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Completed Utility Token Offerings (UTO)

Ended On
Ended On
NEW GENERATION SECURITY Pre-ICO Data Storage Jul 21st 2019 D
NEW GENERATION SECURITY Pre-ICO Data Storage Jul 21st 2019 D
NGS Pre-Sale Jul 21st 2019 F
Blueshare Main Sale Trading & Investing Jul 18th 2019 E
BTCCredit ICO Jul 17th 2019 F
GenesisONE Pre-ICO Gambling & Betting Jul 15th 2019 D
Market Maker Technology Limited Pre-ICO Jul 15th 2019 F
Refine Medium Pre-Sale Jul 15th 2019 F
WOX Private Token Sale Finance Jul 15th 2019 D
WOX Whitelisting Finance Jul 15th 2019 D
Algotrading Private Token Sale Jul 14th 2019 E
CryptoWarsOU Crowdsale Gambling & Betting Jul 14th 2019 E
DAVORCOIN X Pre-ICO Trading & Investing Jul 14th 2019 D
Ellcrys Pre-IEO Infrastructure Jul 14th 2019 C
AIO Casino Pre-Sale Jul 12th 2019 F
Crypto Market Ads ICO Commerce & Advertising Jul 10th 2019 E
Refine Medium Whitelisting Jul 10th 2019 F
Betconix Main Sale Jul 8th 2019 F
Flexstay ICO Jul 7th 2019 F
Fortem Capital ICO Jul 7th 2019 F
Veritoken ICO Identity & Reputation Jul 4th 2019 E
Yachtco Pre-ICO Travel & Tourism Jul 4th 2019 C
8Hours Token Generation Event Gaming & VR Jul 2nd 2019 D
8Hours Token Sale Gaming & VR Jul 2nd 2019 D
8Hours Whitelisting Gaming & VR Jul 2nd 2019 D
hugeoxytocin Pre-Sale Charity & Donations Jul 1st 2019 D
Wireless Racer ICO Gaming & VR Jul 1st 2019 D
FABA Finance Jun 30th 2019 B
Grotto Technology Inc Supply & Logistics Jun 30th 2019 E
EXBEGA Token Sale Jun 30th 2019 F
FLAToken ICO Social Network Jun 30th 2019 E
GoldFinX Pre-Sale Finance Jun 30th 2019 A
Loopex ICO Jun 30th 2019 E
PCMINERâ„¢ MINING COOPERATION Pre-Sale Mining Jun 30th 2019 E
Sturgeon farm for produce Black Caviar Crowdsale Jun 30th 2019 F
BlockState STO Jun 27th 2019 E
CryptoWarsOU Private Token Sale Gambling & Betting Jun 25th 2019 E
BLABBER IEO Jun 22nd 2019 E
Credo Main Sale Finance Jun 22nd 2019 D
GOVEARN Pre-ICO Marketplace Jun 22nd 2019 E
WINBIX Pre-ICO Jun 22nd 2019 F
Oracol Xor Main Sale Finance Jun 20th 2019 E
Cryptomillions Token Sale Jun 19th 2019 F
Kingcuan Token Sale Trading & Investing Jun 16th 2019 E
Refine Medium Private Token Sale Jun 15th 2019 F
LOL TOKEN Private Token Sale Jun 14th 2019 E
Mycro IEO Jun 14th 2019 F
PLC Player Loyalty Ltd. Pre-Sale Jun 14th 2019 E
Smarter Contract ICO Legal Jun 11th 2019 D
AssetStream ICO Jun 11th 2019 F
Crypto Market Ads Pre-ICO Commerce & Advertising Jun 11th 2019 E
Bitroom Token Sale Jun 10th 2019 F
FRIENDZONE ICO Jun 10th 2019 F
Guider IEO Travel & Tourism Jun 10th 2019 E
Infinite Giving Pre-ICO Jun 8th 2019 F
Explore Coin IEO Jun 3rd 2019 F
VenusEnergy IEO Jun 1st 2019 F
Capacity Transfer Radio ICO Communications May 31st 2019 B
AssetStream Pre-ICO May 31st 2019 F
Lexray ICO May 31st 2019 F
nexico ICO May 31st 2019 F
PrepayWay Pre-Sale Infrastructure May 31st 2019 B
sturgeon farm for produce Black Caviar Crowdsale May 31st 2019 F
Toyken Pre-ICO Commerce & Advertising May 31st 2019 E
VIMee Pre-Sale May 31st 2019 F
Coinchase ICO Trading & Investing May 26th 2019 D
jhjh IEO May 25th 2019 F
Artis Aes Evolution ICO May 24th 2019 F
Pcore IEO Payments May 24th 2019 D
Transcendence Network ICO Energy & Utilities May 22nd 2019 A
Lets Trip ICO Travel & Tourism May 20th 2019 D
Bartcoin ICO May 18th 2019 F
test21 Token Sale May 18th 2019 F
GenesisONE Private Token Sale Gambling & Betting May 17th 2019 D
WOX Pre-Sale May 17th 2019 F
IDAP Token Sale Trading & Investing May 15th 2019 C
AI Bank Pre-ICO Finance May 15th 2019 E
Menapay IEO May 15th 2019 F
PIMONCOIN Pre-ICO May 15th 2019 F
VIMee Private Token Sale May 15th 2019 F
Credo Pre-Sale Finance May 11th 2019 D
Bitbond STO STO Finance May 10th 2019 E
Bitbond STO Token Sale May 10th 2019 F
Crypto Birds Platform Pre-ICO Content Management May 7th 2019 D
Dogs Token Sale May 7th 2019 F
Pcore Pre-IEO Payments May 5th 2019 D
LynchPin Token Token Sale Payments May 1st 2019 B
The Joy Token Sale Drugs & Healthcare May 1st 2019 B
VANM Crowdsale Commerce & Advertising May 1st 2019 D
MOBU Compliance & Security Apr 30th 2019 D
EndChain ICO Transport Apr 30th 2019 A
European Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO Trading & Investing Apr 30th 2019 B
imusify ICO Art & Music Apr 30th 2019 C
Silverway Token Generation Event Finance Apr 28th 2019 D
Artis Aes Evolution Pre-ICO Apr 24th 2019 F
coinschedule Crowdsale Apr 20th 2019 F
Self Storage Coin Token Generation Event Apr 18th 2019 F
Songin Private Token Sale Apr 18th 2019 E
skynavpro ICO Internet of Things Apr 15th 2019 C