OneUP: the Spanish formula that combines water safety and blockchain

  • The investors will benefit from the international sales of an innovative life preserver.

Nowadays, there are many startups that decide to join the technological revolution and bet on the STO (Security Token Offering), since it makes possible business self-financing like the ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), but they adapt to a regulated framework capable of providing legal certainty to issuers and investors.

OneUP arrives to the world of the startups to revolutionize it and make a drastic U-turn. This company has launched a STO (Security Token Offering) that will increase the sales of the device and turn OneUP into a massive product.

Investors are a key piece in the financing of this business idea. OneUP mainly uses the capital to expand its global distribution line, to invest in R&D and to develop new products. This business opportunity doesn’t leave anyone indifferent; investors will get benefits from the profits derived from the sales of the product worldwide. This life preserver and the blockchain technology are an unstoppable combination. Why? Because the traceability and scalability of this technology control and optimize the entire OneUP product cycle from the manufacture until its delivery. 


What is OneUP?

OneUP is a 17.5 cm life preserver that activates automatically when in contact with water and deploys is less than 2 seconds, becoming a horseshoe-shaped life ring that surrounds the victim’s body. This life ring can be used by both children and adults due to its lightweight, only 370 grams.

Currently, the registration of the PCT/ES2018/070087 provides it a worldwide coverage until the end of 2019 and is extended until the end of 2027, protecting its intellectual property.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the world and a public health concern. Nowadays, there is no device capable of solving this worldwide problem. Alternatives such as lifejackets, life rings, Restube or Kingii are designed for specific environments and don’t fully meet the existing demands.

OneUP is a lightweight and compact life preserver that can be thrown up to 30 meters and is activated when in contact with water. Its size allows it to be easily transported and its awards certify its value. Currently, the OneUP life preserver is waiting for a certification of the USCG (United States Coast Guard), which will allow it to enter the US market and be on all the vessels.

In addition, the project has been moving forward very fast during these previous months, so much that currently is in full release! On February 5th, the purchase of OneUP Tokens began through its investment platform. In this article, we will discover which are the advantages of investing in this STO (Security Token Offering) and on what is the business model of this project made in Spain based.


3 reasons to invest in OneUP

    1. Benefit from the international sales of a patented life preserver 

Making the most of this life preserver and taking advantage of it has not been an easy task. However, they have manage to improve it to the fullest and ensure that a 17.5 cm lifesaving device can save a live. Considering the demand from the market and the importance of eliminating one of the main causes of death, drowning, prospects speak for themselves.

In the Market Study carried out by Auren, we can see parameters such as: population, GDP, kilometers of coastline, number of vessels and aquatic facilities; and the annual sales forecasts worldwide.

If you want to know more about this Market Study, click on this link: 

Remember that this STO (Security Token Offering) is the digital representation of an asset (such as the ones of a company) that allows anyone, regardless from where you are, invest quickly, safely and easily. The OneUP STO is articulated through an equity loan and its first issue started on February 5th, 2020 and will end on February 5th of the next year at 11:59 hours.


How much, how and where?

OneUP will annually share among the investors a total of 5 euros per OneUP unit sold in any country of the world and regardless of how they were sold. This amount will be distributed proportionally to the number of OneUP Tokens that each participant has.

The aim of this STO is that, with the participation of the investors, up to a total of two hundred and eleven million OneUP Tokens (211,600,000) are distributed. This issue will have a total of 37.4 million OneUP Tokens, raising a total of 5 million euros (€5,000,000).

Depending on the previous valuation based on sales figures from Auren, the price of the OneUP Token is estimated in this way:

Here you have a hypothetical case as an example:

After having sold 2 million OneUP units annually, the company would distribute (at a rate of €5 per unit) 10 million euros among the investors. For example, by purchasing a pack of 2,000 euros, we will get a total of 8,000 OneUP Tokens. This pack has a 30% bonus, which would give us a total of 10,400 OneUP Tokens. The 5,000,000 euros devided into the total tokens issued would have a return, for the investment of that year, of 491.49, which is 24.57% of ROI (Return On Investment).

The interests will be distributed in the NEO cryptocurrency, at the exchange rate when the distribution of the same takes place. In addition, the corresponding interests must be referred in euros. However, OneUP will provide facilities to its investors to collect interest in legal tender or convert the NEO to currency legal tender.

The participation in the project is carried out digitally by the OneUP Tokens, which are based on the NEP-5 standard of the NEO blockchain. The reading of these tokens will be made in all the wallets that OneUP support on 31/12 at 23:59 GMT.

Finally, those participants who bet on the project and invest at least 10% of the total of the tokens (21.16 million OneUP Tokens) will have the right to ask for the creation of a 5-member collegiate advisory committee in which one of those members will be chosen by the investor or group of investors.

Among the functions of the Advisory Committee we can highlight: the opportunity to reflect and discuss several ideas, as well as adopt strategies and decisions for their subsequent definition and transfer to the Company’s Management Bodies, subsidiaries or participations.

Having the possibility of leading this project and getting benefits for the number of units sold worldwide is in your hand.

    2. Join a European project, which has been advised by an EAFI

One of the aspects that makes the difference is the advise, that this project has received, of an EAFI certified by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) during the blockchain phase. This advisory company has guided this startup and has laid the foundations that are stipulated by the European organization in the investment round.

    3. Security as a cornerstone

One of the main characteristics of the project is the guarantee of the token value. OneUP will keep a reserve fund of a 15% of all the capital raised. This fund will be available for the blockchain structure and for the purchase of tokens at a price of €0.125.


A STO with its own investment platform

OneUP has developed a platform ( that will allow you to purchase OneUP Tokens in a simple way. Easy and intuitive, this is the platform in which OneUP has been working for the last few months. It will keep you updated on the project and on how your investment grows. You will also discover all the corners of the world that are secured with our portable life preserver.

Beware! You can purchase OneUP Tokens at a price of €0.25, to which you can add the respective bonuses, you can get up to 100%. OneUP is based on a model of objectives, that regardless of the moment in which you decide to join this STO (Security Token Offering), the participation will be rewarded depending on the scale of the investment.

To make the incorporation of new OneUPERS easier, there are a series of packs of tokens which are at a price between 50 euros and 5,000 euros with their respective bonuses. It’s simple, you win while you save lives. Keep in mind that the packs of tokens are limited, time is money!

In addition, this platform has enabled up to five different payment methods such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO and Dash. Although you can also purchase with fiat money, Paypal or bank transfer. Moreover, the internal exchange system makes easier the exchange of OneUP physical units for OneUP Tokens and vice versa. You can be updated about all the advances of the project, know the capital raised or discover the number of participants who have joined the financing round thanks to this investment platform.


How can you leave the project?

You can choose between the following options to withdraw the capital invested:

  1. Exchange the OneUP Tokens for NEO and trade with them. Once you are out of the project, you can exchange your NEO for other currencies (EUR, USD, GBT, etc.) or for cryptocurrencies.
  2. Redeem your OneUP Tokens for OneUP physical units. Therefore, you can sell them, donate them or having them for your personal use.
  3. Send OneUP Tokens or OneUP physical units to other users of the platform through the internal exchange.

OneUP values the commitment and protection of the investors of the project. In this way, if the project don’t reach the million units sold, the issuer may repurchase the tokens from the holders at the purchase price plus a six-monthly 10% (20% per year on the purchase price).

Get benefits by spreading the project

Mouth-to-mouth has never been so profitable until now. OneUP will reward the participation and dissemination of the product with points for registering on the platform. Like other loyalty incentive schemes, users can exchange their points for promotional products, experiences or donate them to organizations of their choice. For each friend who signs up, you will get 100 extra points!  

However, this is not the only way to get extra OneUP Tokens. You can contribute to the dissemination of the project and spread it around the world with the Bounty Program. Find out how you can increase your capital if you become a correspondent. (LINK)

There are ships that only pass once in a lifetime and this can be yours. After several months of hard work, the team is ready to set sail. Do you really want to be left out? 

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