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Attrace ATTR

Attrace has a TrustScore of A

Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing

Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only in marketing with an entirely custom made blockchain build from scratch and fully open network capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain. Affiliate marketing is payment based on sales achieved, a $13Billion market with large trust and tracking issues caused by middle man Affiliate Network. Attrace solves all trust and tracking issues, reduces fees with ~95% + instant market share in 2018.
  • Project TypeBlockchain
  • AlgorithmGolang (by Google)
  • SymbolATTR
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000
  • Primary SectorCommerce & Advertising
  • JurisdictionNetherlands
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Erwin Werring photo

Erwin Werring


Solid background in finance, solid blockchain knowledge and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in every aspect of online marketing
LinkBundle (London) - Co-Founder and CEO (4y)
Platform for benchmarking every aspect of online marketing, predominantly for international retail banks and large FMCG companies
Morgan Stanley CI (London) - VP Fund Strategy (8y)
Tradelic (London) - Co- Founder and CEO (3y)
Affiliate Marketing in Gaming Industry (Publisher side)
Deloitte (Netherlands) - Auditor & Corporate Finance Consultant (3y)
Involved in blockchain since 2014

Lennard Zwart photo

Lennard Zwart


Solid background in finance and economics and a strong track record in growing IT start-ups
Res Privata NV Investment Fund (Netherlands) - Co-Founder (2y)
Board member, advisor and investor in several FinTech and cyber security related VC projects
CloudVPS (Netherlands) - Founder (9y)
Founding, growing and subsequently selling largest cloud computing firm in the Netherlands
Deutsche Bank (London) - VP Structured Finance (4y)
Morgan Stanley (London) - Senior Associate Structured Finance (3y)
Involved in blockchain since 2014

Marius Jansen photo

Marius Jansen

Co founder

Ex crypto trader with extensive blockchain and ICO knowledge (Netherlands) - CMO (2y)
Next generation cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, the very first to offer more complicated derivatives based on crypto currencies
ICO Advisor (3y)
ICO consultancy with extensive blockchain knowledge
Ex high volume crypto trader - (4y)
Refrained from trading once working for Deribit
Involved in blockchain since 2012

John Janssen photo

John Janssen

Co founder

Successful blockchain entrepreneur - a blockchain visionary - with trading background and extensive track record in E-commerce (Merchant side) (Netherlands) - Founder (4y)
Next generation cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, the very first to offer more complicated derivatives based on crypto currencies
Bagnomarket s.n.c. (Italy) - Founder (3y)
E-commerce company covering Europe (Merchant side)
EDU traders (Netherlands) - Derivatives Trader (2y)
Involved in blockchain since 2012

Remko Allertz photo

Remko Allertz


Serial entrepreneur, solid blockchain knowledge and strong track record as a Publisher in Affiliate Marketing
Rocket Insurance BV (Netherlands) - Founder (6y)
Major insurance lead generator in Dutch Affiliate Marketing (Publisher side)
Teahupoo Capital BV(Netherlands) - Founder (10y)
Investor in several online platforms in competitive niche markets around Telecom, Utilities and Finance
Involved in blockchain since 2014


Roel Berger photo

Roel Berger

Blockchain network specialist

Senior IT engineer with deep knowledge of blockchains,
distributed datastores, consensus algorithms, cryptography,
security, analytics and big data
Digital Insurance Group (Netherlands/Germany/Switzerland) -
VP Innovation (5y)
Development of online comparing and decision tools for
financial products to monetize websites direct or via
Affiliate Marketing (Publisher side)
Sentiance (Belgium) - Founding team (5y)
AI platform learning human behaviour from (mobile/iot)
sensor data to improve customer journey
Kidiso (Belgium) - Co-Founder & Lead Developer (4y)
Building internet platforms for specific website access
Johnson & Johnson, i4BI (USA and Belgium) - Oracle BI Consultant (5y)
Lead developer of fast, high volume sales analytics solutions,
data warehousing and analytics platforms
Involved in blockchain since 2014

Roeland Werring photo

Roeland Werring

Senior IT specialist

Senior IT engineer, solid blockchain knowledge, extensive experience in Affiliate Marketing and track record of successful introduction of cutting-edge technologies to end-users
Digital Insurance Group (Netherlands, Germany, Switserland) - CTO (1y)
Development of online comparison and decision tools for financial products to monetize websites direct or via Affiliate Marketing (Publisher side)
Komparu (Netherlands) - Co-Founder and CTO (8y)
Development of online comparing and decision tools for Affiliate Networks
Powerhouse (Netherlands) - Senior IT Developer (4y)
Azerti/KPN (Belgium) - Senior IT Developer (2y)
Strong knowledge of parallel processing
Involved in blockchain since 2015

Artem Vysotsky photo

Artem Vysotsky

IT & AI Developer and Advisor

High in demand Silicon Valley based software engineer with extensive Golang and AI experience (Silicon Valley) - Director of Engineering (2y) is using machine learning to rewrite the sales ops (Silicon Valley) - Director of Engineering (3y)
AI planning platform. End responsible for architecture, design and implementation from scratch of organization’s key micro-services
SugarCRM (Silicon Valley) - Associate Principal (7y)
Responsible for architecture and design of the SalesConnect project (involving 150 engineers globally)
Involved in blockchains since 2017


Philip Langguth photo

Philip Langguth

Advisor Merchant side

Solid background in finance with deep knowledge about the
online challenges for large Merchants offering retail financial services
ING Group (Global) - General Manager (13y)
Executing extensive transformation projects, focussed on bring to (online) market of financial products for retai (Merchant side)
Mitchell Madison Group (London) - Co-Founder (9y)
McKinsey (USA & London) - Associate Principal (7y)
JP Morgan (USA) - VP Product Management (7y)
Involved in blockchains since 2016

Loes Mensink photo

Loes Mensink

Legal Advisor

Solid background in legal and regulatory aspects of investment
management and experience with legal aspects of ICO’s
LSB Legal (Netherlands) - Founder (3y)
Executing extensive transformation projects, focused on bring to (online) market of financial products for retail (Merchant side)
Legal Bench - Co-Founder
Platform to connect client with top tier legal professionals
Clifford Chance LLP (Netherlands) - Senior Associate for Fund and Investment Management (4y)
Covering legal risks of investments, establishment of private funds, asset management agreements and regulatory / licensing requirements for financial Institutions
BlackRock Investment Management (USA) - Legal council (2y)
Seconded from Clifford Chance
Van Leeuwen (India) - Analyst (1y)
Advising on legal aspects of ICO’s since 2016

Prof. Sam Garg photo

Prof. Sam Garg

New Venture Governance Advisor

Leading scholar of New Venture Governance on a global level, Governance Advisor to CEOs on a global level, PhD in Organizations, Technology and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University, USA
HKUST Business School - Ass. Professor Entrepreneurship and Strategy (7y)
Rotary club Kowloon (Hong Kong) - Board member (3y)
INSEAD (France / Singapore) - Research Associate / Visiting scholar (4y)
Co-founder of various internet start-ups
Co-author of the book “Inspire to Innovate: Management and
Innovation in Asia”, a finalist for the best management book
award 2005 (Management Consulting Association, UK)

Dick Snel photo

Dick Snel

Security Specialist and Advisor

High in demand ethical hacker and security specialistwith blockchain experience
ONVIO (Netherlands) - Co-Founder (5y)
Ethical hacker and security specialist, predominantly working for large retail banks globally
Rabobank Group (Netherlands) - Senior security specialist at vulnerability management team (3y)
ICTU (Dutch ministry of foreign affairs) – Senior security advisor (3y)
Strong track record in building complex eCommerce solutions Involved in blockchain since 2015

Wouter Sleijffers photo

Wouter Sleijffers

Advisor Merchant and Publisher side

Solid background in engineering, solid background in online market research and extensive experience as a Merchant and Publisher in Affiliate Marketing
Fnatic (London) - CEO (3y)
Largest eSports company in Europe
Research Now (London) - VP Digital Marketing (1y)
Skrill (London) - VP Digital Marketing (5y)
Skrill is one of Europe's largest online payments systems and among the world's leading Digital Wallet providers (5y)
Everest Gaming (London) - Senior Online Marketing manager (2y)
Leaseplan(Netherlands) - Senior e-Business manager (2y)
Metrixlab (Netherlands) - Research manager
Online market research New Product Development, Brand Communication, E-commerce Performance and
Customer Satisfaction Research (2y)
ASML (Netherlands) - User interface architect for semiconductor
industry (3y)
Board member WESA organisation, various advisor positions and owns a variety of Publisher websites
Involved in blockchain since 2017

Ian Bednowitz photo

Ian Bednowitz

Advisor Merchant side and Emerging Markets

Extensive experience in growth strategy, operations and change management with a primary focus on consumer verticals on a global level
eBay (Singapore) - Sr. Director, Head of India and
APAC Business Development (1y)
Work jointly with Flipkart (India’s largest electronic commerce service provider) and eBay to establish cross-border trade
Bednowitz (Global) - Advisor and bestselling Udemy instructor (3y)
eBay (USA) - Director, Head of M&A (5y)
Deployed $1Billion in capital across 20 global M&A and investment transactions, e.g. Snapdeal (India), Chodientu (Vietnam), WHI (USA), Hunch (USA) and Decide (USA)
eBay (USA) - Senior Manager Marketplaces Strategy (1y)
Bain & Company (USA) - Consultant and Case Team Leader (2y)

Steven Deurloo photo

Steven Deurloo

ICO and Strategy advisor

Solid background in FinTech venture capital and structured finance with advisory roles in various ICOs and crypto
ThoroFinance (Netherlands) - Co-Founder (4y)
Venture capital firm with investments in renewable energy and FinTech and specialised in fund raising for innovation driven startups and asset portfolios
Stark Investments (Netherlands) - Venture Capital
structuring specialist (6y)
Multi-strategy hedge fund with venture capital portfolio. Structuring of investments, asset portfolios and internal advisory
ING Bank (Netherlands) - Structured Finance specialist (6y)
Tailor-made large-tickets private placements for corporate clients and investors.
Citibank, NA (London, Tokyo) - Structured Finance specialist (5y)
Tailor-made large-tickets private placements for corporate clients and investors.
KPMG Meijburg & Co (Netherlands) - International tax lawyer (3y)
Involved in blockchain since 2017


None specified


None specified

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
Attrace has (a) very strong user case (b) a user case which you can only solve by using the key features of blockchain! (c) strong tech team building a fully custom made blockchain going live in October (d) promised real economic traction in Q4 2018
Where did your team members meet originally?
Some team member know each other from University, others via career in Affiliate Marketing, FinTech and startup scene or working for blue-chip financial companies.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Main challenge is explain a B2B proposition to the general ICO public. Proposition & business model are a no-brainer and there is no real competition given that ATTRACE IS THE ONLY MARKETING SOLUTION THAT IS RUNNING ON OWN CHAIN AND NOT ON ETHEREUM

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Attrace Pre-ICO08 Aug 201808 Nov 2018
Attrace has a TrustScore of A
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