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Blockchain Masterclass: The Value Revolution

Blockchain is the new cult of technology which seeks transformations for a prosperous world by getting a shared economy at a single platform. It is the second era of internet which brings smart digital currency by eliminating the use of cryptoassets which could add muscle to the new emerging #DigitalIndia.

Blockchain technology is rapidly spacing within tech world to improve and secure a true parallel economy which could slash the cost of transactions. This fundamental technology will help in reshaping #DigitalIndia as one of the world’s leading single shared sources.

The Blockchain Masterclass will equip the participants with knowledge and actionable skills to understand how blockchain is changing money and business. This one-day workshop will also provide working understanding of the new technology and a grasp of the landscape as the economy races in this new frontier of a peer-to-peer economy.
Conference Date
08 Mar, 2019
ITC Maratha
Sahar Road
Mumbai, India
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