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Crypto Market Ads CMA

Crypto Market Ads has a TrustScore of E
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform
  • SymbolCMA
  • Circulating Supply5,000,000,000
  • Total Supply10,000,000,000
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorCommerce & Advertising
  • JurisdictionLatvia
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OIegs Martinuks photo

OIegs Martinuks

Co-Founder & CEO

I am a successful serial entrepreneur and an innovator. I have created various
startups such as high-performance online marketing company (successful
exit), software as a service automated infographic creator and scalable local
services marketplace. My main expertise is in internet marketing and online
business (12 years of experience). I have engineered highly scalable and
unique automated systems with deep logic for different marketing channels
to dominate the markets. Besides that, I am a great strategist and leader. It
allows me to excel in successful business strategies and in managing

Artis Romanovskis photo

Artis Romanovskis

Co-Founder & COO

Having several years of experience in setting up and running business
operations, especially in the software industry, I have accumulated a diverse
skill set that allows me to lead project teams effectively and ensure the
success of the product or company. I firmly believe in technological
innovation through team effort, and I provide teams with the tools and
leadership they need to operate smoothly and excel. I have experience
operating online projects where I oversaw several business lines and
divisions, developing and cascading organizational strategies to the teams
while implementing appropriate rewards and coaching practices to align
personnel with company goals.
I have a vested interest in the crypto market and Blockchain, and have over
6 years of experience in the industry. This includes the various aspects of
crypto, from mining and exchanging all the way up to ICOs. I have a vast
experience with multiple crypto projects and know what it takes to make
them successful. Currently, I am working on applying the blockchain
technology in the e-commerce domain, and helped co-found CMA, where I
am working as the Chief Operating Oficer. I oversee the company’s strategy
and commercial/global product development functions.

Artur Babyuk photo

Artur Babyuk

Co-Founder & CTO

A passionate and dedicated technology leader with a vast skill set and
diverse experience. I believe in excellence through creativity, innovation and
exploring new frontiers in technology. Being dedicated and goal-oriented, I
have a proven track record of delivering high quality IT projects, and this can
only be achieved through leadership by shared values, inspiration and
I have over 10 years of experience in software development, working for
various companies in Europe in different capacities, from lead developer all
the way up to CTO. I am passionate about product development, business
process automation, CI/CD, Infrastructure-As-Code, Blockchain, AI,
innovative technologies and elegant solutions.

Artis Lutkovskis photo

Artis Lutkovskis

Co-Founder & CDO

“The only design that’s remarkable and worth making is design that inspires.”
This is my credo for taking design leadership to the next level of excellence,
which is achieved through creative collaboration, innovative engagement and
great design ideas. I focus on building designs that create value and carve
out new experiences - I use design as an engine for change.
Having been through two art schools - O Kalpaka RTDP and Riga Arts and
Media technical college - I have a passion for creative design. I have applied
my artistic aesthetics and design knowledge into the practical eld of
website and app design for over 5 years. I have worked with iConcept as a
UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer, and have learnt to create
awesome designs that drive user interaction. I have worked as a freelance
designer as well which has provided me with a great deal of exposure to the
different type of design requirements users have.

Aivis Popesku photo

Aivis Popesku


With a vast experience of over 10 years in the diverse field of internet
marketing, it has become my mission to create brands that last. I have
worked with different types of marketing needs, such as Facebook
marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce stores and even mobile app
marketing. I also specialize in lead generation, and have successfully driven
tens of thousands of leads in various niches.
This diverse set of experiences has taught me how to create a successful
brand. The secret to building such a brand is its long-lasting impact on
people, purposefulness, ability to form emotional connections and capacity
to reinvent itself over time. I believe that all this is easily achievable through
team synergy, effective collaboration, and creative leadership.

Lidija Brindina-Martinuka photo

Lidija Brindina-Martinuka

Social Media Manager

Social media lets the world see our message. It’s addictive, exciting and fun.
I have been blogging and promoting my own content for almost 4 years now.
The right message to the right people and the right time can change your
business from new to pop-star overnight. Sometimes I get into the depths of
people’s minds to uncover what they really want. It’s my way of doing deep
analysis to help them succeed together with us.
I have studied psychology, phenotypology and legal theory to truly engage
with the world through understanding the human behaviour. Crypto industry
opened for me an entirely new playground. It is full of many interesting and
intelligent people. We at Crypto Market Ads is open to partner with diligent
entrepreneurs willing to succeed by leveraging with us.

Inga Bliska photo

Inga Bliska

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is as much a science as it is an art. It starts from a brand
logo, but doesn’t just end there. I believe that graphics and visuals on a
website or app don’t just need to look good - they also need to inspire the
user. Therefore, I build compelling designs that prompt user action. I don’t
just design stuff; I craft excellent visual assets that are innovative, creative
and motivate users into completing various actions on a webpage.
I have studied at the Liepājas Design and Art High School, and am currently
attending an Art Academy. I have lot of experience with product design and
marketing for various products, and have developed many compelling and
remarkable graphical design assets.

Janis Gulbinskis photo

Janis Gulbinskis

Software Developer

I am an experienced software developer and have 8+ years of experience
developing small to large scale applications using C++ (2 years) and C# (6+
years). I believe the key to building good software is effective communication
with the client and within the team, combined with a stable and scalable
Having worked for 4 years as an IT specialist with IdeaMarket before
programming, I have vast experience collaborating with clients and other
developers, and truly understand what is needed for each type of project.
That, along with my extensive programming experience, allows me to build
great software applications that are robust, scalable and highly usable.

Elvis Metrins photo

Elvis Metrins

Community Manager

Marketing and Social media specialist born in Latvia and currently living in
Copenhagen, that recently graduated Copenhagen Business Academy in
Marketing management. Being enthusiastic, creative, focused on details and
eager to use the knowledge obtained in marketing, social media, visual arts
and design field, I have gained intermediate skills in relevant computer
software and tools.


Krisjanis Eihmanis photo

Krisjanis Eihmanis

Advisor, Content Production

Expert in photo, video content production.
Co-Founder & CEO of Kastekust
Co-Founder & CEO of Animals Digital

Ieva Plakane photo

Ieva Plakane

Advisor, Content Marketing

Over 5 years in the development of content marketing strategies

Martins Vanks photo

Martins Vanks

Advisor, ICO Marketing

As a highly motivated individual, I love exploring the latest trends and
expanding my horizons by learning about the latest technologies. I am an
active member in the Latvian Blockchain community, and a professional
crypto and ICO consultant having extensive experience in the Blockchain
space. I have provided quality ICO advisory services over the past couple of
years, and have a lot of experience in the field. Furthermore, I have 2+ years
of experience in marketing ICO projects across various social networking

Qasim Zaib photo

Qasim Zaib

Advisor, Software

Co-founder of software startup “Whinstone” created CRM as one of the
companies products. Besides these technologies, works with React Native
to build cross-platform apps. High interest in crypto industry and learning
about it as much as possible in his free time.


Crowd Sales5 CMA50.00%
Exchanges & reserve2 CMA20.00%
Founders1 CMA10.00%
Marketing, bounty, sales, referrals, advisors1 CMA10.00%
Team members1 CMA10.00%


None specified

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1. IDAX 1.36
2. EtherDelta (F... 0.55
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Crypto Market Ads Pre-ICO15 May 201911 Jun 2019
Crypto Market Ads ICO12 Jun 201910 Jul 2019
Crypto Market Ads ICO11 Jul 201908 Aug 2019
Crypto Market Ads20 Apr 201931 Jul 2019
Crypto Market Ads has a TrustScore of E
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