TEX – The Trade Token for TychExchange

wdt_ID Token-Sale December 25th 2018 - February 28th 2019
1 Website https://tychecoin.io/
2 Country Estonia
3 Bitcoin Talk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2910750
4 ICO Listing https://www.coinschedule.com/ico/TychExchange#event5770
5 Whitepaper https://tychecoin.com/whitepaper/
Project LOGO wdt_ID Project Concept Project Logo
1 BlockchainNeXT OÜ is a company registered in Estonia, Europe, which owns & is in process of developing Tyche Ecosystem. This is a mega effort to integrate the crypto world with the real-world economy & become a bridge between the two systems. TEX is an ERC20 Token with total supply 1 billion, based on Ethereum smart contracts. TEX is the trading token for TychExchange, a part of the ecosystem we are creating at BlockchainNeXT.
wdt_ID Project Purposes
1 TycheCoin is an ERC20 Token with total supply 1.0 billion. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts. TycheCoin is the stake part of the whole system and will derive its value from market demand as well as the worth of the ecosystem we are creating at BlockchainNeXT.
2 Initial investment of TycheCoin was made through angel investment through a one on one basis. Later, holders of TycheCash (described below) were given option to convert their TycheCash to TycheCoin with a ratio of 50 million TycheCash to 11110 TycheCoin (4500:1). Some of the TycheCoin were also issued through private placement in a ratio of 11110 TycheCoin for 1 ETH. Till now approx. 28 million TycheCoin have been distributed through angel investment/ conversion of TycheCash/ ETH. TycheCoin would have finite supply of 1 billion.
3 TychExchange system will have Crypto Index and Futures and Options to trade. Index will comprise from price of main cryptos like any index in stock market such as Dow Jones Nifty Nikkei. They comprise of selected stocks with a particular weightage in the index and according to their weightage and price movement index performs. TychExchange will have same kind of crypto index comprising of best of them to create INCRIDEX and will maintain the Index. TychExchange is going to implement an automated clearing and settlement through the blockchain. That attains two objectives at the same time: being fast and being compliance and risk management compatible at the same time.
4 Tyche is the name of a new cryptocurrency ecosystem called BlockchainNeXT, anassembledteam of cryptocurrency experts,programmers, and developers at BlockchainNeXTbrings the “staking” of a gold standard together with the programmable smart contracts in order to create a network ecosystem compliant withreal world trading. Acryptocurrency that is backed by staking and assets and is designed to outgrow itself in the upcoming years.
5 Tyche is the use of blockchain technology to digitize assets, the use of smart contracts for digital assets to be self- anaged. These will be inherited from Ethereum on top of which Tyche is being built. Our focus willbe to build an open source technology inheriting the best of Ethereum and blending with digital identity and digitizing the physical real-world processes with “Non-Autonomous controlled applications and organizations” seamlessly integrating into the broader “full” network of decentralized applications and autonomous organizations to achieve “smart world” with a distributed network.

wdt_ID Platform Objectives
1 1. ICO for TEX would be comprising of 10 billion TEX tokens which would be tradable on TEX and in time on other exchanges. The holding pattern would be 51-15-34, 51% being held by TYCHECOIN and 15% by the Exchange and 34% by ICO participants.
2 2. TycheCoin is presently an ERC20 Token with total supply of 1 billion tokens. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts. TycheCoin is the stake part of the whole system and will derive its value from market demand as well as the worth of the ecosystem we are creating at BlockchainNeXT.
3 3.Tyche will inherit the Ethereum smart contract system and Tyche Contract will be backward compatible with Ethereum.
wdt_ID Token Informations Investment Informations
1 Token: TEX Accepting: BTC, ETH
2 Platform: Ethereum Distributed in ICO: N/A
3 Type: ERC20 Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
4 Price in ICO: 1 TEX = $0.04 Hard Cap: 30 000 ETH
5 Total Supply: 680,000,000 TEX Minimum Investment: 1.00 ETH
6 Tokens for Sale: 340,000,000 TEX Maximum Investment: N/A
7 Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Whitelist: Yes
wdt_ID Token Distribution
1 Pre-ICO participants : 34% (340,000,000 TEX)
6 ICO participants : 34% (340,000,000 TEX)
7 Held by TychExchange : 32% (320,000,000 TEX)

wdt_ID Milestones
1 May 2018 : Formation of BlockchainNeXT OU
2 Dec 2018 : Forming subsidiary company
3 Jan 2019 : Basic exchange
4 Jan 2019 : Crypto licencing (already applied for - Dec 2018)
5 Q1 2019 : Mobile platform for exchange
6 Q2 2019 : Pro exchange
7 Q2 2019 : Advanced Clearing and Settlement system
8 Q2 2019 : Advanced Clearing and Settlement system
ICO Reports
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