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Nothing replaces meeting people in person. The events on this page have been selected because they represent the most important opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Blockchainge DC 2019 Jan 13th - 15th 2019 Washington, DC
UNLOCK Blockchain Jan 16th 2019 Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
The North American Bitcoin Conference Jan 16th 2019 Miami, Florida USA
niTROn Summit Jan 17th - 18th 2019 San Francisco, CA
Binance Blockchain Week Jan 19th - 22nd 2019 Singapore
Unconfiscatable Conference Jan 23rd - 26th 2019 Las Vegas, NV
2nd Annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week Jan 23rd - 24th 2019 Seoul, Republic of Korea
Supply Chain Finance Summit, Amsterdam Jan 24th - 25th 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tone Vays' Unconfiscatable: Bitcoin Not Blockchain Conference & Celebrity Poker Tournament Jan 24th 2019 Las Vegas, NV, US
Crypto Pro Expo Jan 29th - 30th 2019 San Francisco, CA
AraCon Jan 29th 2019 Berlin, Germany
Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 Jan 30th - 31st 2019 Yokohama, Japan
Vietnam Blockchain Confex 2019 Jan 30th - 1st 2019 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Wall Street Blockchain Summit Jan 31st 2019 New York, NY
Advacncing Bitcoin Conference and Workshops Feb 7th 2019 London, UK
TABConf 2019 Feb 9th - 10th 2019 Atlanta, GA
ChainWise Feb 15th 2019 Sharonville Convention Center Cincinnati, OH
Traders Fair and Gala Night Thailand 2019 Feb 16th 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Feb 20th 2019 Istanbul, Turkey
NFT.NYC Digital Collectibles NFT Conference Feb 20th 2019 New York, NY
Block Hedge Australia 6th Edition Feb 22nd 2019 Melbourne, Australia.
Blockchain South 2019 Feb 25th - 27th 2019 New Zealand
Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2019 Mar 4th - 6th 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel
Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 Mar 4th 2019 Hong Kong
CoinAdvice Conference 2019 Mar 4th - Jan 1st 2019 Thailand
DC Blockchain Summit 2019 Mar 6th - 7th 2019 Washington, DC
Breakthrough Blockchain Mar 8th - 9th 2019 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Asia Crypto Week Mar 11th - 17th 2019 Hong Kong
TOKEN2049 Mar 13th - 14th 2019 Hong Kong
Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition Mar 23rd 2019 Manama, Bahrain.
Dubai Crypto Expo Mar 23rd 2019 Conrad Dubai, U.A.E.
Block Hedge North America 7th Edition Mar 30th 2019 Toronto, Canada
Blockchain Summit Austria 2019 Apr 2nd 2019 Vienna, Austria
CryptoBlockCon Los Angeles Apr 3rd - 4th 2019 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Paris Blockchain Week Apr 15th - 19th 2019 Paris, France
Paris Blockchain Week Apr 16th 2019 Paris, France
B10 Paris Apr 16th 2019 Paris, France
B10 Conference Apr 16th - 17th 2019 Paris, France
Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit Apr 24th 2019 Paris, France.
Crypto Expo Asia: Malaysia Apr 26th 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Digital Health 2019 Apr 26th - 27th 2019 Houston, TX, USA
Philippines Crypto Expo Apr 27th 2019 Manila, Philippines. 
UNCHAIN 2019 Jun 13th - 14th 2019 Berlin, Germany