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Token-Sale10th, August 2018 - 25th, September 2018
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Project Concept 
Rateonium offers the first global, anonymous and interactive rating system with many benefits for users and partner companies. They are using blockchain technology to create new horizons for the management of customer-company relationships. The platform connects products and services purchased with a subsequent customer review process.
Project Purposes
Rateonium's Blockchain technology-based platform changes the way consumers tell each other about their experiences, creating a metadata-powered system with an actual basis on real, anonymized customer opinions.
Rateonium offers a complete rating system tailored to all customer groups, thus connecting customers to companies in a way never seen before. For this purpose, various requirements were explored during development and used to determine the content of the system.
Various roadblocks like lack of sufficient incentives, data privacy, and consumer anonymity have forced many users to forego leaving the business rating or review processes. Rateonium solves all these problems by optimizing the content standards and verification of reviews and also diverse rewards as incentives to users.
It has a straightforward design with an underlying algorithm that allows users to provide reviews with more relevant content. The multiple language choices combined with the universal partner companies help guarantee that the Rateonium ecosystem will always be diverse and vibrant.

Advantages of the Rateonium system
APPLICABILITY: The last two years our sales team worked all over the globe building up an intercontinental partner network covering several business industries for ensuring the highest user applicability.
AUTHENTICITY: The specially developed RTO two-way verification is a world’s first and the centerpiece of the Rateonium network. The submission of reviews only works with the aid of on-site verification via the Rateonium card.
SECURITY: Due to blockchain technology our system enables users to interact anonymously with each other, share their experiences about services and products and thereby creating a securely encrypted community.
THE APP: The app system is based on the blockchain technology of the Rateonium network and offers highest user comfort in combination with multi-layered functionality.
TRUST: Rateonium is an interactive network that even while it provides many advantages for companies, still meets the needs of users, values the role they play, and protects their data.
WORTHWHILE: Rateonium collects qualitative and individual consumer data for companies, while the respective consumer is rewarded at the same time as the Rateonium currency by means of an automated algorithm.
The Rateonium application
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: RTCAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 83%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 32,000 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 RTC = 0.000182 ETHHard Cap: 84,234 ETH
Total Supply: 801,703,971 RTCBounty: Available
Tokens for Sale: 665,414,296 RTCMinimum Investment: 0.2 ETH
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESRestricted Areas: China, Iran, Republic of Korea, USA, Singapore.
Bonus Structure
Pre-Sale: 50% Bonus
Token Sale (Phase-1): 40% Bonus
Token Sale (Phase-2): 30% Bonus
Token Sale (Phase-3): 20% Bonus
Token Sale (Phase-4): 10% Bonus
Token price during the sale
Pre-Sale: 0.000091 ETH (19,500,000 RTC)
Token Sale (Phase-1): 0.000109 ETH (129,999,999 RTC)
Token Sale (Phase-2): 0.000127 ETH (445,714,297 RTC)
Token Sale (Phase-3): 0.000145 ETH (19,500,000 RTC)
Token Sale (Phase-4): 0.000163 ETH (19,500,000 RTC)
Token Sale (Phase-5): 0.000182 ETH (31,200,000 RTC)
Token Distribution
Token Sale Event: 83%
Strategic Partners: 7%
Team Members: 10%
Funds Allocation
Global Marketing: 35%
Technical Development (scanners, production of Rateonium card): 25%
App Development Optimisation: 20%
Global Partner Acquisition: 8%
Data Security Server Management: 7%
Team: 5%
Q1 - 2016Rateonium Ltd founded in Macedonia.
Q2 - 20161. Strategic planning.
2. Elaboration of the system specification sheet.
Q3 – 20161. Team Recruitment and talent search.
2. Search for partners and investors.
Q4 - 20161. Developments of the Rateonium system.
2. First sales acquisition of European partner companies.
Q1 – 20171. Meetings with investors.
2. Furhter sales acquisition of European partner companies.
3. Implementation of the Legal & Financial Department.
Q2 – 20171. Legal preparation.
2. Partner network construction.
Q3 – 20171. Further developments of the system specification sheet.
2. Implementation of IT Department and Sales Department.
Q4 – 20171. Opening the German branch in Hamburg
2. The conception of the token sale process.
Q1 - 20181. Completion of partner network basis.
2. App development and system preparation.
3. Launching branches in Vancouver and London.
Q2 - 20181. Expansion of the IT Department and CTO announcement.
2. Opening Indian branch in Bangalore.
3. ICO Website development.
4. RTC Token creation.
5. Implementation of the Marketing Department.
Q3 - 20181. RTC Token Pre Sale & Token Sale.
2. Cooperation with ICO Rating & Listing Platforms.
3. Implementation and evaluation of project advisors.
10/20181. Implementation of App & system.
2. Final system developments.
3. Completion of the community basis.
11 – 20181. Publication of Rateonium Cards for ICO participants.
2. Market expansion in Europe.
3. Further expansion of our partner network.
12 – 20181. Special exchange open for ICO participants (RTC to RTO).
2. Rateonium App available in istore and playstore.
3. Preparation for the Asian and American market.
4. Anual financial statement conference of investors and the Management Board.
5. Publishing of the annual report and presentation of the Business Plan for 2019.
Q1 – 20191. RTC exchange enabled on the four largest trading platforms.
2. Full launch of the Rateonium system.
3. Sales acquisition of Asian and American partner companies.
Q2 - 20191. Market expansion in Asia and America.
2. Further community growth worldwide.
3. Building of branches in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokio.
Q3 – 20191. Expansion of the Financial Department.
2. Negotiation with leading venture capital investors.
3. Performance of IPO roadshow.
Q4 - 20191. Initial Public Offering of Rateonium.
2. Share & Stakeholder conference in New York.
Articles and Researches
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