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Token-SaleMay 11th, 2018 - July 10th, 2018
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Project Concept 
OkeyDokey is smart door locks system that opens doors via the blockchain digital payments transactions. It is a decentralized app that will provide a seamless way for property owners to rent using blockchain based digital transactions. The system is integrated with digital locks, which allows for a hands-off approach. The host never has to see the guest as the smart lock will disengage once the guest has paid for the property.
Project Purposes
OkeyDokey's purpose is to drive productivity of rental economy by providing easily accessible and cost-effective ways to utilize physical objects. In particular, OkeyDokey connects blockchain based digital payment transaction to the opening of physical doors via smart locks. OkeyDokey provides value to customers by relieving the complexities and costs involved in both digital and physical operations of the rental process.
OkeyDokey has the potential to completely transform the way we rent property. It is a solution for hosts — especially if they run several properties at the same time. Once a smart lock is installed the Dapp will handle the greeting of guests so the host doesn’t have to.
A multiple channel distribution system will be utilized to acquire bookings. This increases the amount of profit that can be made for a given period of time — even at the time of the year when bookings might be traditionally slow.
Once a guest is verified they can get access to a rented property using the Dapp. The smart lock will disengage once the payment has been confirmed. Therefore, guests do not have to go through the hassle of meeting with the host to rent a property.

The purpose of the project with examples
Easily Accessible: Users will be able to use OKEY Tokens to book and pay for rooms across various booking channels globally.
Versatile Payment: From security deposits to customizable rental payments, OKEY Token is versatile because of OkeyDokey smart contracts.
Monetary Gain: Reduce operating cost via smart contract that operates payments, manage multi-channel bookings, and opening doors.
Emergency: Guests can arrive in the middle of the night without waking up the host to let them in. Fees that are associated with check-in outside of working hours will be a thing of the past.
OkeyDokey Features
OkeyDokey reinvents property rentals with a simple smart lock device that operates payment, manage bookings and open doors to the right guest at the right time via the blockchain. The key features are;
1. Payment
2. Channel Manager
3. Smart Door Lock
Payment: Guest can book and pay with OKEY Tokens via 3rd party booking channels. Smart contracts operate transactions via the blockchain.
Channel Manager: Transactions from multiple booking channels are automatically updated and managed via the blockchain. No more double bookings.
Smart Door Lock: Smart lock automatically receives bookings, payments, and open doors to the right guests by verifying guest via the blockchain.
Access Control
OkeyDokey provides a system where smart connected door locks that are able to perform digital payment transaction and grant access to paid and verified guests for a given time period.
Payment System
OkeyDokey Wallet is versatile and secure. From security deposits to daily rental payments, funds are secured via smart contracts on blockchain network. OkeyDokey is P2P, funds are transferred directly with no need for payment processors reducing fees.
P2P Marketplace
P2P marketplace will be available to customers via OkeyDokey DApp.
- Host smart lock listing
- Automated booking management
- Automated guest booking to door access
- OkeyDokey payment
The Architecture
OkeyDokey smart connected door lock is designed to be flexible, scalable and tailored for any rental door opening solutions. Construction companies and developers can leverage their brand and use OkeyDokey technology to pass along the convenience of blockchain-based smart connected door locks to bring flexible access control usage to their customers and clients.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: OKEYAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 60%
Type: ERC20Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 20,000 OKEYRestricted Areas: USA,China
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OKEYTokens for Sale: 600,000,000 OKEY
Bonus Structure
Bonus on Reservation Sale: 35% Bonus (May 25, 2018)
Bonus on Pre-Sale: 20% Bonus (June 11, 2018)
Bonus on Public Sale 1st Round: 10% Bonus
Bonus on Public Sale 2nd Round: 5% Bonus
Bonus on Public Sale 3rd Round: 0% Bonus
Token Distribution
Public Crowdsale: 60.00% (600,000,000 OKEY)
600,000,000 tokens distributed for public sale to develop user network.
Team & Advisors: 20.00% (200,000,000 OKEY)
200,000,000 tokens allocated under OkeyDokey team and advisors.
Company Reserve: 20.00% (200,000,000 OKEY)
200,000,000 tokens allocated as company reserve for future use when needed.

Funds Allocation
Core Development: 45%
45 percent of funds will be used to fund OkeyDokey platform development.
Sales & Marketing: 35%
35 percent of funds will be used to fund marketing and sales expenses to form a strong alliance of partnership and raise OkeyDokey profile and attract participants.
Operations: 15%
15 percent of funds will be used to meet other general operational costs.
Administration: 5%
5 percent of funds will be used for legal and general administration purpose.
Quarter 1 - 20181. Whitepaper release.
2. Prototype.
Quarter 2 - 20181. Public Crowdsale.
2. Announce Partnership.
Quarter 3 - 20181. Token valuation report.
2. Module update and API alpha release.
Quarter 4 - 20181. OkeyDokey conference in Seoul and Singapore.
2. Annual report.
3. API beta release.
Quarter 1 - 20191. OkeyDokey MVP goes live.
2. Smart lock implementation.
3. iOS Android app launch.
4. Market: South Korea, Singapore, UK, Germany, Sweden.
Quarter 2 - 2019+1. 1st phase: East & South East Asia.
2. 2nd phase: Europe.
3. 3rd phase: Americas and Europe.
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