Sell CS:GO skins for Bitcoin

Within the last decade, Bitcoin has tremendously increased its footprints across the globe. Transforming from a store of value which was viewed with lots of scepticism, to a currency widely embraced by various stakeholders in the e-commerce market.

The e-sport arena has not been left out of the disruptive model of transaction engineered by the tamper-proof blockchain technology. Since a surge in BTC’s popularity, hundreds of sportsbooks are now offering the virtual currency as an alternative mode of betting on e-sport markets. Thus, if you were ever worried about the legitimacy of Bitcoin among other cryptos on e-sport gaming platforms, it is time to treat the subject with relative equanimity.

Why sell CSGO skins for Bitcoin?

A few reasons as to why you should consider seeling csgo skins for Bitcoins include:

  • Secured transactions: Despite various csgo skin trading sites upholding rigorous measures to protect the transactions processes of their customers from a breach; as with any transaction portfolios, skin trading sites are not 100% tamperproof. Security breaches can happen at any time. Thereby exposing your information.

Compared to traditional transaction methods, Bitcoin is highly secure. The latter is run on blockchain technology. Which relies on multiple entities to keep approve and secure transactions.  Furthermore, your credit card and bank credentials are not required while transacting with BTC. You only need your Bitcoin address and private keys.

  • Faster deposits and withdrawals: One of the biggest advantages of trading your csgo skins for the pioneer cryptocurrency is the speedy rates at which transactions are processed. Once you have Bitcoin in your wallet, depositing them to your skins dealership is much faster compared to traditional transaction methods.
  • You can gain from Bitcoin’s price volatility: One reason leveraged by most of Bitcoin’s opponents is its high volatility. However, the dynamic value of the cryptocurrency is not such a bad thing as it can play to your advantage. Volatility is an opportunity for csgo players who double up as Bitcoin traders. You can make substantial profits from short or long-term trends by holding the Bitcoins you trade for your CS:GO skins.

What do you need to sell CSGO skin for Bitcoin?

Trading csgo skins for Bitcoin is not such a complicated process. To get started, you need:

  • SkinWallet

A skinwallet is a mass deposit website that facilitates the buying and selling of csgo skins. The portfolio needs to be connected to your Steam account. With your inventory set to public visibility.

  • Bitcoin wallet

Just like fiat currencies, Bitcoins cannot just be stored anywhere. You need somewhere to securely store them. To sell CS GO skins for bitcoin, you need a well. A Bitcoin wallet is a software programmer where the cryptocurrency is stored. Bitcoin wallets exist in several types which can be categorized into hardware and software wallets.

The former are physical devices that are not connected to the internet and are the most secure options for storing Bitcoins. On the other hand, software wallets stores your provide keys online. Hence must be carefully considered to avoid exposing your private keys to hackers.

Where can you sell CS:GO skins for Bitcoin?

The three widely leveraged platforms for selling CSGO skins for cash are the Steam Community Market, buy skins on, and third-party market places. However, when it comes to trading cs go skins for Bitcoin, it can be pretty tough as not all these platforms accept Bitcoins as a mode of transaction.

Notably, there are a number of websites that accepts Bitcoin as a mode of transaction for selling csgo skins. Such websites usually indicate BTC as one of the payout options. The site can either buy your skins directly or grant you access to their market place where you can sell your skins for Bitcoin to any trader of your choice.

To avoid getting scammed, always scrutinize the authenticity of the portfolio you consider for selling your csgo skins.

How to sell CSGO skin for Bitcoin

To make your sales, you need to have your skin inventory visible to the public. Usually a third-party market place or private website. Detailed with the skins you want to cell and their Bitcoin prices. If a trader accepts the listed price, then you can proceed to finalize the transactions.

You give out your Bitcoin wallet’s address, where the trader wires the agreed amount of Bitcoins to your wallet. In the process, equally you transfer the csgo skins to his/her inventor. And the transaction is over!




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