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Token-SaleApril 18th 2018 – May 18th 2018
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Project Concept 
The World Wi-Fi project is a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network based on private routers which are typically residential routers. Every router owners may offer free Internet access and earn cryptocurrency through Internet advertising. So the router owners may share their excess Wi-Fi capacity, allow guests to connect and share the capacity and in the process earn cryptocurrency for this shared capacity.
Project Purposes
World Wi-Fi's purpose is to create a free decentralized Wi-Fi network based on private routers. Every router owner may share excess broadband capacity and allow internet guest users to connect to free internet, and so earn cryptocurrency.
As a result, internet users view short advertisement while connecting and then use internet for free, advertisers pay directly to the router owners for each ad impression on their networks. The World Wi-Fi is a global project being built by the community.
There are three key elements:
1. GUEST USER: Connects to an open Wi-Fi hotspot. Views a short advertisement and uses the internet for free.
2. ROUTER OWNER: Provides access to the open Wi-Fi network and earns cryptocurrency.
3. ADVERTISER: Delivers targeted advertisements through the network of private routers and pays directly to the router owners for actual impressions.
The owner can set specific parameters that best suit them such as the speed, number of ads to be viewed and the maximum number of connections. Guest users connected to the public access points will first view advertisements that are user targeted and which suit their needs.
The system has user targeting features such as analyzing the location, search history and social media profiles of the users. The router owners are paid based on how many ads have been viewed by the guest users.
Advertisers have the satisfaction of reaching their target audience with their ads and pay the router owners for displaying their ads. Everyone in the network benefits in the end.
World Wi-Fi has ongoing projects namely Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi which are focused on Wi-Fi advertising on public Internet access points. The companies have operations in 80 cities and have a staff of more than 100 employees.

The purpose of the project with examples
The realization of the World Wi-Fi project enables the free Wi-Fi access in the residential area worldwide using private routers, as well as stimulates sharing free Internet access in high trac areas: cafes, bars, restaurants, playgrounds and sports grounds.
The World Wi-Fi project enables the free Wi-Fi access worldwide. The Internet access becomes free, as the guest user just needs to view a small ad (10–15 seconds).
The World Wi-Fi platform provides for an accrual of tokens for the actual ad impressions. They offer the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and displaying the ads within your network.
One can build their own referral network and feel like they are an actual managing director of a communications provider. The World Wi-Fi project establishes simple and easy-to-understand conditions to earn some extra income.
The World Wi-Fi platform enables the advertiser to select the audience on the basis of search history, gender, age, social media profile, location. The cost of such advertising is much lower than that of advertising in search engines or social media outlets.
On the World Wi-Fi platform, advertisers are able to monitor in their account the most comprehensive and 100% reliable statistics. The history of all ad impressions is recorded on the blockchain and may not be fabricated.
Platform Structure
Technical Features
World Wi-Fi has 5 features distinguishing it from any existing advertising networks:
1. Multilayer Structure
2. Tokenization
3. Blockchain Support
4. Smart Setting
5. CPA/CPM Models
Multilayer Structure: Each placed advertisement may have several parties receiving a fee.
1. A fee is paid to the platform.
2. A partner (agent) that connected an access point owner to the network may receive an additional fee.
3. An agent may also have their own agent, which results in more parties receiving fees from advertising.
Tokenization: The tokens are issued during the TOKEN SALE (initial coin oering). They can be exchanged for any other existing world currency (at currency) or cryptocurrency by means of the market.
Blockchain Support: Any information about tokens, transactions, and advertisements is stored in public blockchain. It enables transparency and condence between the platform and its participants.
Smart Setting: The advertising database stores targeted statistics of the advertisements of all connected access points (routers). This allows them to automatically select an access point (or group of access points) complying with all advertiser requirements.
CPA/CPM Models: The advertising network allows two deal types:
1. Cost per mile (CPM).
2. Cost per action (CPA).

Cost per mile (CPM): Cost per mile means that a client pays for each impression of an advertisement.
Cost per action (CPA): Cost per action means that a client only pays for a certain action, for instance, click on an advertisement or going to a certain page on a client's website.
Architecture Overview
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: WTAccepting: ETH,BTC
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 43%
Type: ERC223Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 WT = 0.1 USDHard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Total Supply: 600,000,000 WTTokens for Sale: 258,000,000 WT
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESRestricted Areas: China, Singapore
Token Distribution
Token Sale: 33.00% (198,000,000 WT)
Pre-Sale: 10.00% (60,000,000 WT)
Future Development: 40.00% (240,000,000 WT)
Founders: 7.00% (42,000,000 WT)
Team: 5.00% (30,000,000 WT)
Adviser: 3.00% (18,000,000 WT)
Bounty: 2.00% (12,000,000 WT)

Funds Allocation
Advertising and Marketing: 39.5%
Expenses for Agent Network: 25.5%
Research & Development: 24.4%
Expenses for Building B2B Network: 6.4%
Expenses on Software and Hardware: 2.4%
Payroll: 1.3%
Administrative Expenses: 0.5%

August 2017 – December 20171. Development completion of project’s prototype.
2. Development of smart contract, financial and marketing plans.
3. Inviting additional team members, marketing, and financial management.
December 2017 – April 20181. Start of fundraising campaign (Presale stage).
2. Alpha testing completion of the platform.
3. The launch of WORLD WI-FI marketing campaign.
April 2018 – May 2018Run of token sale and completion of the fundraising campaign.
April 20181. The beta testing launch of the WORLD WI-FI platform.
2. Referral program launch.
May 2018 – June 20181. Completion of beta-testing.
2. Official release of the WORLD WI-FI platform.
3. Start of the international information campaign.
4. Listing at the exchanges.
June 20181. Completion of developing the software for all main models of private routers.
2. Listing of WeToken at major exchanges.
August 2018 – March 20191. Launch of mobile device application.
2. New modification and adding new functions to the platform.
3. Opening of the representative office in San Francisco.
4. Reaching 150 000 000 ad impressions per day and 3 million of active routers.
March 2019 – December 20191. Holding three conferences for our partners and advertisers.
2. Inviting new partners, new community members, and advertisers.
December 2019 – March 20211. Expanding into major areas of the world
2. Inviting major international advertising networks.
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