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Token-Sale March 20th,2018 – April 20th, 2018
Website www.opporty.com/ico
Country USA
Bitcoin Talk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2172536.0
ICO Listing https://www.coinschedule.com/icos/e1036/opporty-ico.html
Whitepaper https://opporty.com/ico/uploads/OpportyWP.pdf?_=1521189345416
Project Concept 
Opporty is a B2B marketplace platform powered by Blockchain technology. It is a dual-layered business relationships ecosystem, consisting of a Proof-of-Expertise protocol and a B2B transaction platform. With the help of its expert community, Opporty ensures transparency and security, standardizes procedures, and creates an environment of cooperation that instills trust between parties doing business. It aspires to become a global business marketplace and an expertise validation provider on the Blockchain.
Project Purposes
Opporty is a decentralized platform that's purpose is to provide a marketplace for business owners and individuals to conduct business by contributing content. It is a business relationships ecosystem that consists of PoE protocol, business-scoring system, and B2B platform for business transactions.
The three-tiered ecosystem’s functionality is aimed at establishing and growing trusted business relationships among small and medium enterprises.
By offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain.
Opporty is a live business-focused ecosystem with a blockchain-powered marketplace and a knowledge-sharing platform. Supporting the principles of Digital democracy, it provides creative freedom to its community to stimulate robust growth.
Opporty offers decentralized Escrow provided by real experts, as well as legally enforceable electronic agreements that can be executed automatically with the help of Oracles.
Opporty intends to build trust in business transactions. Using its functionality will prove beneficial to corporations in cross-border and domestic transactions and government procurement departments. Domestic customers will be empowered by the ability to check the rating of providers engaging in B2B and B2C transactions.
Opporty’s business scoring system is powered by PoE protocol, which collects and analyzes transaction metadata in order to assign specific, niche-focused business scores to providers, on and off the Opporty marketplace.
Proof-of-Expertise consists of three parameters:
1. Domain recognition.
2. Proof of domain.
3. Domain experience.
Opporty is working on automating contract execution through Oracle. This middleware can be of three types:
1. Semi-automated.
2. Fully automated.
3. AI-enabled.
Opporty provides a scalable ecosystem for companies, the development team aims to appeal to small and medium-sized companies. The Opporty blockchain platform enables startups to launch smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network to create contracts and settle deals, develop standardized contract terms, and receive approval from community experts.

The purpose of the project with examples
Opporty ensures transparency and security, standardizes procedures, and creates an environment of cooperation that instills trust between counterparties.
The platform simplifies and secures business interactions through an offer/request ecosystem, support of decentralized escrow and smart contracts, and the implementation of an innovative, PoE-empowered business scoring system that makes third-party verification and validation processes available to all participants.
Combining the benefits of an on-demand economy and blockchain technology, Opporty introduces a blockchain powered marketplace for B2B and B2C commerce.
The platform enables new models of social and commercial engagement, simplifying lead generation and providing opportunities for business owners to build a professional reputation through its knowledge-sharing system.
Opporty is a fusion of a tokenized crypto-enabled platform and a blockchain protocol. Using Opporty Tokens, users can choose to conduct business transactions within the platform, utilize the advantages of blockchain enabled functions, pay for the platform services, and benefit from Opporty’s PoE protocol.
Opporty’s crypto functionality is powered by Ethereum, a blockchain-distributed computing platform, and by Opporty’s PoE protocol built on top of its blockchain.
Opporty Features
Digital business identity.
Storage of transaction metadata.
Privacy of transaction-related data.
Centralized and decentralized escrow mechanisms.
Automatic and semi-automatic oracles.
Opporty Usage
Domestic B2B/B2C transactions.
International cross-border transactions.
Supply chain risk management.
Opporty Platform
Post requests for proposals and receives bids from proven business community members.
Build your own business reputation by executing deals, providing services, and educating the community.
Log in niche-oriented offers to target specific, niche-focused audiences.
Execute safe transactions protected by decentralized escrow.
Have services listed at the B2B service marketplace.
Be rewarded for contributing to the community development and for creating business opportunities for other community members.
The Ecosystem
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: OPPAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 40%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 OPP = 0.09 USDHard Cap: 15,000,000 USD
Other InfoBonus
Total Supply: 300,000,000 OPP1st 24 Hours: 20% Bonus
Available Tokens for Sale: 40%2-4 Days: 15% Bonus
Minimum Investment: 0.3 ETH5-9 Days: 12% Bonus
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES10-14 Days: 10% Bonus
Bounty: Available15-19 Days: 8% Bonus
Unsold Tokens: Will be burnt20-24 Days: 5% Bonus
Token Distribution
Distributed in Phase-I: 40%
Company Long-term Incentive Alignment: 30%
Phase-II Growth Reserve: 25%
Bounties and Community Rewards: 5%

Funds Allocation
Development: 35%
Business Development: 20%
Marketing: 15%
Team and Advisory Reward: 10%
Community Engagement and Rewards: 10%
Other OpEx: 10%

August 2017Core functionality: Offers, requests, responses, blog, Q&A.
December 20171. Gamification.
2. Release in UK and Canada.
January 2018Marketplace.
February 20181. Multi-language localization.
2. SAFT (regulated) Presale.
April 2018Decentralized Escrow with Voting for the marketplace platform.
June 2018Initial implementation of the Proof-of-Expertise protocol (Alfa version).
August 2018Chatbot user interface.
November 2018PHASE II: Scaling, advancement, extension.
Articles and Researches
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