wdt_ID Project Concept
1 MediBit’s aim is to replace the current inefficient and problematic healthcare system that puts significant time and financial constraint on the population. MediBit's globalized medical platform will allow the population to access their medical data faster, secure, and hassle-free. They will provide an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology, where healthcare consumers can authorize, choose, and control the level of sharing of their personal health information with healthcare organizations.
wdt_ID Project Purposes
1 MediBit is a globalized healthcare platform for medical data exchange that implements blockchain technology. The data exchange can be between various healthcare stakeholders such as government agencies, medical blockchain, general and veteran hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmacy networks among many others.
2 They will provide patients with a MediBit Health Card and a mobile application, which enables them to carry their medical data everywhere they go and access the data anytime necessary. Once the patients visit any hospital or clinic, the staff can access their complete medical history as soon as they scan the card or the application.
3 MediBit will team up with fitness centers and set up massage chairs equipped with a health tracker, which collects the patient’s information regarding blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and ankle-brachial index. The data collected is then exchanged with health organizations who receive MediBit coins as reward.
4 They have a MediBit Information Exchange (MIX), which makes it easy for travelers to access their medical records abroad by reorganizing the records to match the language and health standards of their countries.

wdt_ID Medibit Ecosystem
1 MediBit platform offers an efficient platform for health/medical data producers and consumers along with a wide range of benefits all while creating realistic revenue for MediBit platform.
2 Once the MediBit project has built its first MediBit medical database through partnerships with fitness centers and small to medium-sized hospitals, MediBit will be able to receive platform usage fee from hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical research institutions, insurance companies, and fitness centers because using MediBit platform provides a clear economic benefit to these organizations and institutions.
wdt_ID Token Informations Investment Informations
1 Token: MEDIBIT Accepting: ETH, BTC
2 Platform: Ethereum Distributed in ICO: 45%
3 Type: ERC20 Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH
4 Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 1,500,000 MEDIBITs Hard Cap: 12,000 ETH
5 Total Supply: 50,000,000,000 MEDIBITs Minimum Investment: 1 ETH or 0.1 BTC
6 Tokens for Sale: 22,500,000,000 MEDIBITs Restricted Areas: United States
7 Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Whitelist: YES
wdt_ID Token Distribution
1 Crowdsale (Private + Public): 45%
2 Founding Team: 20%
3 Advisors: 8%
4 Marketing & Promotion: 7%
5 Sponsorship: 5%
6 Platform Development: 5%
7 Exchange Development: 5%
8 Other Developments: 5%
wdt_ID Funds Allocation
1 Platform Development: 50%
2 Company Operations: 25%
3 Marketing & Promotion: 10%
4 Business Development: 10%
5 Legal: 5%
wdt_ID Milestones
1 August 2018: List at Exchange Market.
2 September 2018: List at
3 October 2018: Import Massage Chair from SRCOIN.
4 November 2018: MediBit Platform Development Start.
5 February 2019: MediBit Ver 1.0 Announcement And Start Marketing.
6 June 2019: Contract with major sports centers will be announced.
7 August 2019: Contract with local Hospitals centers will be announced.
8 2020: Contract with major Hospitals will be announced.
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