Pool of Stake

Pool of Stake – pool for Proof of Stake blockchains

Swiss company is launching an innovative product that will let anyone generate a passive
income and will make blockchains more secure. Don’t miss out on their ICO starting on July 20th, 2018.

The crypto-price explosion of last year got all the eyes of the world on Bitcoin. The top twenty PoS token’s market cap increased more than 28,000%. PoS is a new consensus algorithm that determines the validity of blockchain transactions. The algorithm that was previously used is called ‘Proof of Work’ (PoW). PoW has had difficulty in scaling, its transactions are slow, fees expensive, it leads to centralisation and it pollutes a lot because it relies heavily on computation. PoS is not reliable on heavy computation, scales a lot better, doesn’t pollute the environment and it is more decentralised.

The team at Pool of Stake had the great idea of creating a pool to stake Proof of Stake tokens. People will be able start staking together and generate rewards for all. If you are unfamiliar with staking, it is the equivalent of “mining” (which works on PoW) in PoS blockchains. Staking is the way the network gets secure, validated, and rewards are given to participants that take this job.

In existing PoS blockchains, staking rewards tend to go to the wallets with the highest balance. This is because most PoS protocols give big wallets increased odds of getting selected for the rewards. This leaves small players out of the game.

Pool of Stake will change this. Holders of PoS coins will now have an opportunity to join the pool and generate the staking rewards that normally the whales take. It also opens the opportunity on participating on securing the blockchain of their preference, adding value to their tokens and generating an extra income.

The project is focusing many of its efforts on creating a secure environment by using private key hashing and multi signature wallets when possible. The vision is to find the safest way to stake coins with different parties.

The ICO starts on 20th July 2018 and ends the 30th of September 2018. This is a special opportunity to get involved in the most rapid growing sector of the blockchain world.

About Pool of Stake

Pool of Stake started in June of 2017, when blockchain experts Andrea Balzini and Davide Borella teamed up with Dario Calderoni with the clear objective of creating a pool for Proof of Stake blockchains.

The team has never lost focus on the main objective and has consistently added reputable
members to the team. The projects pre-sale has already reached the soft cap, and the ICO starts on 20th July 2018. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

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