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wdt_ID Token Pre-Sale 18th, September 2018 - 30th, November 2018
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wdt_ID Project Concept
1 MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, digital assets, and proprietary applications to create a new standard currency for entertainment financing, business transactions, and consumer payments. The Company has operations spanning content finance and production, business and consumer services and technology development and licensing.
wdt_ID Project Purpose
1 MovieCoin uses a blockchain-based platform and cryptographic tokens through which qualified investors will be able to finance film and TV. The service’s transparent mechanism, Woodrow claims, will significantly improve industry accounting and payment practices.
2 MovieCoin’s content finance and production businesses offer programmatic ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized exposure to premium content, while its digital assets platform provides businesses with innovative solutions to streamline operations and entertainment enthusiasts with unique and more engaging ways to participate in the movie experience.
3 The Company was founded in 2017 by Christopher Woodrow in partnership with BANKEX. The Moviecoin platform is built on BANKEX’s proof-of-asset protocol and software development kit to enable blockchain-based asset securitization.
4 The Company operates in three primary business segments;
1. Content Production and Financing.
2. Business and Consumer Services.
3. Technology Development and Licensing.
The content production and financing business offer ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized, programmatic access to financing of premium content. The Company’s financing and digital asset platform uses cryptographic tokens to provide businesses with solutions designed to mitigate risk and streamline operations and entertainment enthusiasts with more engaging ways to participate in the movie and entertainment experience.
5 The Company has been established as a Canadian corporation and conducts business activities through its four primary operating subsidiaries;
1. MovieCoin Entertainment LLC.
2. MovieCoin Capital Inc.
3. MovieCoin Services Inc.
4. MovieCoin Technologies.
MovieCoin Services and
MovieCoin Services and MovieCoin Capital are the issuing entities for separate issuances of Moviecoin Tokens.

wdt_ID Platform Objectives
1 The MovieCoin Platform is comprised of four modules;
1. Module 1 (Settlement Solutions)
2. Module 2 (Audit Solutions)
3. Module 3 (Commerce Solutions)
4. Module 4 (Distribution Solutions)
2 Settlement Solutions: The MovieCoin platform serves as a clearinghouse for instant transaction and contract-related settlements among clients. Users have individual wallets where tethered crypto-USD tokens are seamlessly stored on the platform.
3 Audit Solutions: Clients will benefit from cutting-edge functionality, such as their innovative ledger, which stores MovieCoin clients’ transactional information. It also warehouses all agreements executed by MovieCoin clients.
4 Commerce Solutions: Through their portal, users can instantly purchase movie tickets, as well as other premium digital and physical goods. Businesses can also use the platform as a “white-label” solution for their digital assets needs.
5 Distribution Solutions: Their platform serves as a primary vehicle for distributing content created by MovieCoin. They will develop partnerships with studios and other film distributors that will also be integrated on to the platform.
wdt_ID Key Features
1 Settlement Solutions:
1. Instant settlement among MovieCoin clients.
2. Reduction of banking operational costs.
2 Audit Solutions:
1. Distributed ledger storing comprehensive transaction history among parties and agreements.
2. Real-time transparent accounting.
3 Commerce Solutions:
1. Instant access to premium products including movie tickets.
2. Customizable platform for managing digital assets.
4 Distribution Solutions:
1. MovieCoin platform content distributed through partner cinema chains.
2. Full-cycle distribution through cinema chains.
wdt_ID MovieCoin Platform
1 The MovieCoin platform is a technology platform on which an entertainment asset, such as a film, TV series or other media asset can be managed over its lifecycle from development through to an asset sale or harvesting library assets.
The functionality of the MovieCoin platform relies on five components;
1. MovieCoin Smart Asset Assembly.
2. Asset Tokenization,
3. Initial MovieCoin Smart Asset Offering.
4. Production Cycle Control.
5. Revenue Waterfall, each described below.
wdt_ID Token Informations Investment Informations
1 Token: MOV Accepting: BTC
2 Platform: Ethereum Distributed in ICO: 60%
3 Type: ERC20 Soft Cap: 2,000 BTC
4 Price in ICO: 1 BTC = 60,000 MOV Hard Cap: 10,000 BTC
7 Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 MOV Minimum Investment: 1 BTC
8 Tokens for Sale: 600,000,000 MOV Know Your Customer (KYC): YES
wdt_ID Token Distribution
1 Initial Sale: 30% (600,000,000 MOV)
2 Follow-on-Sale: 30% (600,000,000 MOV)
3 Team Tokens: 12.5% (250,000,000 MOV)
4 Options Pool: 12.5% (250,000,000 MOV)
5 Advisors: 10% (200,000,000 MOV)
6 Bounty: 2.5% (50,000,000 MOV)
7 Foundation: 2.5% (50,000,000 MOV)

wdt_ID Funds Allocation
1 MovieCoin B2B Platform: 50%
2 MovieCoin B2C Platform: 20%
3 Strategic Partnerships: 15%
4 Marketing & Advertsing: 10%
5 Reserve Fund: 5%

wdt_ID Milestones
1 November 2017: Company Launch.
1. MovieCoin was founded by Christopher Woodrow in partnership with BANKEX, a leading fintech company with expertise in developing blockchain solutions.
2. MovieCoin closes Series A funding with BANKEX.
2 Quarter-1 2018: Platform Design.
1. BANKEX begins to tailor its existing proprietary applications for the needs of the filmed entertainment business.
2. Moviecoin Tokens are designed as an entertainment industry cryptocurrency, supported by smart contracts, representing the value for goods and services in the MovieCoin ecosystem.
3 Quarter-1 2018: Team Building.
1. MovieCoin hires former COO at Participant Media, Jeff Ivers, as Chief Operating Officer. Marty Pompadur is appointed to the Board of Directors.
2. MovieCoin announces the formation of an Advisory Board; members have diverse backgrounds in film production, studio management, investment banking, technology, and venture capital.
4 Quarter-2 2018: Community Building.
1. MovieCoin attends blockchain events around the world and the Cannes Film Festival.
2. MovieCoin begins to receive media exposure and seeks strategic partnerships with a consortium of progressive companies to develop and proliferate blockchain technology.
5 Quarter-3 2018: MovieCoin Smart Fund & MovieCoin Exchange.
1. MovieCoin Smart Fund (MSF) is structured to be enhanced by smart contracts that automate the document flow typical for a movie fund, introducing new efficiency and transparency for investors.
2. Technology building to support the MovieCoin exchange is initiated. The groundbreaking MovieCoin Exchange Terminal is designed to create a robust secondary market for film investment.
6 Quarter-4 2018: Capital Raising & Token Sales.
1. MovieCoin to close Series B and Series C funding following roadshows seeking participation from a global base of institutional investors.
2. MovieCoin launches sale for Moviecoin Tokens and MovieCoin Smart Fund Tokens.
7 Quarter-1 2019: MovieCoin Smart Fund Launches.
1. The MovieCoin Smart Fund is launched as a program to finance and own a portfolio of wide-release, feature-length major motion pictures. Investments are to be funded from proceeds of equity securities, security-backed tokens and from borrowings under a credit facility.
2. MovieCoin finances its initial films via the MovieCoin Smart Fund MovieCoin provides production financing through MSF Tokens as proof-of-concept.
8 Quarter-2 2019: Consumer Portal Launched.
1. is launched as an innovative, online, mobile-friendly portal designed to create more engaging experiences for film fans using Moviecoin Tokens.
2. MovieCoin continues to develop and build the MovieCoin platform, wallet and exchange that will unlock access, liquidity and transparency for entertainment investors and businesses.
9 Quarter-3 2019: Essential Platform Modules Complete.
1. Key functionalities of the platform are finalized based on data and feedback collected by users.
2. Fund investors can begin to access secondary market liquidity for content investments.
10 Quarter-1 2020: MovieCoin Licenses and Monetizes Platform.
1. Fund investors can begin to access secondary market liquidity for content investments.
2. Initial films financed by the MovieCoin Smart Fund are released theatrically worldwide.
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