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Token-Sale March 5th, 2018 – April 4th, 2018
Country Belize
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Project Concept 
Vestarin is a cryptocurrency marketplace for goods & services. Vestarin as a project of decentralized platform for consumer purchases with cryptocurrency increases its presence in crypto business gaining a greater trust from the community. The project is developing a multifunctional “Commerce & Retail” platform is carrying out ICO and collecting positive evaluations from the leading cryptomarket experts.
Project Purposes
Vestarin's purpose is to developing a platform with several different facets. They want for cryptocurrency professionals to use it for networking, connecting disparate programmers and marketers to collaborate on new projects.
They hope to feature a public forum where users can discuss the latest ICO news, which should allow new projects to forge a reputation and gain traction.
The three primary sides of Vestarin's platform are,
1. Forum for investors and enthusiasts to discuss new ICO sales.
2. Network for developers to recruit talent for new cryptocurrency-related projects.
3. Own ERC-20 currency.
The Vestarin project's team is working on a multifunctional platform for consumer sales to be made in cryptocurrency has concluded a partnership agreement with Moscow Tesla Club for the sale of Tesla elite electric cars at the Russian market. Transactions will be completed at Vestarin platform in VST tokens.
The decentralized marketplace will include that purchase will be made with cryptocurrency, navigator to find offline services which accept digital coins as payment, P2P classified-services with payments in cryptocurrency.

The purpose of the project with examples
The Vestarin platform will allow users to pay with cryptocurrencies without leaving the platform. Users will function in a transparent and secure ecosystem, where all transactions are p2p.
Owners of shops, services, exchange points integrate their businesses into the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST tokens.
ICO representatives integrate their projects into the platform, while users will estimate and discuss them in public to create the reputation, which enables investors to rely on it.
Vestarin will offer its users the set of latest technologies and hot news of cryptocurrency from dozens of sources for a worldwide audience.
Blockchain-technology professionals and crypto gizmos will have a joint platform for coworking.
Vestarin Platform Opportunities
Purchase goods, services and entertainment for crypto currency.
Find a team to implement and launch your project.
Communicate with other crypto-enthusiasts via built-in chat and even transfer coins there.
Exchange one currency for another in exchange points with the highest reputation, which you can also evaluate.
Have access to information about emergence and development of new blockchain platforms and opportunities around the world.
To learn about new blockchain platforms and leading innovations.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: VSTAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 67%
Type: ERC20Soft cap: 2000 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 2000 VSTHard cap: 35,000 ETH
Other InfoBonus
Total Supply: 70,400,000 VSTBonus on Stage-1: 35%
Available for Token Sale: 47,200,000 VSTBonus on Stage-2: 28%
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESBonus on Stage-3: 23%
Bounty: AvailableBonus on Stage-4: 19%
Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETHBonus on Stage-5: 13%
Token Distribution
ICO: 67%
Pre-ICO: 15%
Team: 13%
PR, Bounty, Advisors: 5%

Funds Allocation
Development: 45%
Marketing, PR: 20%
Integration of Businesses: 15%
Operational and Additional Expenses: 12%
Jurisprudence: 5%
Bonus for Developers and Creators: 3%

September 2017Team Building
Оctober 2017Idea Development, forming Technical specification
December 2017Design Draft
January 2018Pre-ICО, Demo version launch
March 2018ICO, Full scale development
April 20181. Listing on the markets, alpha-testing.
2. Launch of "Information" "Professionals" blocks.
July 2018Marketing, Attracting professionals, Beta testing
August 2018Launch of the block “For BUSINESS”, “ICO”, integrating partners
October 2018Full volume marketing, SMM, CPA, PR, Papers
November 2018Over 500 shops and services providers on the platform
December 2018The launch of Online/Offline blocks for purchasing in cryptocurrency
January 20191 Million Users, 2000 shops, and services
March 2019The opening of the representative offices in Spain, USA
April 2019The opening of the representative offices in Japan, China, Korea
May 201910 Million Users, 8000 shops, and services
June 2019Must have app for all the crypto-enthusiasts
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