Conferences & Events

Nothing replaces meeting people in person. The events on this page have been selected because they represent the most important opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
CryptoCoinCon Aug 18th 2018 Philadelphia, PA, United States
Blockshow Americas 2018 Aug 20th - 21st 2018 Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Release: WandX Desktop App Alpha v2 Aug 20th 2018 Worldwide
Blockchain Conference Seattle 2018 Aug 21st 2018 Seattle, United States
Blockchain Brunch & White Party Aug 21st 2018 Southampton, NY
Ai4 Finance Aug 21st 2018 Brooklyn, NY, USA
2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference Aug 22nd 2018 Los Angeles, United States
Mobile Payments Conference Aug 22nd - 24th 2018 Chicago, United States
CryptoBBQ Aug 23rd 2018 Moscow, Russia
Voice of Blockchain Aug 24th - 25th 2018 Chicago, USA.
Blockchance Conference Aug 24th - 25th 2018 Hamburg, Germany
Unlocking Blockchain Africa 2018 Aug 25th 2018 Sandton, South Africa
Blockchain Summit: Singapore Aug 28th 2018 Suntec, Singapore
Understanding Blockchain, Ethereum, HyperLedger & Aug 29th 2018 New York, NY, USA.
Coinvention Aug 30th - 31st 2018 Loews, PHL, USA.
Block Hedge Asia 3rd Edition Aug 31st 2018 Bangkok, Thailand.
World Blockchain Forum; Investments & ICO's Sep 3rd - 5th 2018 London, UK.
Seamless East Africa 2018 Sep 3rd - 5th 2018 Nairobi, Kenya
ASEAN Blockchain Summit 2018 Sep 3rd - 4th 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Internet of Insurance Sep 4th - 5th 2018 London, United Kingdom
Seamless Vietnam Sep 4th - 5th 2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Crypto Finance Conference Sep 5th - 7th 2018 Half Moon Bay, United States
Disrupt SF 2018 Sep 5th - 7th 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA.
Crypto Investment and ICO Summit 2018 Sep 5th - 7th 2018 Sydney, Australia.
Bitcoin Wednesday 63 Sep 5th 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
World Blockchain Summit Canada Sep 6th - 7th 2018 Canada
AI in Finance Summit New York Sep 6th - 7th 2018 United States
BlockChainConf.Tech Sep 6th - 7th 2018 Atlanta, GA, USA.
Total Alts 2018 Sep 6th - 7th 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA.
Odessa Blockchain Summit Sep 6th 2018 Odessa, Ukraine.
AI in Finance Summit New York Sep 6th - 7th 2018 New York City, NY, USA.
Dezentral Berlin Sep 6th 2018 Kosmos Berlin, Germany.
D10e Kyiv Sep 7th - 11th 2018 Kyiv, Ukraine
ETHBerlin Sep 7th - 9th 2018 Berlin, Germany
Founder World Sep 7th - 8th 2018 San Francisco, CA
{API:WORLD} Sep 8th - 12th 2018 San Jose, CA, United States
Mathematics for Industry: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Sep 8th 2018 Manchester, UK
Unblock Community Conference Sep 9th - 10th 2018 Hong Kong, China.
TradeTech FX Sep 10th - 12th 2018 Barcelona, Spain.
Blockchain Autumn School 2018 Sep 10th - 14th 2018 Mittweida, Germany
Blockchain Seattle 2018 Sep 10th - 11th 2018 Seattle, WA
Black Blockchain Summit Sep 10th - 11th 2018 Washington, DC, USA
Black Blockchain Summit 2018 Sep 10th - 11th 2018 Washington, D.C.
Boston Fintech Week Sep 10th - 14th 2018 Boston, NY, USA
Estern Economic Forum Sep 11th - 13th 2018 Vladivostok, Russia
Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum Sep 12th - 13th 2018 Singapore, Singapore.
Block World 2018 Sep 12th - 14th 2018 San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA.
FinTech Media Sep 12th 2018 New York City, USA
The age of marketplace banking Sep 12th 2018 Online webinar
BX3 Capital Crypto Investor Summit Sep 12th 2018 500 Steamboat Rd, Greenwich, CT, USA
Block World Sep 13th - 14th 2018 San Jose, United States
Digitalising Trade, Commodity and Supply Chain Finance Conference Sep 13th - 14th 2018 London, UK.
8th Annual Risk Management Forum Sep 13th - 14th 2018 Barcelona, Spain.
4th Annual Post-Trade Forum Sep 13th - 14th 2018 Berlin, Germany.
Token Fest 2018 Sep 13th - 14th 2018 Boston, MA, United States
Digitalising Trade, Commodity and Supply Chain Fin Sep 13th - 14th 2018 London, UK.
Blockchain & Futuretech Expo Sep 14th - 16th 2018 Dallas, TX, United States
The FutureTech Expo Sep 14th - 16th 2018 Dallas, TX, United States
Global Litecoin Summit Sep 14th - 15th 2018 San Francisco, CA, United States
The Cryptoblockchain1000 Sep 14th - 15th 2018 Porto, Portugal.
NEXT BLOCK Conference: Evolution of Money Sep 14th 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria
The Litecoin Summit Sep 14th - 15th 2018 South San Francisco, CA, USA
Fin:Code USA Sep 16th - 18th 2018 United States
An Educational Exploration Into the World of Blockchains Sep 16th 2018 Houston, TX, USA.
Block Seoul Sep 16th - 19th 2018 Seoul, South Korea
Brazil FinTech Roadshow Sep 17th - 19th 2018 São Paulo, Brazil
14th Jordan Forex Expo 2018 Sep 18th - 19th 2018 Amman, Jordan
Blockchain Practitioner China Summit 2018 Sep 18th 2018 Shanghai China.
World Data Forum Sep 18th - 20th 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Consumer Identity World Tour 2018 Sep 19th - 21st 2018 Seattle, United States
Remittances and Cross-Border Transfers Conference Sep 19th - 21st 2018 Manila, Philippines
World Ethical Data Forum Sep 19th - 20th 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Real Estate Blockchain Expo Sep 19th - 21st 2018 Seoul, South Korea.
World BlockChain Congress–Switzerland 2018 Sep 19th - 20th 2018 Zurich, Switzerland
Blockchain in Oil & Gas 2018 Sep 20th - 21st 2018 Houston, TX, United States
IDM Europe Sep 20th 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Global Innovation Institute (GI2) Sep 20th - 21st 2018 Paris, France.
Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium Dubai 2018 Sep 20th 2018 Dubai - United Arab Emirates
2018 World Digital Mining Summit Sep 21st - 23rd 2018 Tbilisi, Georgia
World Digital Mining Summit Sep 21st - 23rd 2018 Tbilisi, Georgia
Baltic Honeybadger 2018 Sep 22nd - 23rd 2018 Riga, Latvia
Fintech Vortex Sep 23rd 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
AFT Fall Summit Sep 23rd - 25th 2018 South Carolina, USA
World Blockchain Summit Dubai Sep 24th - 25th 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
PayThink Sep 24th - 26th 2018 Austin, TX, USA.
CryptoBlockCon London Sep 24th - 25th 2018 London, United Kingdom
Connected World Summit: Connectivity, Security & Interoperability For Tomorrow's Things Sep 25th - 26th 2018 London, United Kingdom
AI Tech World: The Business of Artificial Intelligence Sep 25th - 26th 2018 London, UK.
Blockchain Game Summit Sep 25th - 26th 2018 Lyon, France.
Technology & Innovation Risk 2018 Sep 25th - 26th 2018 London, UK.
Blockchain Live Sep 26th 2018 London, United Kingdom Sep 26th 2018 Schaan, Liechtenstein
Blockchain Live 2018 Sep 26th 2018 London, United Kingdom
FinCon18 Sep 26th - 29th 2018 Orlando, United States
Seamless Philippines 2018 Sep 26th - 27th 2018 Manila, Philippines
Capital Markets Innovation Summit Sep 26th - 27th 2018 London, UK.
Cryptonite World Tour Sep 26th 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA.
Blockfest Sep 26th - 27th 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Block Hedge Middle East 4th Edition Sep 27th 2018 Manama, Bahrain.
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku Sep 27th 2018 Baku, Azerbaijan.
Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 Sep 27th - 28th 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia
Soho Crypto-Mining Forum Sep 28th - 29th 2018 New York, NY
Teamz Blockchain Summit Sep 28th - 29th 2018 Tokyo, Japan
Futuristic Financial Intelligence Summit 2018 Sep 28th 2018 Mumbai, India
International Conference on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets  Sep 29th - 30th 2018 Hyderabad, India.
Blockchain Day Netherlands Sep 29th - 28th 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
World Blockchain Summit 2018 Oct 1st - 5th 2018 New Delhi, India
Decoding Blockchain Qatar Oct 1st - 2nd 2018 Doha, Qatar.
SF Blockchain Week Oct 1st - 5th 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA.
Global Disruptive Innovation Summit: Blockchain Oct 1st 2018 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA, USA
SWELL by Ripple Oct 1st - 2nd 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA
3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference Oct 2nd - 4th 2018 Dublin, Ireland
Blockchain South 2018: Leadership Summit Oct 2nd - 3rd 2018 Queenstown, New Zealand.
Finance Disrupted 2018 Oct 2nd 2018 New York, USA
PayExpo Europe 2018 Oct 3rd - 4th 2018 London, United Kingdom
MoneyLIVE Lending 2018 Oct 3rd 2018 Hilton Tower Bridge, London, UK.
London Venture Capital World Summit 2018 Oct 3rd 2018 London, UK.
Supply Chain Finance – APAC Singapore Oct 3rd - 4th 2018 Singapore, Singapore.
ECONOLEX Beesley Lecture #1 Oct 3rd 2018 Institute of Directors, London, UK
ASroc Conference Oct 3rd 2018 Intercontinental Malta St. Julian’s, Malta
Delta Summit Oct 3rd - 5th 2018 IACC Conference Centre, Intercontinental Malta, St. Julians, Malta.
Cryptosprings Oct 3rd - 4th 2018 Palm Springs, USA.
The London Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference Oct 4th 2018 London, UK.
5th Annual Blockchain Crypto World SEC & Tokenomics 101 Conference & Workshop Oct 4th - 5th 2018  Washington DC, USA.
The London Family Office & High Net Worth Conference Oct 4th 2018 London, UK
Coinvest Los Angeles Oct 5th - 7th 2018 Los Angeles, United States
Women4Blockchain Hackathon & Conference Oct 5th - 8th 2018 New York, USA
San Francisco Blockchain Week Oct 5th - 12th 2018 San Francisco, CA
&THEN: The DMA Annual Event Oct 7th - 9th 2018 Las Vegas, NV, United States
Vizag Fintech Festival Oct 8th - 12th 2018 Andhra Pradesh, India.
Blockchain East Summit & Trade Show Oct 8th - 10th 2018 New York, USA
Blockchain in Cybersecurity: HackIT 4.0 Oct 8th - 11th 2018 Kiev, Ukraine
Back to the Crypto Future Oct 8th 2018 San Francisco, CA
HoshoCon: Blockchain Security Conference Oct 9th - 11th 2018 Las Vegas, NV
6th Annual Smart City & IoT Expo Oct 9th - 10th 2018 Toronto, Canada.
XBlockchain Oct 9th - 10th 2018 Bali, Indonesia.
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland Oct 9th 2018 Geneva, Switzerland
Blockchain Day Georgia Oct 9th 2018 Tbilisi, Georgia
BLOCK-CON 2018 Oct 10th - 12th 2018 Santa Monica, CA, United States
Blockchain & Decentralized Tech SuperSummit Oct 10th - 13th 2018 Dallas, TX, United States
Future of Blockchain Conference Oct 10th - 13th 2018 Dallas, Tx, USA.
Blockchain Technology World Oct 10th - 11th 2018 Singapore, Singapore.
Free State Blockchain Digital Oct 10th - 11th 2018 Portsmouth, NH
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Oct 10th 2018 Belarus
Top10 Hall of Fame Oct 11th 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Blockchain Shift Oct 11th - 12th 2018 Miami, FL, United States
Blockchain Fair Asia 2018 (Philipppines edition) Oct 11th - 12th 2018 Taguig, Philippines
Block Hedge 5th Business Edition Oct 12th 2018 Zug, Switzerland.
Blockchain Day Russia Oct 12th 2018 Moscow, Russia
10th FinTech Future Convention 2018 Oct 14th - 16th 2018 Shanghai, China.
EWPN Amsterdam 2018 Oct 15th - 16th 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Fintech Symposium Oct 15th - 16th 2018 Chicago, United States
TechNOVA: AI 2018 Oct 15th 2018 Hilton Tower Bridge, Tooley Street, London, UK.
Ukrainian Blockchain Day Oct 15th 2018 Kiev, Ukraine.
Climate Change & Medical Entomology Conference Oct 15th - 16th 2018 Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai
Blokchein in Russia 2018 Oct 16th 2018 Moscow, Russia.
Data Leaders Summit Europe Oct 17th - 18th 2018 Barcelona, Spain.
Uprise Festival Europe Oct 17th - 18th 2018 Dublin, Ireland
Blockchain Summit Latam Oct 17th - 18th 2018 Botogá, Colombia
Blockchain South 2018 Oct 18th - 19th 2018 Auckland, New Zealand
Blockchain Summit San Francisco Oct 18th 2018 United States
2BBlockchain Conference Oct 18th - 19th 2018 Berlin, Germany.
Blockchain Summit: San Francisco Oct 18th 2018 San Francisco, CA
Blockchain in Energy Mining & Agriculture Oct 18th 2018 Alberta, Canada
Build the Block Summit Oct 19th 2018 Charlotte, NC, USA.
Equity ICO Business Summit Oct 19th - 20th 2018 Park City, UT
The London CryptoCurrency Show Oct 20th 2018 London, UK.
Money20/20 USA Oct 21st - 24th 2018 Las Vegas, United States
African Women in Fintech & Payments Oct 22nd - 23rd 2018 Nairobi, Kenya
Sibos 2018 Oct 22nd - 25th 2018 Sydney, Australia
Linux Foundation; Open Source Summit Oct 22nd - 24th 2018 Edinburgh, UK.
East-West Cryptobridge Oct 22nd - 23rd 2018 Frankfurt, Germany.
Crypto Invest Summit Oct 22nd - 24th 2018 Los Angeles, CA, USA
Blockchain Summit New York Oct 23rd 2018 New York, NY, United States
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Malta Oct 23rd 2018 Malta.
Solar Asset Management Europe Oct 23rd - 24th 2018 Milan, Italy.
Blockchain Life Oct 24th - 25th 2018 St Petersburg, Russian Federation
Blockchains For Sustainable Development Oct 24th 2018 Geneva, Switzerland
Deep Learning Summit New York Oct 24th - 25th 2018 New York City, NY, USA.
The Gibraltar International Fintech Forum London 2018 Oct 24th 2018 London, UK
Crypto Expo Asia Oct 25th - 26th 2018 Singapore
The East Coast Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference Oct 25th 2018 New York, United States
FINEXT Conference Oct 25th - 26th 2018 Las Vegas, NV, USA.
CEE Block Sofia Oct 25th - 26th 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria
Stockoberfest West Oct 25th - 26th 2018 Coronado, CA, USA
BlockChain World Forum - BEIJING Oct 25th - 27th 2018 Beijing, China
China Blockchain + Supply Chain Summit Oct 26th 2018 Shanghai, China
The Intersekt FinTech Festival Oct 27th - 3rd 2018 Melbourne, Australia.
IoT Blockchain Summit Oct 29th - 30th 2018 Atlanta, GA, USA.
2018 Canada FinTech Forum Oct 29th - 31st 2018 Montreal, Canada.
Digital Asset Investing Summit Oct 29th - 30th 2018 2 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
The Texas Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference Oct 30th 2018 Dallas, United States
FinTEKHTalents Oct 30th - 31st 2018 East London, UK.
Blockchain International Show - FEATURED Oct 31st - Nov 2nd 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
World Crypto Conference Oct 31st - Jan 1st 2018 Las Vegas, NV
Malta Blockchain Summit Nov 1st - 2nd 2018 St Julian's, Malta
Crypto Connection 2018 Nov 1st 2018 New York Hilton Midtown, NY, USA.
Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference Nov 1st - 2nd 2018 Florida, USA
iMoney Expo 2018 Nov 2nd - 3rd 2018 Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center
Distributed Health Nov 5th - 6th 2018 Symphony Place, Nashville, TN, USA
The Toronto Family Office & High Net Worth Annual Conference Nov 6th 2018 Toronto, Canada
MoneyLIVE: Nordic Banking 2018 Nov 7th - 8th 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Block Hedge Australia 6th Edition Nov 9th 2018 Melbourne, Australia.
NextBlock Conference: The Evolution of Property Nov 9th 2018 Lisbon, Portugal
Healthcare Unblocked 2018 Nov 9th 2018 London, UK
 MoneyLIVE: Private Banking and Wealth Management Nov 12th 2018 One Whitehall Place, London, UK.
MoneyLIVE: Private Banking and Wealth Management Nov 12th 2018 One Whitehall Place, London, UK.
S&P Global Platts Digital Commodities Summit London – Part 2 Nov 12th - 13th 2018 London, UK
Finance Magnates London Summit Nov 13th - 14th 2018 Old Billingsgate, London, UK.
The NYC Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference Nov 13th 2018 New York City, NY, USA.
Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Conf 2018 Nov 13th - 15th 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Belgrade ICO Summit Nov 13th 2018 Belgrade, Serbia
IoT Build 2018 Nov 13th - 14th 2018 London Olympia Conference Centre, London, UK.
DECENTRALIZED Nov 14th - 16th 2018 Limassol, Cyprus
Dubai Decentralized 1.0 Nov 14th - 15th 2018 Dubai, UAE
Blockchain for Finance Conference, North America Nov 14th - 15th 2018 Boston, MA, USA
Blockchain in Healthcare East Nov 14th 2018 Columbia, USA
Benzinga Fintech Summit Nov 14th 2018 San Francisco, USA
The Dallas Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference Nov 15th 2018 Dallas, TX, USA.
BitConf: Summer Edition Nov 16th - 17th 2018 Fortaleza - Ceará, Brazil.
CryptoFinance Nov 16th - 17th 2018 Oslo, Norway
BlockchainFiesta Nov 16th 2018 Kraków, Poland
Blockchain Day Canada Nov 17th - 18th 2018 Canada
LendIt Fintech Europe 2018 Nov 19th - 20th 2018 London, UK.
Block Hedge North America 7th Edition Nov 19th 2018 Toronto, Canada
Provenance Nov 20th 2018 Seoul, Korea
Blockchain Forum für KMU - St. Gallen - 2018 Nov 22nd 2018 St. Gallen, Switzerland
Decrypted Forum Nov 22nd - 23rd 2018 Mallorca, Spain
TechNOVA: An Introduction to Blockchain Training Course Nov 22nd 2018 London
CryptoExpo Asia Nov 24th 2018 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Crypto Investment & Blockchain Tech 4.0 Nov 24th - 26th 2018 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
World Blockchain Summit Brazil Nov 26th 2018 Brazil
World Blockchain Summit KL Nov 26th 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Payments International Nov 26th - 28th 2018 London, UK.
MoneyLIVE Summit Nov 26th - 27th 2018 Bishopsgate, London, UK.
Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok Nov 26th - 27th 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
The Blockchain Academy Europe Nov 26th - 27th 2018 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Blockchain Summit Dubai Nov 27th 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Trustech Nov 27th - 29th 2018 Cannes, France
Open Banking Expo Nov 27th 2018 London, UK.
Wealth 2.0 Nov 28th - 29th 2018 London, UK.
The Osgoode Certificate in Blockchains, Smart Contracts and the Law Nov 28th - 29th 2018 Toronto, ON
Blockchain Expo North America - FEATURED Nov 28th - 29th 2018 Santa Clara, CA, United States
European Blockchain Convention Nov 29th 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit Dec 3rd - 5th 2018 Las Vegas, United States
Blackhat Europe 2018 Dec 3rd - 6th 2018 London, UK.
Practitioners Seminar Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, ICOs and Smart Contracts Dec 3rd 2018 Cologne, Germany.
Ai World Conference Dec 3rd - 5th 2018 Boston, MA, USA
World Blockchain Summit Riyadh Dec 5th - 6th 2018 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The AI Summit Dec 5th - 6th 2018 New York, USA
Blockchain Opportunity Summit Dec 6th 2018 New York, NY, United States
CryptoBlockCon Las Vegas Dec 11th - 12th 2018 Las Vegas, United States
Blockchain for Chemicals Dec 12th - 13th 2018 Berlin, Germany
USA Blockchain Conference Dec 14th - 15th 2018 Phoenix, Arizona
Blockchain Day Emirates Dec 15th - 18th 2018 UAE
Blockchain Day Dubai Dec 15th 2018 Dubai, UAE
Supply Chain Finance Summit, Amsterdam Jan 24th - 25th 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Traders Fair and Gala Night Thailand 2019 Feb 16th 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Blockchain South 2019 Feb 25th - 27th 2019 New Zealand
Breakthrough Blockchain Mar 8th - 9th 2019 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
Dubai Crypto Expo Mar 23rd 2019 Conrad Dubai, U.A.E.
Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit Apr 24th 2019 Paris, France.
Crypto Expo Asia: Malaysia Apr 26th 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Philippines Crypto Expo Apr 27th 2019 Manila, Philippines.