MoneyRebel – an opportunity for crypto-skilled beginners and advisors

The world has been taken by the crypto and blockchain storm and there are millions of users trying to enter this new market of opportunities. These users want to tap into the new crypto market, be it the users who are trying to pay with crypto, or the users who are supporting ICOs to purchase crypto; they all need to start somehow, and this can usually mean a lot of reading up on the subject, consulting friends and family, or perhaps even online crypto-skilled people.

Good advice is hard to come by, and the procedures for entering the crypto world are slow and energy consuming.

The MoneyRebel platform, a fin-tech start-up founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with broad experience in the field of financial advice and technology, is going to provide the ideal entrance to the crypto world, powered by both artificial intelligence and human advisors. It will also become a great new tool for the crypto-skilled users and advisors who want to share their knowledge with newcomers, as well as benefit from it financially.

The platform is set to launch in July 2018. The users of the platform will be entitled to reap great benefits, as they will also finally have a complete overview of their crypto and fiat investments, as well as their liquid assets, all in one place, on their mobile device.

A platform for advisors

On the other side of the equation, however, we might ask ourselves what benefits await for the crypto-skilled people and traditional financial advisors as users of the platform?

For professionals and crypto skilled advisors, the idea is quite simple – they will benefit from sharing their knowledge and advisory services. Here are five major advantages for them!

1. Payment for services

They will get paid for their services offered through the platform – be it analytical, advisory, or even basic investment guidance service.

2. Advanced tools for efficient advice

They will have access to advanced Advisory tools provided by the MoneyRebel Platform. This means a quick and wholesome overview of the customer’s assets, customer profile, and even preferences. No more manual jumping from one software to another, communicating in too many different channels, etc.

3. 360-degree overview

They get a 360-degree overview of the client’s complete financials. If the customer allows it, the advisor can gain instant insight into his assets, his cash flow, investments, and his investment dynamics. This will bring financial advice to a completely new level!

4. Hassle-free communication

Communication will be easier, as MoneyRebel Platform provides a built-in communication center. This means everything in one place – data, insight, analytics, as well as communication! No more hassle with various chat and video chat tools, no more looking up phone numbers and e-mails through various accounts. Be it on your mobile phone, or the online application – both provide chat, messaging, and voice or video capabilities.

5. Trust guarantee

Last, but not least – advisors will have a guarantee of trust attached because identity and ratings of their services and performance are put on a public blockchain. As such, nobody can brag with titles and users they do not have – and everybody can rate their advisors on the fly, to help other users with their decision and find better advice for their valuable money.

How will the platform operate?

The MoneyRebel business strategy for crypto skilled advisors and personal asset managers is simple. The platform itself will be free to use, but money will be earned from three main sources: users, advisors, and automation. First of all – users will be able to purchase services from the platform or advisors within the app – small fees will be paid for the product, advanced features and fiat to crypto exchange.

The second revenue stream will come from the commission for converting users to clients of advisors, and from subscriptions to advanced advisory tools.

From the very beginning, the platform will earn from automation by leveraging our crypto arbitrage product and ICO pooling facilities. As a matter of fact, MoneyRebel has already earned more than 300,000 EUR in 2017.

Available in July 2018

MoneyRebel has designed their platform based on their extensive experience and research they’ve conducted among their community. Their team consists of more than 30 highly skilled individuals. Together with their partners and advisors, they are committed to success.

That is why they are offering their project through an ICO crowd sale! ICO sale starts on May 8, 2018 at 13:00 UTC.

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