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Completed Utility Token Offerings (UTO)

Ended On
Ended On
Songin Private Token Sale Apr 18th 2019 E
skynavpro ICO Internet of Things Apr 15th 2019 B
FidelityHouse ICO Content Management Apr 13th 2019 B
UKasii ICO Commerce & Advertising Apr 5th 2019 B
Uncloak ICO Compliance & Security Apr 3rd 2019 A
ArcadierX Pre-Sale Marketplace Mar 31st 2019 D
CoinAnalyst ICO Data Analytics Mar 31st 2019 D
ChainZilla ICO Infrastructure Mar 31st 2019 D
MyEtherPony Token Sale Gaming & VR Mar 31st 2019 C
XMaterials Pre-Sale Machine Learning & AI Mar 31st 2019 B
Cremit ICO Payments Mar 31st 2019 D
FanChain by SportsCastr ICO Social Network Mar 31st 2019 D
W5 & W6 Commerce & Advertising Mar 30th 2019 C
Uncloak Pre-Sale Compliance & Security Mar 27th 2019 A
Lition Token Sale Infrastructure Mar 26th 2019 B
W3 & W4 Commerce & Advertising Mar 23rd 2019 C
simplyBrand ICO Data Analytics Mar 23rd 2019 C
Jarvis Exchange ICO Trading & Investing Mar 21st 2019 B
GSTAR Pre-ICO Gaming & VR Mar 20th 2019 C
TradePlace Pre-ICO Finance Mar 19th 2019 D
XCOYNZ ICO Trading & Investing Mar 18th 2019 A
Kinesis ICO Commodities Mar 18th 2019 D
W1 & W2 Commerce & Advertising Mar 16th 2019 C
Stacktical ICO Infrastructure Mar 15th 2019 A
iAM ICO Drugs & Healthcare Mar 15th 2019 D
Seed Buyers Commerce & Advertising Mar 9th 2019 C
HYGH Pre-Sale Internet of Things Mar 7th 2019 D
Voltz : Energy for humanity Token Generation Event Mar 5th 2019 F
Expercoin Pre-ICO Education Mar 1st 2019 D
AMOS ICO Machine Learning & AI Mar 1st 2019 D
Betoken Main Sale Trading & Investing Mar 1st 2019 D
World Trip Singapore Pre-Sale Travel & Tourism Feb 28th 2019 B
GGRocket Infrastructure Feb 28th 2019 D
Javvy ICO Finance Feb 28th 2019 B
Stackr Token Generation Event Trading & Investing Feb 28th 2019 D
TychExchange Token Sale Finance Feb 28th 2019 B
WHISKY TOKEN ICO Trading & Investing Feb 28th 2019 B
Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem ICO Finance Feb 28th 2019 A
B21 Token Sale Finance Feb 28th 2019 C
Bcnex Private Token Sale Feb 28th 2019 F
Blue Chip Vision ICO Finance Feb 25th 2019 B
Sync Data Analytics Feb 19th 2019 E
SavAct Pre-Sale Payments Feb 16th 2019 C
ARAW Token Finance Feb 15th 2019 B
Envoy Token Sale Marketplace Feb 15th 2019 B
Eso Token Sale Privacy & Security Feb 15th 2019 D
UHIVE ICO Social Network Feb 15th 2019 D
Electrominer Mining Feb 12th 2019 C ICO Privacy & Security Feb 10th 2019 D
Cronuscoins Trading & Investing Feb 8th 2019 B
KIBIS ICO Payments Feb 8th 2019 D
Wise Network Private Token Sale Internet of Things Feb 4th 2019 D
P9DATA | Funding A Decentralized Recording Label On Ethereum Token Sale Art & Music Feb 4th 2019 D
WeBuy ICO Commerce & Advertising Feb 3rd 2019 C
Volentix VTX Pre-Sale Machine Learning & AI Feb 1st 2019 C
Azbit ICO Finance Jan 31st 2019 E
BrikBit ICO Real Estate Jan 31st 2019 B
AiBB ICO Machine Learning & AI Jan 31st 2019 C
AmaStar Pre-ICO Events & Entertainment Jan 31st 2019 D
Chainconnect ICO Trading & Investing Jan 31st 2019 E
Deneum Token Sale Energy & Utilities Jan 31st 2019 E
DEZOS ICO Compliance & Security Jan 31st 2019 C
GoldFinX Pre-ICO Finance Jan 31st 2019 A Social Network Jan 31st 2019 E
New York City Real Estate Coin Pre-Sale Real Estate Jan 31st 2019 B
XResearch Pre-Sale Finance Jan 31st 2019 B
BOTXCOIN Token Sale Machine Learning & AI Jan 28th 2019 C
FoodNation Pre-Sale Marketplace Jan 25th 2019 D
Vertex ICO Marketplace Jan 25th 2019 D
Abele Group ICO Finance Jan 22nd 2019 D
ONe Network Token Sale Social Network Jan 22nd 2019 E
Crypt-ON ICO Finance Jan 21st 2019 D
STIPS|FinTech Token Sale Finance Jan 15th 2019 D
Amplify Exchange ICO Marketplace Jan 15th 2019 D
Fan360 Social Network Jan 15th 2019 D
Endchain Pre-ICO Transport Jan 15th 2019 A
Clash & GO ICO Gaming & VR Jan 12th 2019 D
Selfie GO ICO Social Network Jan 12th 2019 D
Smart City Enterprise Marketplace Jan 10th 2019 B
ZenSports Token Sale Gambling & Betting Jan 5th 2019 D
Blockfreelancer Marketplace Jan 3rd 2019 D
CargoCoin Transport Dec 31st 2018 C
DexAge Pre-Sale Trading & Investing Dec 31st 2018 C
RareToken Trading & Investing Dec 31st 2018 D
SANUSCOIN Token Sale Drugs & Healthcare Dec 31st 2018 E
Reger Diamond Trading & Investing Dec 31st 2018 C
Stacktical Pre-Sale Infrastructure Dec 31st 2018 A
Alphaslot Private Token Sale Gaming & VR Dec 31st 2018 E
Apis Token ICO Finance Dec 31st 2018 D
Bitcoin Startup Capital SA Infrastructure Dec 31st 2018 D
BitHFT Investment Group ICO Finance Dec 31st 2018 E
Future Energy Pre-ICO Mining Dec 31st 2018 E
Gigzi ICO Finance Dec 31st 2018 A
Jewel Pre-Sale Finance Dec 31st 2018 D
Red Cat Drone Analytics Data Analytics Dec 31st 2018 B
Securypto Pre-Sale Privacy & Security Dec 31st 2018 E
TootyrTokenSale Education Dec 31st 2018 D
WinMiner Pre-Sale Mining Dec 31st 2018 B
DOJI Token Finance Dec 29th 2018 E
Graphentech ICO Commodities Dec 27th 2018 C