Euromoney Indonesia Financing and Investment Forum

Within Indonesia, outside of the bond markets, two sectors are commanding the attention of the international investor-base; Infrastructure and Fintech. Two diverse industries with enormous opportunities, yet parallel challenges. The infrastructure story remains a compelling one, yet the infrastructure funding gap is still a major hurdle to achieving Indonesia’s infrastructure ambitions. In Fintech, there is no denying the explosive growth based on the number of start-ups and tech disrupters now operating in the country, but is Indonesia ready to embrace blockchain technology, and how are traditional financial players responding to the challenge?

Join us on the 4th April where over 500 local and global business executives, investors, financiers, industry experts and policymakers will gather at the 2018 Forum to address the economic outlook for the country and explore the above questions, plus much more.

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  • Location Jakarta
Conference Date
Apr 4th 2018
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