Multiversum – Creating a Fourth Generation Blockchain

It seems incredible that blockchain is on its fourth iteration already. Multiversum, created by Italian Andrea Taini, is already on its way to claiming that stake.

Taini’s vision has already inspired an early surge in investment in the Multiversum pre-sale with almost $3 million raised in a matter of days.

Based in Hungary, Taini is a force to be reckoned with. His career in managing complex government systems in Hungary led him to the blockchain, but he found the current blockchain offerings were too immature to be used in conjunction with complex data.

“Blockchain is in a ghetto,” he says. “I looked at blockchain and all I could see was speculation in the digital currencies and applications solving simple issues with simple data. Great for a currency but not so good for complex, data-led organizations such as governments.”

Generation one is the original Bitcoin blockchain. Generation two is Ethereum with its smart contracts, in his definition. Generation three is where Proof of Stake replaces Proof of Work, and generation four is Multiversum.

A key attribute of Multiversum is its sheer speed. The white paper states that funds can be transferred across wallets in less than 0.2 seconds, including secure validation of the transactions. These speeds are certainly among the fastest available today.

Multiversum also offers scalability and serious transaction throughput. The platform is built to scale up, offering up to 64,000 TPS and 64+ core solutions are supported.

Proof of Stake has been replaced by Proof of Integrity; this is a cryptographic proof of server code. In addition, Multiversum will feature ERC-20/ERC-23 integration, allowing coins and tokens from other solutions to be hosted on its chain. This integration works both ways with the Multiversum coin, MTV, capable of being hosted on other chains using notary services as an external confirmation method.

Multiversum offers the next-generation wallet with cutting-edge security access and fund transfer with biometric inputs.

One area that the Multiversum team are very proud about is the eco-friendly nature of this fourth generation blockchain: each Multiversum transaction will have insignificant costs and next-to-zero environmental impact.

Multiversum is essentially a Crypto Relational Database; an advanced and organized data storage solution, which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data entities grouped in graphs of complex data structures related to one another.

“Relations are now the first-class citizens of the blockchain and are assured by cryptographic methods,” says Taini. “Each one of them, when a state-change is requested, will have its own sub-chain splitting from the original branch, that will rejoin after the operation, in order to be validated.”

These features render Multiversum an evolved blockchain technology, offering unique features to overcome the limitations of current blockchain offerings, with a set a crypto-validation and distribution techniques fit for every environment; administrative, industrial, financial and governmental.

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The Multiversum pre-ICO is running from the 1st of March until the end of the month, with the main ICO starting on April 4th.

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