An Insight into the Blockchain-based universe

When the internet came into use in the 1980s, people were skeptical about its future, but today we cannot imagine the world without it. Quite similarly, critics ruled out cryptocurrency, stating it’s a bubble. Much to their disappointment, cryptocurrency has reached an unprecedented height, the internet booming with over 1800 currencies, both small and large. On the onset of such conditions, MARK.SPACE launches its one-of-a-kind ICO that anticipates a crypto storm that has the potential to change the face of the internet as we know it.


Are you yet to familiarise with the MARK.SPACE hype? To put it simply, MARK.SPACE is an open source platform for the development of 3-Dimensional AR and VR websites, regulated by Blockchain technology. Their platform is specially designed for business, e-commerce, and entertainment sectors that can develop VR-based 3D web content for a variety of purposes. MARK.SPACE is a crypto economic network that is made of multiple units that are connected through 3D components – galleries, streets, and squares – such that users can access them freely. All these units are independent, as each unit can be linked to a personal domain, allowing users to access them directly. The platform runs on the crypto economy and is exclusively powered by Blockchain.

An insight into the MARK.SPACE Universe

The MARK.SPACE universe is a magical platform that is composed of innumerable VR units. An individual unit, which measures 70 square meters, can be directly linked to the top-level domain. At MARK.SPACE, the VR professionals work with avant-garde tools, such as 3DMAX, 360-panorama, etc, to deliver impeccable results.

As a one of its kind platform, MARK.SPACE is planning to revolutionize AR/VR economy by integrating Blockchain into it. In addition, this open source system strives to create high definition 3D/VR objects that are can be quickly launched and seamlessly integrated into any crypto ecosystem. This platform is compatible with all sorts of internet browsers, and with CardBoard, Oculus and HTC Vive. The MARK.SPACE universe is replete with VR spaces/ units that can be traced back to the individual domain.

How is MARK.SPACE Planning to Create an Open Source Crypto economic Ecosystem?

MARK.SPACE, the next generation crypto ecosystem, enables users across the globe to communicate with each other in a social and economic way, allowing them to create new content as well as access services from other users.


The platform is developed to cater to a number of districts, from communities, residential sectors, shopping, to business. The high-end 3D/VR solutions can be effortlessly integrated into web spaces, for a one of a kind user experience.

  • Community District: The popularity of cryptocurrency has seeped into various communities, and consequently, different communities are using digital currencies and the Blockchain technology to ensure an enhanced user experience. Whether it is sports, music, social services, or education, cryptocurrency has become the talking point in many different Blockchain-based communities. To boost the rich economic experience, this open source platform can be integrated into the economic system, allowing users to engage with the next generation VR tools.
  • Residential District: The crypto hype has successfully made its way into the domestic sections these days. What can be better than lending a technological twist into the outdated financial system?

A Technological Breakthrough in Personal and Business Solutions

  • Shopping District: In this fast-paced digital world, the physical stores have lost relevance due to the rapidly growing e-commerce sites. To take the shopping experience to a whole new level, e-commerce can benefit from the platform’s progressive technology. Powered by Blockchain, MARK.SPACE is all set to startle shoppers and brands with efficient solutions.
  • Business District: Undisputedly, the platform can revolutionize the ways commercial operations take place. As a unique platform specializing in VR solutions, all types of businesses can boost their profitability, providing consumers with an unprecedented user experience.

MRK Token

MARK.SPACE has modeled specially designed MRK tokens to carry out transactions. MRK tokens can be deployed to create personal spaces and be disseminated among international advertising network. The tokens, which are customised for various applications, are modeled after the real-life economy. The MRK tokens allow users to buy and sell VR objects/units, access different services, offer the salary to employees, and to invest in advertisements to promote brands through the platform.

Some Notable Features of MARK.SPACE ICO

MARK.SPACE has generated quite a great deal of noise in the crypto world. Some of its worthwhile features are discussed below:

  • The Platform Guarantees to Reduce Social Barriers

Do you want to communicate openly with your acquaintances and friends? Communications are made easy with MARK.SPACE, as it aims to remove all types of communicational challenges between both real and virtual realities.

MARK.SPACE: The Crypto Economic Ecosystem

  • It Aims to Draw New Business Opportunities

MARK.SPACE is all set to attract interesting opportunities for retailers, brands, and investors, with their leading-edge 3D/VR technologies.

  • It Deploys an Array of Top-Notch Technologies

The platform offers the latest VR and Blockchain solutions, such as 3DMAX, 360-panorama, etc, to deliver a unique user experience.

MARK.SPACE is peerless when it comes to vision, innovation, and technology. Equipped an array of top-notch technologies and an incredible team of VR professionals, this open source ICO can be the next big thing on the internet.

Final Thoughts

In summary, MARK.SPACE is a one-of-a-kind crypto economic ecosystem that combines 3D/VR technology with Blockchain to develop the next generation internet, catering to different districts, from the community, residential, shopping to e-commerce. This user-friendly platform is specially designed for cross-platform use whereby it can be accessed from any sort of smartphone, tablet, PC, and Smart-TV. Since the platform comes with a very simple interface, users don’t need any specialized knowledge of programming language to create personalized virtual spaces. Are you bored of using the same currency? Why not consider something remotely unique and highly rewarding? Step into the world of the next generation internet by registering with MARK.SPACE and stay ahead in the game.

The platform’s token pre-sale results are out and it was able to gather 1991 people who joined the platform, and they collected 5,056,992 USD with an average check of 2339 USD. The ICO is happening on 23rd January, 2018.

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