Q2 2018 – The State Of The ICO Market (Report)

Today Coinschedule is releasing its Q2 2018 – State of the ICO Market Report, which presents facts and analyses of the worldwide ICO market in Q2.

In this report, we present how Q2 has been a record-breaking quarter for the ICO market, mainly due to the huge amount raised by EOS which finished in that quarter, plus several insights and predictions for the next quarter.

You can find the complete report here: https://www.coinschedule.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/q2-ico-report-1.pdf


q2-ico-report (1)




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Anthony Broderick
Crypto Analyst & Media Editor
Anthony joined CoinSchedule in July 2018 as an intern and was quickly offered the full-time position of Cryptocurrency Analyst & Media Editor. His role includes writing reports, articles and blog posts as well as attending relevant conferences and producing weekly podcasts designed to delve deep into a particular part of the crypto sphere with an industry-leading expert.

Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a 2:1 in the Summer of 2018, Anthony’s dissertation - ‘Is Bitcoin Money?’ - was published as a book in December 2018 by Lambert Academic Publishers and is now available to buy online.

Anthony’s passion for cryptocurrencies began back in 2013 when he discovered the technology when revising for his Economics A Level and was cemented in place once he invested in Bitcoin in the Spring of 2014.

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