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Bitsrent BTR

Bitsrent has a TrustScore of C

A True Rental & Leasing Utility Token.

Bitsrent is a very transparent rental & leasing blockchain ecosystem and a price negotiation platform uniting customers all over the world. It automates all the standard rental tasks. Through Bitsrent, customers can perform all the basic rental activities with considerable ease.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolBTR
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply10,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorReal Estate
  • JurisdictionCosta Rica
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Kailash Karki photo

Kailash Karki


He has been solving business financial problems for clients in software businesses and
emerging technology. Over the course of his career, he has operated, advised and invested in
over dozens of leading cryptocurrencies, software businesses. Over the last six years , Karki’s accomplishments are impressive and trustworthy. His skills to manage, cooperate, handle and research on understanding blockchain opportunities, challenges and use-cases had led
this project to gain its establishment.

Barun Adhikari photo

Barun Adhikari

Co-Founder/ Head of Marketing

Mr Adhikari has been delivering the high quality services to the tech industry effectively for more than seven years. He had been working as a CEO for AB Group of Industries which provide
services in real-estate, film production and retail industry. Being a
admirer of blockchain technology and investor of multiple of ICOs, he has been fully dedicated
to provide high-quality advice to solve problems in marketing aspects of the project ensuring the
collective work to good standards.


Ishwar Acharya photo

Ishwar Acharya

CTO / Senior Developer

Mr. Acharya is a young , motivated and promising Blockchain Developer with a great
coding experience in PHP,Python,Node JS, Java more than seven years. He has worked with
multiple IT Companies and performed his best and rewarded many times for
his handwork , honesty and task completion within designated time frame. He has got
years of experience in leading technological project. He has worked as Web- developer in many companies
stationed in US, UK, South Africa, Philippines and Germany.


Public6,500,000,000 BTR65.00%
Team500,000,000 BTR20.00%
Bounty500,000,000 BTR5.00%
Loyalty500,000,000 BTR5.00%
Reserved500,000,000 BTR5.00%


Q3 2018Participated in Blockchain Meetup in India.
Q3 2018Participated in Boulder Fair in USA
Q3 2018Participated in Blockchain Meetup- University of Colorado in USA.
Q4 2018Negotiated with the Multiple Exchanges: approved for listing on Bittrex, Mercatox, Bancor Network, Cobinhood, Hotbit, Cryptopia, and
Q1 2019First implementation of BTR in U-Haul store in Golden, Colorado ,USA from February 2019.

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
The global real estate industry is flourishing rapidly. According to research, 2017 saw the global office
leasing industry grow and reaching a new apex. The research noticed that the industry received its
highest leased volume in the last 10 years as more than 11 million square meters of office spaces were
leased. For 2017 alone, the volumes touched 40.7 million square meters, which was an improvement
over 2016 by 4 percent.
For offices, the rents increased by 4 percent in 2017, twice as much as the research predicted in the
early 2017. For residential homes, the report observed that the fresh supply exceeded the demand.
Rental growth was seen to be decreasing year-wise but an increase was recorded in the national
vacancy figures.
The report opined that the rental and leasing industry is expected to perform well in 2018, especially for
commercial markets. However, the global rental and leasing markets cannot yield maximum results
without the introduction of Blockchain in the scene.
Traditional business processes are slowing the progress in the industry as many hurdles discourage the
investment in the industry. With the transparency of Blockchain and through the emergence of Bitsrent,
investors, realtors and the common man can now rely on a service that is posed to deliver fair
transactions for the stakeholders from any location in the world.

How Bitsrent Proves Its Service?

The team at Bitsrent realizes the limitations of the current rental and leasing industry. Thus, Bitsrent has
been developed with the objective to modernize the leasing industry and transform it into a futuristic
solution where anyone can partake easily without any hurdles.
Bitsrent is decentralized. Decentralized platforms and applications are the key component of the
Blockchain technology. Decentralized means that no central authority (like banks) can serve as a
middleman and the industry will be supported and backed by its real community consisting of realtors,
investors, potential buyers and other relevant stakeholders. Through the backing of the community,
Bitsrent can flourish and advance by incorporating the best practices and features into its platform.
Thus, the client satisfaction can be expected to reach previously unforeseen heights.
Interestingly, Bitsrent has not only utilized the best of the Blockchain, the platform has also integrated
Ethereum’s Smart Contracts in order to make the best of the widely popular and reliable Ethereum
Network. Bitsrent token can act as a currency, share, rewarding mechanism as well as a token for proof
of the ownership for a commercial or resident property.

Additionally, before its crowd sale, the project has finished exemplary work. After the ICO launch in
September, the token is expected to be listed on international exchanges like KuCoin. The much-awaited
application for Android and iOS is expected to be launched on the Android and iOS app stores by the
year’s end. With the arrival of 2019, Bitsrent aspires to achieve bigger goals with the listing of its token
on a greater number of exchanges with March and April being highly important for the platform. The
Blockchain-powered platform has finalized these months for the technical implementation of Bitsrent.
Where did your team members meet originally?
Some of the team members are salaried mainly who are working as service executive . They work day and night for the company betterment. some of us are same school friends when we went to study different countries and got degree in different faculties. We were in constant touch in Facebook . When we decided to make this project we discussed and took the responsibility of what we are capable of. Most of us are living in united states and some are in India & Nepal. We have facebook group to discussed each other.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Bitsrent is a rental and leasing next generation token that aims to solve certain problems and provides
effective solutions to modernize the global rental and leasing industry. These problems and their proposed
solutions are the following.

Problem #1: Transparency
The traditional rental and leasing industry is based on a centralized model where business practices are
either dependent on the pen and paper model or out-dated rental management systems. In either case,
fraudulent activities plague the industry, and it is difficult to trace the actual owner of a property.
Similarly, often the stakeholders struggle with negotiations and agreements because there is no system
that can identify the truthfulness of either party.

Bitsrent truly adopts decentralization through its Orbit Blockchain and Ethereum Network. All the rental
and leasing agreements, details of the parties, payment information, and other relevant information is
stored on the Blockchain while smart contracts ensure proper compliance of terms and conditions. Hence,
Bitsrent achieves maximum transparency where fraudulent activities and misunderstandings are instantly
reduced and provides a platform that can truly accommodate the global rental and leasing stakeholders.

Problem #2: Inaccuracy with Customer Records and Billings
Sometimes, customer records are lost in a natural disaster, like a storm or fire. As a result, crucial
agreements and ownership documents are lost. Similarly, records are not managed properly and updating
consumes significant time. Additionally, the charges and payment figures are also a huge reason behind
quarrels and fights between landlords and tenants.

Bitsrent comes with a Blockchain that can ensure trustable storage and processing of customer data. Data
will be continuously updated with each transaction, and Blockchain’s immutability will dismantle any
doubts regarding the authenticity of the data. Similarly, due to Ethereum’s smart contracts, customers will
be charged accurately without any possibility of additional or inaccurate fees.

Problem #3: Privacy of Customer Information
In the traditional rental and leasing industry, often personal information, like the address of a resident, can
be misused. Often paper documentation is accessed and stolen easily and crimes like identity thefts can
occur as a result. Similarly, in online rental management systems, DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks, and
other cyber attacks continuously lurk, resulting in data breaches and data loss.

All the private, personal, and financial information of landlords and tenants is now stored in the Orbit
Blockchain. Orbit Blockchain’s security protocols ensure the protection of data against any cyberattack or

Problem #4: Slow and Expensive Fees
Rental and leasing agreements often incur significant charges whether you have to pay to the bank or
engage with a centralized service. Likewise, despite these heavy charges, they are unable to process
payments quickly. As a result, valuable time is lost and a potential business may receive significant losses
due to their inability to relocate in an office space in due time.

Bistrent promises negligible fees. Whether a tenant has to pay monthly rent to the landlord or an
individual needs to rent a car on an urgent-basis, immediate processing of payments is provided with
extremely low fees. Therefore, along with trustable transactions, Bitsrent also ensures quick and
inexpensive transactions.

Where to Buy and Trade Bitsrent

These are the crypto exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade Bitsrent, ordered by exchange popularity. You should try the ones on the top first, but also look out for the "Recommended" badge as those are reliable exchanges that we have partnered with and are comfortable recommending them to our users.
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Bitsrent ICO06 Nov 201816 Dec 2018
Bitsrent has a TrustScore of C
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