MobileGO ICO: Price Review and Perspectives

According to the latest statistics, the worldwide gaming industry is estimated by $100 bln annually. The best thing is that the market keeps growing very fast. The MobileGO platform is one of the rising blockchain companies with MGO tokens that tends to join the advantages of blockchain and gaming industry.

MobileGO ICO price review (07.12.2018):

  • Price of 1 MGO is $0,491238;
  • Market Cap is $49 123 084;
  • Circulating supply is 99 998 615 MGO.

Where can you buy MGO token?

Due to the successful MobileGO ICO, the token was listed on many popular exchange services, including:

  • Liqui;
  • Cryptopia;
  • HitBTC;
  • YoBit;
  • Tidex.

Users may also apply MobileGO tokens on different wallets: MGO Wallets, MyEther Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Ethereum Mist DApp and Coinomi.

What is MGO token?

The team behind the MGO token was issued for gamers, developers, publishers and esportsmen. MobileGo transactions are based on Ethereum and Waves smart contracts. This coin can be a prize in esports tournaments or used to pay for in-game purchases.

Initially, MGO token was released for payment within the MobileGO’s service. Users may buy these tokens for purchasing in-game items, services and games. Launched less than a year ago, the market allows to download games or buy keys to more than 500 games (for browsers, mobile and PC).

Benefits of trading MGO tokens:

  • Faster transactions;
  • A simple mechanism of integration;
  • Very low commission;

How is MGO token different from Bitcoin?

The main difference of MGO token from the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin — the more loyal and dedicated user audience. The MobileGO coin is a great choice for gamers, publishers, esportsmen and creators. In addition, the other difference is in the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. It is also impossible to mine MGO tokens.

How to buy MGO tokens?

Because MGO token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, the holders of these coins can use any ETH wallets. For example, Myst (the distribution can be downloaded from the official website of the project) or multi-currency MyEtherWallet. The latter is an online wallet. MobileGO tokens can be exchanged to GameCredits, Waves, ETH, BTC or USD coins.

Why MGO ICO was so successful?

Practically every MobileGO ICO price review states that the team managed to raise over $53 mln during the public stage of crowdsale. It’s a worldwide record for raising funds from the initial placement of tokens in such a short period of time.

The issue of MGO tokens was required for several purposes. Firstly, MGO ICO was an excellent advertisement for the whole project. Secondly, with the help of this token, users can make purchases of games, pay for services and in-game items. This token will be able to secure a deal without involving third parties (intermediaries, brokers, etc.).

The experienced gamers, esportsmen and blockchain experts make MobileGO team. With the help of ICO, the developers of this token killed two birds with one stone. On one hand, they attracted the attention of the mass media, writing about GAME cryptocurrency and MGO token.

And, on the other one, they showed the users that MobileGO team is very serious, developing and promising.

Financial experts recommend diverse the contributions to GAME (GameCredits) cryptocurrency and MGO tokens. These currencies are very perspective for trading and keeping savings in the stable token.

Due to the upcoming airdrop event everyone may receive MGO tokens for free. To achieve this, a user must follow all social media channels of MobileGO. Then it’s necessary to retweet the news related to the eSports and GShare Beta launch. Such users will get 1 MGO by default.

To have one more MGO, a user must install GShare on his PC. Then the user must earn at least 1 GShare Gold via this application.

Are you planning to receive more MGO tokens? Participate in one eSports tournament with GShare Gold you got after installing and using GShare. A huge bonus is available for 100 early birds who successfully fulfill all 3 mentioned tasks — they will get additional 3 MGO tokens!

Also 10 users with the highest GShare Gold balance in the app GShare will get 6 MGO additionally. Hurry up to join this unprecedented event.

The offer is very limited. Check the details on the official pages of MGO airdrop — visit and

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