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Alethena ATH

Alethena has a TrustScore of B

Swiss Blockchain-Asset Rating

Alethena is the first Swiss ICO and Blockchain-Asset Rating Agency. With deep technical insight, vast financial market experience, and a conclusive rating methodology, Alethena connects blockchain and established investors. The methodology entails 4 dimensions (Technical, Business, Governance, Legal), 17 clusters and 60+ factors, ranging from legal to smart contract security. With independent, objective, and neutral due diligence Alethena monitors ICO projects and assures investment security.
  • Project TypeToken
  • Platform Ethereum
  • SymbolATH
  • Circulating SupplyNone specified
  • Total SupplyNone specified
  • Max Supply5,500,000,000
  • Primary SectorTrading & Investing
  • JurisdictionSwitzerland
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Pascal Marco Caversaccio photo

Pascal Marco Caversaccio

Co-Founder, CEO

Pascal is both a seasoned researcher, having conducted financial market research at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, and a strategist, gaining valuable experience as a consultant for PwC. He is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He believes that the long-term success of the later hinges on the mainstream adaption.

Markus Hartmann photo

Markus Hartmann

Co-Founder, President

With his 10+ year of experience in the financial sector, Markus has gained valuable experience in banking, consulting, asset management as well as technology in his latest role at Accenture. With respect to blockchain as a technology, he is convinced that successful and sustainable startups will be driving this innovation.

Tim Glaus photo

Tim Glaus

Co-Founder, COO

Tim has gained valuable experience in both banking and asset management in the past and has been actively involved in building up and running different startups. He has a great interest in private equity investments and disruptive technologies which is why he is fascinated by the current developments in the crypto market.

Alexander Thoma photo

Alexander Thoma

Co-Founder, CFO

Having worked in both audit and the banking sector, Alex has an affinity for all things in finance. In the past he has also been involved in the building up and running of startups. Having found a great interest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Alex has built up an extended expertise in this field.

Leonard Dulay-Winkler photo

Leonard Dulay-Winkler


Leonard has gained valuable experience in consulting while also developing products, e-commerce models, and marketing initiatives in the startup environment. He is deeply interested in the innovation coming from blockchain startups, especially in product and business development as well as in marketing.

Benjamin Rickenbacher photo

Benjamin Rickenbacher


Benjamin has a strong academic background in the field of mathematics and he is an experienced technology consultant, having gained valuable experience working for Accenture. He has a great interest in the subtleties underlying different blockchains and is convinced that a blockchain can only be truly successful if it delivers real life value.

Isaac Chan photo

Isaac Chan

Community Manager and Growth Hacker Asia

Isaac has more than 20 years of senior management experience in multichannel retail, growth hacking, and full stack e-commerce in eBay, Kimberly Clark, Dyson, and He also led digital transformation across various industries and continents.

Jeff Frey photo

Jeff Frey

Community Manager and Growth Hacker Asia

Jeff is an international marketing- and branding expert who is specialised in growth hacking and community building. With a passion for networking and digital business models, he established his startup InternsInBeijing as Beijing’s largest platform for expats. He previously worked for the Swiss Embassy and is very well connected with investors in Asia.

Tammo Mamedi photo

Tammo Mamedi

Marketing Specialist

Tammo is specialised in the development of brand- and communications concepts as well as digital products, having done work for clients such as Skype and Innogy. Tammo has a deep understanding of the crypto market and has successfully helped startups in establishing a marketing footprint.

Julian Bauer photo

Julian Bauer

Marketing Specialist

Julian has an outstanding track record as a designer, specialising in UX/UI and digital products design, such as apps and websites for clients, including Microsoft and Twitter. With his flair for the crypto market and his understanding of the community within, Julian helps startups in their market positioning.

Miriam Graf photo

Miriam Graf

Public Relations Specialist

Miriam has an exceptional track record of developing and delivering successful event and communications campaigns for clients in the startup ecosystems across Europe. She has a huge journalist rolodex and depth of experience in delivering high-profile media coverage about startups.


Pascal Brun photo

Pascal Brun

UI/UX Designer

Pascal has long-term experience in usability and design and built up his knowledge for user experience and design while working on many crypto-related projects.

Dominik Schöni photo

Dominik Schöni

Software Engineer

Dominik is a big crypto enthusiast, he brings his software development experience to crypto where he has worked on multiple dapp and smart contract projects.

Niklaus Knecht photo

Niklaus Knecht

Visual Designer

With his roots in print design & illustrations, Niklaus sets sight on clarifying the communication of crypto projects through his illustrations.


Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens photo

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens


Thorsten Hens is Swiss Finance Institute Professor of Financial Economics and the former Head of the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. He is a founding partner of Behavioural Finance Solutions and a seasoned strategic advisor.

Urs Wälchli photo

Urs Wälchli


Urs Wälchli is the Associate Academic Director of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, USA. He is a seasoned strategic advisor and a venture financing expert.

Luzius Meisser photo

Luzius Meisser


Luzius Meisser is a computer scientist, economist, and a crypto-asset expert. He co-founded and chaired the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and has recently become a board member of Bitcoin Suisse. He previously co-founded Wuala, a cloud storage startup, and is a seed investor in a few Swiss startups.

Israel Serrano photo

Israel Serrano


Israel Serrano Ortiz is a Senior Manager and blockchain expert at IBM Spain and is leading the corresponding blockchain initiatives and business development activities. Until recently he was a Senior Manager at Accenture Spain leading the consulting- and technology group in Iberia-Blockchain.

Pascal Forster photo

Pascal Forster


Pascal Forster has co-founded the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz and is a board member of the Crypto Finance AG. He is actively involved as an investor in several startups in the blockchain space and has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting CEOs, board members, and senior executives for leading corporations and organisations.

Robert LeMoyne photo

Robert LeMoyne


Robert LeMoyne is an Adjunct Professor for the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University of Flagstaff. While consulting in the Silicon Valley, his machine learning acuity has manifested in multiple wearable and wireless system applications. Robert is an active member of the Society for Neuroscience and a Senior Member of both AIAA and IEEE.

Timothy Mastroianni photo

Timothy Mastroianni


Timothy Mastroianni is an American cognitive scientist, inventor, founder, researcher, and author. In 2003 he invented machine learning thought detection algorithms (the HiLoClient software) that are currently being used world-wide to predict what a person is thinking about based on the neuronal firing patterns and networks in the human brain.

Roger Halbheer photo

Roger Halbheer


Roger Halbheer is the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft in EMEA. Before re-joining Microsoft in 2018 he was a Managing Director for Accenture Security working in the Austria, Switzerland, Germany region and additionally responsible for the global cybersecurity alliance between Accenture and Microsoft.

Alessandro DeCarli photo

Alessandro DeCarli


Alessandro De Carli is a mobile security engineer and a technical blockchain expert. He is the Founder and CEO of – a software engineering company offering services in the blockchain security area such as smart contract security reviews. Also, he is the technical blockchain advisor of Aeternity, a top 25 cryptocurrency.

Thomas Gustinis photo

Thomas Gustinis


Thomas Gustinis is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur in the finance- and healthcare sectors. Before becoming the Managing Partner of Trestle Group Ventures, he was the Global CFO for Treasury at UBS and managed various operational accounting and finance roles as an agent of change in New York, London, and Zurich.

Gary Sum photo

Gary Sum


Gary Sum has been Chairman of the Swiss Capital Group since 2006, Asia’s leading Swiss heritage multi-family office domiciled in 25 locations globally. Gary is a world-acclaimed Swiss banker, serial investor, and Chinese Merchant Awardee. Gary got a cultural-political vantage point on China with his senior public offices in China, Big Bay, and Chaozhou community.


Pool A – Crowd3,547,500,000 ATH64.50%
Pool D – Founders1,100,000,000 ATH20.00%
Pool E – Buffer550,000,000 ATH10.00%
Pool C – ICO Setup236,500,000 ATH4.30%
Pool B – Early Backers66,000,000 ATH1.20%


Q2 2018ICO to independently fund the development of product and methodology.
Q4 2018Release full product with v2.0 methodology. Become top-of-mind Blockchain-Asset Rating in Europe.
Q2 2019Enhance and scale methodology with machine learning and R&D department.
Q4 2019Release largely automated v2.0 product.

Questions and Answers

Why is your company going to succeed?
With deep technical insight, vast financial market experience, and a conclusive rating methodology, Alethena bridges the gap between blockchain and established investors and enables a professionalised ICO 2.0 market.
Where did your team members meet originally?
We are a team of highly motivated and dynamic colleagues with the passion for innovation, broadly diversified skills, and the goal to redesign the future of capital markets. We know each other for many years and have met at the university / job.
What are the top five risks you see for your business?
Obviously, we face many risks as an early-stage startup. The top five risks we see are: 1) ICO market collapse, 2) good rating for a scam, 3) data breach, 4) one of the big rating agencies enter the cryptomarket, 5) rating methodology gets leaked.

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Alethena has a TrustScore of B
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