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Blockchain For Financial Services Global Summit

90% of Australian, European and North American banks are already experimenting or investing in blockchain. The challenge now is for financial services companies is to extract value and determine strategic value opportunities. It is your obligation to make the right decisions that will affect your company operations and financial performance. Plan the right approach to ensure you take advantage of the opportunities and avoid hidden risks

Get new intelligence on:

How to identify the strategic value and opportunities blockchain presents to your organization – both long and short-term
The recommendations you need to make on the future of blockchain for your products and services
Your next steps: whether to invest, buy or partner with blockchain start-ups
What threats blockchain poses to your financial services offering
Creating the right pilots/proof of concept schemes
How insurance, asset management and other companies are impacted
Where blockchain fits into your existing business strategy
What regulations are in the pipeline that you will need to comply with
Whether to bet big or small on the long-term implications of blockchain
Capture the strategic short-term and longer-term value of blockchain by reducing costs and improving processes. Participate in extensive networking and Q&A sessions with expert speakers and delegates.

Drive your financial services into the future with new blockchain technologies!
Conference Date
04 - 05 Jun, 2019
Toronto, Canada
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