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Completed Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Ended On
Ended On
Kizuna Global Token Crowdsale Finance Feb 28th 2019 D
COTI ICO Infrastructure Feb 15th 2019 A
GOLD.IO Token Generation Event Governance Feb 12th 2019 E
WolfpackBOT Trading & Investing Feb 1st 2019 A
Metabase Main Sale Infrastructure Jan 31st 2019 C
REuse.Cash Infrastructure Jan 31st 2019 E
SilkChain ICO Trading & Investing Jan 31st 2019 D
NOVAM Pre-Sale Machine Learning & AI Jan 1st 2019 B
BitCEO Token Sale Social Network Dec 31st 2018 D
Auto Block Transport Dec 31st 2018 C
Open Package Network Marketplace Dec 31st 2018 D
genEOS ICO Infrastructure Dec 23rd 2018 D
Asic Vault ICO ICO Infrastructure Dec 22nd 2018 D
VERA CRUZ COIN ICO Payments Dec 15th 2018 E
MSEC Commodities Dec 1st 2018 D
Hyperloot Pre-Sale Infrastructure Nov 30th 2018 D
LindaX Pre-ICO Internet of Things Nov 30th 2018 D
UniFox Infrastructure Nov 25th 2018 D
Exosis ICO Finance Nov 20th 2018 D
HAB ICO Compliance & Security Nov 15th 2018 D
Attrace Pre-ICO Commerce & Advertising Nov 8th 2018 A
Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences ICO Gaming & VR Nov 2nd 2018 D
Gamechain Gaming & VR Oct 31st 2018 D
CitiCash Main Sale Finance Oct 31st 2018 D
The Aslan Project Governance Oct 31st 2018 D
Minter Private Token Sale Payments Oct 31st 2018 D
LUX BIO CELL Private Token Sale Drugs & Healthcare Oct 15th 2018 E
KIRIK ICO Infrastructure Oct 15th 2018 D
Bitbon System Crowdsale Infrastructure Oct 10th 2018 D
Memority Data Storage Oct 1st 2018 E
Wxrally ICO Trading & Investing Oct 1st 2018 E
DAEX Public Sale Infrastructure Sep 14th 2018 D
CryptAssist Trading & Investing Sep 12th 2018 C
Cryptyk ICO Data Storage Aug 31st 2018 D
Atlas Travel & Tourism Aug 31st 2018 D
ENDO Protocol ICO Data Storage Aug 25th 2018 D
Metabase Pre-Sale Infrastructure Aug 17th 2018 C
AllSpark Chain ICO Commerce & Advertising Aug 15th 2018 D
Daviescoin IT OÜ Finance Aug 15th 2018 C
MIBcoin Mining Aug 10th 2018 D
PacManCoin Gaming & VR Aug 7th 2018 D
LigerCoin ICO Gambling & Betting Aug 1st 2018 D
AXenS ICO & Presale Finance Jul 31st 2018 D
AI Crypto Machine Learning & AI Jul 31st 2018 E
Loyakk ICO Content Management Jul 22nd 2018 D
Slate ICO Events & Entertainment Jul 17th 2018 D
XEFO TRADING LLC Trading & Investing Jul 15th 2018 D
Bitex Global ICO Finance Jul 7th 2018 D
Fizcal ICO Finance Jul 5th 2018 E
COTI Private Pre-ICO Infrastructure Jul 1st 2018 A
Bitcoin Reference Line ICO Payments Jun 30th 2018 D
Qurrex Trading & Investing Jun 30th 2018 E
Valorem Foundation Finance Jun 28th 2018 E
Blue Whale Commerce & Advertising Jun 23rd 2018 D
Globex SCI ICO Data Storage Jun 19th 2018 D
LigerCoin Pre ICO Gambling & Betting Jun 16th 2018 D
Loyakk Pre-Sale Content Management Jun 14th 2018 D
Synth ICO Marketplace Jun 11th 2018 E
Slate Pre-ICO Events & Entertainment Jun 9th 2018 D
Global RE Bitcoin ICO Real Estate Jun 8th 2018 D
FastReward ICO Trading & Investing Jun 6th 2018 E
TopiaCoin Data Storage Jun 5th 2018 E
Powerloan ICO Trading & Investing Jun 5th 2018 D
MyMedis ICO Drugs & Healthcare Jun 1st 2018 E
Birdchain ICO Communications May 31st 2018 E
Alibabacoin Foundation Privacy & Security May 31st 2018 E
DIW ICO Compliance & Security May 31st 2018 D
LOVR Network Pre-ICO Privacy & Security May 31st 2018 D
Squeezer ICO Infrastructure May 31st 2018 D
Cannovation IFO Commodities May 31st 2018 E
Gladage Infrastructure May 30th 2018 E
Keen Pre-Sale Transport May 30th 2018 E
PlutoCoin ICO Payments May 29th 2018 E
COTI Limited Whitelisting Infrastructure May 25th 2018 A
dona ICO Charity & Donations May 21st 2018 D
Bubbletone Communications May 20th 2018 D
CryptoKami ICO Infrastructure May 20th 2018 E
Chimaera ICO Gaming & VR May 18th 2018 D
Blocnation Payments May 17th 2018 D
Nauticus Pre-Sale Finance May 16th 2018 E
dietbitcoin (DDX) ICO Payments May 16th 2018 D
ADAMANT Messenger ICO Social Network May 14th 2018 D
Clean SL8 Communications May 9th 2018 E
LivingOffset ICO Supply & Logistics May 9th 2018 E
Multiven ICO Infrastructure May 7th 2018 E
Lavenir ICO Trading & Investing May 4th 2018 E
CB2 Coin ICO Finance May 2nd 2018 E
Elementh ICO Infrastructure May 1st 2018 E
Blockchain Terminal Trading & Investing Apr 30th 2018 E
IPStock ICO Content Management Apr 30th 2018 E
Nocturus Pre-ICO Travel & Tourism Apr 30th 2018 E
Shopin Token Sale Commerce & Advertising Apr 30th 2018 E
Worldex Exchange ICO Trading & Investing Apr 30th 2018 D
LABO ICO Communications Apr 30th 2018 E
Nemesis ICO Payments Apr 30th 2018 E
Vipe Payments Apr 28th 2018 E
Rentything ICO Trading & Investing Apr 25th 2018 E
Shard - Coin Sale 30 % Discount Trading & Investing Apr 23rd 2018 D
Morpheus.Network Token Sale Supply & Logistics Apr 22nd 2018 D
ReceiptCoin ICO Commerce & Advertising Apr 22nd 2018 E