The GEOMA DAO – A new economic model for the 21 century

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

A new economic model for the 21 century

Starting with 2009 a new Technology was presented to the open public. Its name:
The Blockchain or the Full Consensus Distributed Ledger Technology. This Technology could become a huge step in the Evolution of Mankind to Freedom and Prosperity if it is used in the right way. It can replace the Financial System as we know it, it can replace a huge part of the Stock-markets and it can perform government functions. It is impartial, thus fair, and it cannot be corrupted. On the other hand, should this technology fall into the wrong hands, it could enslave and destroy most of humanity. Projects build on this technology should always include, as a use case, Prosperity and Freedom.

A project should always be evaluated in concordance with 3 simple rules:
Has the Project a real use case? Has it the potential to be adopted? Is it censorship resistant?

The GEOMA DAO, if you dare take a look, fulfils all of the above. It is build to become a Distributed Network of Contributors gathered together to build Wealth and Prosperity. The GMD coin is build upon the Digibyte Blockchain (DGB), and it has an automatic benefit payout system in place. Website

Every necessary Information about the Project, like Road map ,White Paper, Founders, Structure is exposed on the Website.

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