actually one of the main challenges we are trying to address through Discoin - for us, our customers and anyone in those countries who would like to buy and sell online.

4) Bad Execution

Like any startup, having a good idea is not what matters most: having a perfect execution is! And while we believe we have a unique, experienced and diverse team that we trust at 100%, it is impossible to fully exclude bad execution as a risk towards our business.

To reduce that exposure, we of course implemented processes and policies to review and assess all the work that is being done within Discodery. We also actively rely on our team of senior and seasoned advisors to guide us as we grow and face new challenges.

5) Excessive regulations

Cryptocurrencies, and blockchain in general, is still an immature industry which will in all likelihood become more or more regulated in the months/years to come. While regulation will provide a most welcome stable environment for all stakeholders (investors, issuers, exchange platforms, …) to grow and innovate, excessive regulations could affect our ability to enter certain markets.

Where to Buy and Trade Discoin

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Discoin, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
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Discoin Pre-Sale15 Aug 201930 Sep 2019
Discoin Main Sale01 Oct 201930 Nov 2019
Discoin has a TrustScore of B
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