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Token-SaleMay 1st, 2018 - July 3rd, 2018
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Project Concept 
TripBit is a global currency for Travel & Tourism. Their core all-in-one online bookings platform enables consumers to purchase bookings for flights, hotels, and events with either cryptocurrency or fiat, allowing travelers to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology while promoting mass-adoption. TripBit is taking over the $7.6 trillion-dollar travel industry by providing an easy, all-in-one solution to pay for travel using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Project Purposes
TripBit's purpose is to provide an easy, affordable and secure platform to pay for Flights, Hotels and Events. The concept is to have a cryptocurrency or fiat-based payment system that will allow travelers to enjoy the convenience of traveling through the use of blockchain technology.
By integrating Flights, Hotels, and Events services into a single platform, travelers will not have to waste time navigating a plethora of websites searching for the best deals, and hence TripBit can be considered an All-In-One solution while aiming to provide the cheapest prices available on the market with blockchain technology. TripBit will continue to seek to expand its services, with tour, itineraries, airport pick-up and delivery, and car rental services at the top of their list.
The TripBit platform will work on a decentralized structure and a secondary decentralized application (DApp) marketplace. The portal will allow for consumers to resell tickets to events with non-refundable among many other features with the aim of giving back power to the typical consumers. This Dapp will be a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) marketplace to facilitate the decentralized transaction of tickets related to travel.
The purpose of the DApp platform is to empower ticket holders who would otherwise not be entitled to a refund, and those who desire to resell and purchase discounted tickets with no intermediaries, while still maintaining security and of course minimal fees and instant transactions due to the underlying blockchain technology.
The TBT token is a decentralized currency for the TripBit platform and will work under a permissionless contact to consumers and supplies within the travel industry. For the participants of the TripBit platform, the payments bear an incentive as long as the transaction is for a purchase or includes the use of TBT token.
The token goes into use within five services the platform offers. These include;
1. Flights - 2. Hotels - 3. Car Hire - 4. Events - 5. Tours

The purpose of the project with examples
Markets- The platform identifies three major markets to work on in the tourism and travel industry: flights, hotels, and events.
Payment Services- TripBit will offer fiat, BTC, ETH, and LTC as the primary modes of exchange within the platform. However, the primary currency remains the TripBit token (TBT).
Complimentary Services- Apart from the transactions, TripBit will also offer car rental, itinerary services, airport pick-up, delivery and booking services.
Low Fees- The utilization of blockchain technology will ensure the lowest costs among the competitive travel agencies and services.
Promotions- Get promotions to events and tour destinations by using the TBT token.
Security and Privacy- The use of a decentralized currency and platform means no single authority is responsible.
TripBit Token
Payment Platform: Token holders will receive discounts and lower fees on the platform as they exchange their tokens for real-life travel experiences.
Partnership Integration: Their affiliates and industry partners can license the token for their own platforms, leaving customers with a diverse range of accepted merchants.
Reliable Investment Returns: The token's value is expected to dramatically increase as the travel industry adapts to the cryptocurrency boom. Early investors will receive the most ROI in the long term.
TripBit Platform
Low Fees: Competitively low fees in both fiat and crypto will drive attention towards our core product.
Real-Time Booking: Travel confirmed and verified in real-time on the blockchain.
Cloud Security and Privacy: Decentralised payment gateways minimizing the risk of security compromise. Anonymously pay for your travel without sharing details amongst 3rd parties.
No Double Bookings: Smart contracts enforce travel integrity by blockchain transparency.
Reseller Services: P2P reselling of unwanted tickets internally.
Bundling and Packages: Booking through TripBit will keep your wallet happy as you bundle across their services to find the best deal for your adventure.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: TBTAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 55%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 4,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 10000 TBTHard Cap: 40,000,000 USD
Total Supply: 700,000,000 TBTMinimum Investment: 0.01 ETH
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESMaximum Investment: None
Bonus StructureContributed less than 10 ETHContributed more than 10 ETH
ICO Weeks 1-230%35%
ICO Weeks 3-425%30%
ICO Weeks 5-620%30%
ICO Weeks 7-810%20%
Token Distribution
Main Sale: 55.00% (385,000,000 TBT)
TripBit Foundation: 20.00% (140,000,000 TBT)
Pre-Sale: 15.00% (105,000,000 TBT)
TripBit Team: 10.00% (70,000,000 TBT)

Funds Allocation
Bankroll: 40%
40% of the funds will be stored as the TripBit bankroll to empower human capital efficiencies.
Development: 30%
30% of the funds will be used by TripBit to fund capital expenditures related to platform development and business expansion.
Marketing: 15%
15% of the funds will be used for promotional and marketing purposes, enabling mass adoption.
Vault: 15%
15% of the funds will be kept in a vault as a reserve for emergency use.

November 2017Company Inception.
December 2017Market research into the aviation and tourism industry. Acquired domain knowledge of real-time cryptocurrency transactions.
January 2018Acquired institutional investors. Agency partnership consolidations. Acquisition of industry partnerships.
February 2018Pre-ICO preparations. ICO Website launched.
March 2018Pre-ICO Launch. Token Sale bonuses activated. Runs until 24 April 2018.
May 2018ICO LAUNCH. ICO token bonuses activated. Runs until 3 July 2018.
January 2019Consumers travel using the tripbit platform. Mainstream marketing ensures Tripbit becomes a household name.
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