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Secure Your Blockchain Experience

Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform with a community-driven threat intelligence database powered through VISION, featuring one of the most accurate engines on the market. Our goal is to not only secure the web in general but to secure the entire blockchain experience for users and businesses. We are currently a market leading web application firewall in South Korea. We boast multiple awards (SC Magazine, Stevie Awards, etc) and have more than 10,000 customers and partners.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolCLB
  • Circulating Supply478,532,262
  • Total Supply989,556,846
  • Max SupplyNone specified
  • Primary SectorCompliance & Security
  • JurisdictionMacedonia
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Tj Jung photo

Tj Jung

CEO & Founder

After completing his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), TJ joined Penta Security Systems, Asia’s top cybersecurity vendor. TJ has also been credited as the inventor of various IT security-related patents. During his time at the company, he was VP of Product & Technology for multiple award-winning security solutions at Penta Security Systems. He eventually made his way to become the head product manager and business development for MyDiamo, an open source DB encryption solution. Collectively, TJ has acquired 10 years of information security experience and is now the current CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudbric.

Joey Song photo

Joey Song

Chief Operating Officer

Joey Song is an experienced business professional with over 8 years of international business development and management consulting experience. He graduated in 2009 from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Business Economics and Entrepreneurship. His prior work experience includes being an enterprise risk management consultant for Deloitte & Touche LLP. Currently, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Global Business Development for Cloudbric.

Peter Cha photo

Peter Cha

Chief Strategy Officer

Peter Cha studied International Business at Grove City College in the U.S.A. and at the University of Turin in Italy. He started his IT security career at Penta Security Systems straight out of college as a marketing associate, and subsequently as a business development associate. Peter further nurtured his business operations experience at Penta Security Systems by taking on the role of a business development manager and eventually the global partnerships manager. Peter is the current Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Cloudbric.

Giseung Jo photo

Giseung Jo

Chief Technology Officer

Tiny began his career as a developer since 2000 in online and offline system integration and web service development. During his 18 years of security expertise, he has worked back and forth in Korea and Japan in various web service development projects. He has extended his abilities as a full stack developer by also tackling planning as well as operations projects. With service development experience spanning in eTrip, eLearning, eCommerce, CMS, SECaaS, and ERP, Tiny currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the Head of Web Development & Security for Cloudbric.

Tai Kim photo

Tai Kim

Chief Product Officer

Tai Kim graduated from Korea University with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Tai joined Penta Security Systems in 2016, and has been recognized for his talent as he has lead the departments of Engineering, Product Planning, Customer Support and Technical Support. In addition to his engineering and tech-centered expertise, Tai is a specialist in the Chinese market due to the 19 years he has spent in China, as well as Hong Kong. Tai Kim is the current Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Head of Product Management for Cloudbric.

Min Woo Nam photo

Min Woo Nam

Head of Blockchain Dev

Min Woo graduated from Hanyang University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He is a leading developer and security expert who brings over 18 years of cryptographic software development and IT experience. He has gained industry wide recognition as the creator of some of the best-selling data security products (focusing on PKI and SSO) in the entire South Korean market. Min Woo Nam is the current Head of Blockchain Development for Cloudbric.

Seung Ho Cha photo

Seung Ho Cha

Deep Learning Dev

Managing Deep Learning Development for Cloudbric's Reverse ICO

Lee Hae You photo

Lee Hae You

Service Development

Managing Service Development for Cloudbric's Reverse ICO

Ji Hye Park photo

Ji Hye Park

Cloud & Service Dev

Managing Cloud and Service Development for Cloudbric's Reverse ICO

Tae Gwang Kim photo

Tae Gwang Kim

Front-End Dev

Front End Development for Cloudbric's Reverse ICO

Yong Seok Choi photo

Yong Seok Choi

UX Design

UX Design

Yuika Hama photo

Yuika Hama

Business Development

Business Development at Cloudbric ICO

SeungGoo Kim photo

SeungGoo Kim

Business Development

Business Development at Cloudbric

YB Choi photo

YB Choi

Public Relations

PR Manager for Cloudbric ICO

Victoria Jo photo

Victoria Jo


Marketing Communications Associate

Karen Cruz photo

Karen Cruz

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager at Cloudbric


Sungjae Hwang photo

Sungjae Hwang

Advisor (CEO, FoundationX)

Sungjae Hwang is a serial entrepreneur, investor and inventor. CEO and Co-Founder of FoundationX, Founding Partner of Futureplay, Chief Product Officer at Fluenty Inc., Chief Strategy Officer at Pium Labs Inc.

Young Ha Kim photo

Young Ha Kim

Advisor (Former CEO of Samsung China)

Former CEO of Samsung Electronics China, 30+ years of experience in the Chinese electronics and technology development market, professor at Dankook University

Dr. Jae Woo Lee photo

Dr. Jae Woo Lee


30+ years of information security expertise, Advisory Board for Kaspersky Labs, Inc., founder of the Korean Information Security Agency (KISA), recipient of the Harold F. Tipton and Harold Weiss Award

Edward Piao photo

Edward Piao

Advisor (CEO, Bluechain Asset MGMT Co., Ltd & Interblock Inc.)

Lawyer Chengzhe Piao graduated from Peking University, Political Administration Department specializing in the training of senior management. Top investment lawyer in China and has advised Korean/Chinese companies on legal and investment cases. Also operating the Korean Center for “China Blockchain Application Research Center (CBAC)”, which is supported by the Chinese Government and involved in Crypto currency business in China.


Token Sales400,000,000 CLB44.00%
Community Rewards & Grants250,000,000 CLB25.00%
Team & Reserve160,000,000 CLB16.00%
Reserve100,000,000 CLB10.00%
Marketing50,000,000 CLB5.00%


Aug 2018Presale #1 : Sold out in 13 minutes.
Sep 2018Presale #2 : Sold out in 21 hours.
Sep 2018Cloudbric Makes Huge Splash in Singapore with an Exclusive Yacht Party Hosted by BitForex, BlueChain Assets, and InterBlock Inc.

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Cloudbric will succeed because of three reasons. Firstly, Cloudbric's product development is derived from its internal team and PhD scholars from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Korea University, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Cloudbric's biggest value proposition to the cybersecurity industry is its deep-learning module, VISION (whose false positive test rates exceed Cloudbric's preexisting Web Application Firewall's performance by 85%). Secondly, Cloudbric already possesses majority market share in cybersecurity within the APAC region, and has an extensive network of enterprise accounts and data centers throughout the world. As evidenced by launching a Reverse ICO, Cloudbric's revenue-generating enterprise has positioned itself for further innovation through decentralization. Thirdly, Cloudbric's decentralized protocol has an advisory board comprising of seasoned executives from Samsung, Kaspersky, and various top-tier Asian venture capital firms.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The team members originally met through as an in-house venture under Penta Security in 2015. Cloudbric announced its plans to launch a decentralized protocol in May 2018.

Where to Buy and Trade Cloudbric

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Cloudbric, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
Exchange CSRank
1. BitForex 3.06
2. Coinone 2.73
3. Bitsdaq 0.08
To invest in a token offering, visit the project's website (link above)

1. Live token offerings

No live token offerings

2. Upcoming token offerings

No upcoming token offerings

3. Past token offerings

Name Started Ended
Cloudbric Main Sale22 Oct 201831 Oct 2018
Cloudbric23 Aug 201831 Oct 2018
Cloudbric has a TrustScore of C
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