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BrikBit BRIK

BrikBit has a TrustScore of B

Blockchain ecosystem for Real Estate assets and management

BrikBit is the first Lisk-based Real Estate blockchain ecosystem with DPoS - Delegate Proof of Stake consensus, in JS. Each Real Estate project will have its own sidechain and its own independent token, representative of the property. These will have own different rules and features according to the country and legislation. All interchanges will take place using BRIK Coin.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolBRIK
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply100,000,000
  • Primary SectorReal Estate
  • JurisdictionSwitzerland
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Alessandro Dell’Orto photo

Alessandro Dell’Orto

Founder and CTO

Alex Dell’Orto, CTO and Co-Founder of BrikBit Digital Shares, is an architect and Blockchain expert. He’s a crypto expert since 2013.

Paolo Lettieri photo

Paolo Lettieri

CEO and Co Founder

Paolo Lettieri, BrikBit CEO and Co-Founder, active architect in the digitalization and software design for the construction industry.

Stefano Prosdocimo photo

Stefano Prosdocimo

CISO and CO Founder

Stefano Prosdocimo, BrikBit Co-Founder, is in charge of cyber security, IT management and is in charge of the BrikBit Forger community.

Giovanni Spica photo

Giovanni Spica

Marketing Manager

Giovanni Spica. Project manager and account executive manager in a variety of business environments. Worked and lived in Italy, U.K. and Spain/Madrid.

Vania Von Gemusegarten photo

Vania Von Gemusegarten

Chief Community Manager

Vania Von Gemusegarten, Community Manager, has over 15 years experience in sales and marketing for the Fashion industry.

Claudio Villani photo

Claudio Villani

Video and Social Media

Claudio Villani. Video-Maker and YouTuber with TV experience both in Italy and abroad. Video-editing and event management.

Federico Riva photo

Federico Riva

Head of web development

Federico Riva, full-stack developer. His expertise spreads from coding to design and graphics. Located between Milano and Bali.

Flavia Ferrini photo

Flavia Ferrini

Graphic assistant

Flavia Ferrini is an architect and graphic gesigner graduated with honors form Polytechnic of Milano.

Julia Aksenova photo

Julia Aksenova

Community Manager

Julia Aksenova. Engineer with experience as community manager in various Blockchain Project. Volunteers with high skills in customer services and networking.

Raffaele Dell’Orto photo

Raffaele Dell’Orto

Internal Legal

Raffaele dell'Orto. Highly motivated Lawyer with a spreading expertiese in tax and company law and monetary legislations.

Amal Mounir photo

Amal Mounir

Community Assistant

Students, Young Volunteer for Red Cross, willing, nice and friendly social community assistant


Andrea Concari photo

Andrea Concari


Andrea Concari. Certified developer, proficient in Swift and Javascript and various software analysis systems.


Marco Sala photo

Marco Sala


Marco is an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for tech, real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies.

Thomas Contin photo

Thomas Contin


Thomas is managing partner at Archilex Consulting SA. Legal advisor for several ICO projects and companies in the FinTech and crypto field.

Richard Zoni photo

Richard Zoni


Several years’ experience in selling Cyber Security Solutions to the Enterprise Sector,trong business development skills focusing on Top customers.

Achim Jedelsky photo

Achim Jedelsky


Achim is a corporate digital innovator and blockchain enthusiast who uses his experience in agile management to improve processes and the collaboration between experts of various kind. Most recently he is focusing on innovating the Real Estate industry by using the advantages of blockchain technology. Co-founder and board member of FIBREE, Head of Processes - IT at Daimler Real Estate.

Jo Bronckers photo

Jo Bronckers


He is having 20+ years of Real Estate experience, working for banks and institutional investors. As entrepreneur Jo now combines his knowledge of real estate, finance and blockchain. Founder Blockchain2RealEstate / Co-founder & board member FIBREE.

Tomica Cesar photo

Tomica Cesar


Tomica is an entrepreneur at heart, business developer and consultant by day. Having over 12 years of experience in real estate ranging from real estate developer Trigranit to real estate consulting companies such as Colliers, he has extensive and in-depth view as well as understanding of the real estate market and all parties involved in it. After seeing disruptive possibilities that blockchain technology can bring to the real estate market, he is bridging the gap between real estate and blockchain. CSO of Mobendo, Co-founder and board member of FIBREE.

Florian Huber photo

Florian Huber


Florian has long experience in Real Estate, Finance and Marketing. Florian is Co-founder and board member of FIBREE and Co-Founder of the PRICMA platform, the one-stop shop for real estate investments, and has a sound and wide-ranging know-how when it comes to Real Estate.


None specified


None specified

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
BrikBit Digital Shares is a Blockchain Swiss based Company. Our Team is made up of professionals, blockchain experts, architects with a long experience in Real Estate projects at international level, marketing managers, software developers, entrepreneur: all of Team key people worked in business in important position and with significative business experience.
As Real Estate players we think the existing financial system of this industrial sector is obsolete and no responding to the most important thing: for us a finance system should serve the sector and allow it to grow and to works properly. The actual financial system it is not in this way: the massive presence of middleman means that the situation can not develop without a new proposal and without a strong technological innovation such as Blockchain.
We believe Blockchain as Technology can be used for more than transfer value and we think that it can be used to Register and transfer value of Property, Property rights, Data of Property etc.. We decided to join forces to launch an ecosystem that will revolutionize the sector, always in need of new technologies to go beyond borders and support each player involved in an innovative way.
We believe we are still at the first steps of Blockchain technology possibilities…
Our Idea summarized in follow bullets explains that up to now our project vision is the most organic and promising possible right now:
- Lisk Based Blockchain with dedicated sidechains for the scalability;
- Open Source;
- Coded in Javascript, the most widespread language;
- DPoS - Delegate Proof of Stake consensus protocol (DPoS), which will be the mutual base of all applications and necessary instruments to manage the value interchange within each Real Estate project;
- Each Real Estate project will be able to create its own blockchain (as a BrikBit sidechain) with its own rules and features, different according to the country and legislation of the project itself
All interchanges and blockchain rewards will take place using BRIK, the native coin of BrikBit Blockchain;
- We are about to launch a Social professional Network, a platform where all player involved can move first step in this new world buying and selling services and product for Real estate in Crypto to built a new community;
- We believe the community is on of the winning aspects of blockchain adoption and success and we are focused to building one with all players involved, not only coders, blockchainers and cripto enthusiasts;
We will take care and develop BrikBit project as maximum as possible because this infrastructure platform will be real disruptive of Real Estate industry.
Where did your team members meet originally?
The two founders Alex and Paolo are both Real Estate Architects and meets more than 10 Years ago working on big international Architectural projects. Since then they were be in contact working together. Alex, Blockchainer since 2013, had the idea to use blockchain to manage and develop Real Estate operations since 2015 with original BrikShares become BrikBit Digital Shares. In 2015 Alex meet Giovanni, the marketing manager, working in same office location and the next year, in 2016 Alex meet Stefano, the third founder (security manager, trainer and DPoS forger) in DPoS project chats. Vania, chief community manager, is Alex sister's and friends of Federico, art director, web designer and coder since years. Claudio, Andrea, Raffaele, Flavia and the other team members joined the project since first steps in 2017 and during first months of 2018.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Some risks are same of blockchain startup failure:
Ran out of cash: even if we are used to working with tight budgets and with scarce resources.
Systemic Financial risk: collapse of the cryptocurrency market and consequent loss of value of resources raised.
And some are related to the project - product:
Legal & Regulatory risks and refusal of governments to use decentralized blockchain systems: for this we are exploring different possibilities with different legal advisors.
Operational Risks. All Real Estate Projects have operational risks during development in addition to financial risks: a Project developing an innovative financial platform for Real estate can can suffer from the same problems.
Product Mis-Timed. Idea and development too early for the real world and Real for Estate world: Alex had first vision of BrikBit in 2015 and few people they understood it at the time.

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BrikBit29 Nov 201831 Jan 2019
BrikBit has a TrustScore of B
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