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Token-SaleFebruary 26th 2018 – April 2nd 2018
ICO Listinghttps://www.coinschedule.com/icos/e2179/kleos-token-sale.html
Project Concept 
Kleos is a blockchain-based rewards platform that will allow to increase engagement in Q&A websites and monetize user-generated content without the need for advertising. Kleos is a question and answer platform that allows people to ask a question and get multiple answers from experts. This token economy provides an alternative to the classic advertising-based business model, which is threatened by the rising adoption of adblockers.
Project Purposes
Kleos Tokens's purpose is to create a question-answer platform designed to provide consumers with expert and accurate answers while compensating those providing the answers. By doing so, a win-win situation will be created on both ends with the possibility of attaining credibility.
Kleos KLS is based on an advertising-free basis and works towards eliminating the barriers associated with adblockers. Someone who is merely part of the general public can benefit from the Kleos as well as content creators, readers and curators, traders and investors and finally, website owners.
For every high-quality content created, the creators and curators of the content will be compensated instead of merely the owners. There is a reward for participating in question-answer discussions.
Kleos will allow appreciation of content creators and users discovering content using a new cryptocurrency. Readers also for the first time compensate content creators with credibility and authority.
Kleos provides a new way of incentivizing inactive users to participate in the platform’s community as it not only benefits the platform owners but also the token holders of Kleo.
Kleos structures its business model as a new generation income source for content creators. This represents a paradigm shift from the advertisements revenue stream model.
The purpose of the project with examples
Kleos KLS is a web-based online platform that facilitates generation of high-quality questions and answers from its community. It is similar to other web-based sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answer.
Kleos seeks to integrate a token payment system for its content creators as well as users who assist in generating high-quality content discovery within its site. This token reward system is designed to replace the advertising revenue stream.
The concept of Kleos foregoes the need for placing adverts on these sites. Adverts have been seen to have numerous disadvantages such as being a nuisance to the readers and not benefiting content creators themselves.
Kleos reward system will finally compensate creators and curators of content, not only the platform owners, incentivizing community participation. It will also allow token holders to gain from the growth of the platform.
Kleos Solution
Kleos will be creating a Q&A platform that allows people to ask questions and get multiple answers from experts.
The Kleos platform will have a token economy underlying it, allowing content contributors to be compensated for their contributions to the platform, and for the readers to reward those users with credibility and authority.
This token economy avoids today’s advertising-based model which detracts from the reader’s experience and also de-incentivizes the best content creators, who would prefer to keep their best content on their own proprietary sites, with compensation through paid services and information.
The Kleos API can be integrated as a plug-in for any Q&A application, for example, a company support knowledge base. Companies can compensate the people who are their champions and contributors in the Kleos token, which is valuable outside of their corporate network.
Kleos Reward Pool
70% is awarded to the authors of the best answers.
20% is awarded to the author of the most interesting questions.
10% is awarded to curators (the people who upvote early on soon-to-be popular questions and answers) as a reward for discovering valuable content.
Kleos Security
ICO Website: Connections to the website will be only available through an encrypted SSL connection. Cloudflare services will be used for DDoS mitigation, Web Application Firewall, and load balancing. Website security will be audited by a 3rd party. Users will be able to activate Two-factor Authentication to add an extra layer of security to their account.
Wallet: Top security for the funds collected during the ICO will be guaranteed by a combination of multi-signature and hardware wallets. The withdrawal of funds from the multi-signature wallet will only be possible if there are at least 2 signatures of team members.
Smart Contract Auditing: An independent 3rd party security firm will audit the code on a regular basis.
Bug Bounty: Kleos will maintain an open audit where anyone can submit a bug fix for a reward. Their team will assess each submission individually and assign a level of severity according to its likelihood and impact to the security and performance of the token itself. Compensation will depend on the severity of the issue found:
1. Low: Up to $1,000 USD
2. Medium: Up to $2,500 USD
3. High: Up to $5,000 USD
4. Critical: Up to $10,000 USD
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: KLSAccepting: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 50%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 5,000 KLSHard Cap: 30,000 ETH
Total Supply: 300,000,000 KLSTokens for Sale: 150,000,000 KLS
Token DistributionBonus
Token Sale: 50.00% (150,000,000 KLS)15% Bonus during first week of public sale
Team: 30.00% (90,000,000 KLS)10% Bonus during second week
Market Development: 20.00% (60,000,000 KLS)5% Bonus during third week
Token Distribution

Funds Allocation
Software Development: 50%
Marketing: 30%
Misc and Unexpected: 10%
Legal & Accounting: 5%
Operational Expenses: 5%

Q1 2018Crowdsale.
Q2 2018Invitation only Alpha.
Q3 2018Alpha release on Testnet.
Invitation extended to: Token holders, verified Quora and StackExchange users.
Users selected from the Alpha test.
Q4 2018Public Beta release on Testnet.
Q1 2019Product Launch.
Q4 2019Kleos API.
Articles and Researches
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