Roger Ver Founder Of Bitcoin Cash Interview In London

As many in the crypto community are well aware, Roger Ver is not one to shy away from controversy, in fact, he seems to go looking for it on a regular basis. The Bitcoin Core Vs Bitcoin Cash debate has brought out the worst in everyone involved. What could have been a high minded and well-spirited endeavour to increase cryptocurrencies penetration in society has degenerated into mud slinging and name calling… what a pity.

Until recently I thought I had no dog in the BCH Vs BTC fight and so didn’t side too strongly one way or the other. Then, a few months back I heard of the scandal whereby (owned by Roger Ver) changed the name of BCH to Bitcoin and BTC to Bitcoin Core without any explanation or forewarning. Honestly, this scandal really surprised me, I had not realised the extent Roger was willing to go to in order to drive forward the Bitcoin Cash agenda. Since that point, I have delved deep into the debate and if I say so myself now have a firm grasp on it. Do to this research, I can say with reassurance that I am a Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist. That is to say, I see Bitcoin (BTC) being the gold standard of Cryptocurrencies for the foreseeable future. That being said I am also a free-speech maximalist, I believe in the marketplace of ideas being the most effective way at drive humanity forward, so too do I see an open discourse between the Bitcoin Core community and Bitcoin Cash community as the best way forward.

So then, when attending The World Blockchain Forum in London this week (04/09/2018) I decided to sit down with Roger Ver and see pick his brain in a few topics. We discussed the conventional BTC Vs BCH debates but not in too much depth as

  1. I didn’t want this interview to become adversarial.
  2. I was worried I would forget my facts when I needed them and make myself look uninformed.

We also covered some topics personal to Rogers history as an early Bitcoin adopter and investor, for example, he lost 27,000 BTC in the historic Bitcoinica hack in 2011 worth $189,075,630 at the time of writing.

The overzealous Roger Ver I have seen plastered all over the internet seemed non-existent during my interview with him, the only semi mud flinging statement he made towards the Bitcoin Core camp was “Just because people are busy doing something, doesn’t mean they are doing something good or worthwhile.” – talking about Bitcoin Core Developers but even that was pretty weak sauce compared to previous statements.

I hope my interview with Roger can shed light on him as a person who is attempting to change the world for the better, although I disagree with his cryptocurrency philosophy and massively disagree with some of the practices being adopted by the Bitcoin Cash camp, in all honesty my interaction with Roger Ver summarised in one word – pleasant.

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Anthony Broderick
Crypto Analyst & Media Editor
Anthony joined CoinSchedule in July 2018 as an intern and was quickly offered the full-time position of Cryptocurrency Analyst & Media Editor. His role includes writing reports, articles and blog posts as well as attending relevant conferences and producing weekly podcasts designed to delve deep into a particular part of the crypto sphere with an industry-leading expert.

Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a 2:1 in the Summer of 2018, Anthony’s dissertation - ‘Is Bitcoin Money?’ - was published as a book in December 2018 by Lambert Academic Publishers and is now available to buy online.

Anthony’s passion for cryptocurrencies began back in 2013 when he discovered the technology when revising for his Economics A Level and was cemented in place once he invested in Bitcoin in the Spring of 2014.

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