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Token-SaleMarch 20th 2018 – April 19th 2018
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Project Concept 
Joy Token is a blockchain-backed platform and protocol that forms the foundation for a gambling ecosystem wherein smart contracts are used to automatically determine game outcomes. By joining JoyToken’s platform, game developers can gain distribution and earn rewards from their games. Joy Gaming’s technology offers a solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos, and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk.
Project Purposes
JoyToken's purpose is to create a platform and protocol that forms the foundation for a “trustless” gambling ecosystem wherein smart contracts are used to automatically determine game outcomes. Their aim is to further the growth of the gambling industry by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for game developers who otherwise may not have access to a large audience.
The platform is specifically for the creation and marketing of online casino games that rely on blockchain-based technology and smart contracts to provide scalability, transparency, and global adoption.
The JoyToken platform leverages the power of Smart Contracts and blockchain technologies to bring a heightened level of security and transparency to the gaming world. By joining JoyToken’s platform, game developers can gain distribution and earn rewards from their games.
All of the casino-game results are recorded within a blockchain network, which significantly lowers fraud. Thus players can verify that developers are running games exactly as described on the blockchain.
Game developers and software houses can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide access directly to their games. Both the casinos and the developers benefit from the additional revenue and increased game innovation.
The lack of reputation of any specific site can be offset by the fact that rules and underlying infrastructure of the games are recorded on the blockchain.
The JoyToken blockchain network overcomes many problems common to conventional online casinos. In a typical digital casino, players send money to the house in order to play games. This is a massive point of vulnerability for potential fraud. JoyToken aims to eliminate this threat by storing all player funds in a unique JoyToken wallet.

The purpose of the project with examples
JoyToken is looking to deliver the paradigm shift in the gaming industry, delivering smarter games to existing and new casino players giving innovative and creative games, developers easy access to operators in a one-stop shop.
JoyToken’s key strategy will be:
1. Game integration and hosting made simple with JoyToken’s game development system.
2. Payments go straight to developers in the form of JoyTokens.
3. JoyToken takes care of all regulatory and compliance matters.
4. Provides instant access to JoyToken’s online casino site.
Joytoken’s cryptocurrency will allow developers to pay and to be paid for their games, with the platform enabling players to play Joy Gaming games on PlayCosmo and many other sites. The added benefit will be that the blockchain technology will provide anonymity and transparency, something that is lacking on current casino gaming platforms.
Developers will benefit from this architecture, as the blockchain provides a large liquidity pool as well as a transparent reputation-ranking system. Developers will be able to prove the games that the user plays because it is transparent and on the blockchain.
JoyToken Technology
Blockchain-based back-end and development stack.
Auditability and transparency over gaming codes - all contracts are accessible by players at all times.
Smart Contract implemented and connected to the Game back-end through APIs.
Security provided by the Ethereum Public Network.
A game registry system connecting game developers to liquidity providers (casinos).
Random number generation systems that allow games to be publicly verifiable and easily accessed by game developers.
The Platform
JoyToken Architecture
The following overall Game Architecture matches the Joy Gaming Platform requirements in terms of security, decentralization, and speed.
There are four main components:
1. The Client
2. The Blockchain
3. The GS (Game Server)
4. The WS (Wallet Server)
The Client: The player manages their money at all times.
The Blockchain: The smart contract controls the pay-out according to the game outcome.
The GS (Game Server): Represents the databases where the game runs.
The WS (Wallet Server): The Platform actor’s wallet will be updated according to final play outcome.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: JOYAccepting: ETH , BTC and Wire Transfer
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 50%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 JOY = 0.20 USDHard Cap: 46,340,000 USD
Total Supply: 700,000,000 JOYBounty: Available
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESRestricted Areas: China, USA
Token DistributionDiscount
Sold During Token Sale: 30% (210,000,000 JOY)30% Discount ($0.14) starts 20th Mar (105,000,000 JOY)
Sold on the Platform: 23% (161,000,000 JOY)25% Discount ($0.15) starts 26th Mar (21,000,000 JOY)
Pre-Sale: 20% (140,000,000 JOY)20% Discount ($0.16) starts 1st Apr (21,000,000 JOY)
Founding Team: 12% (84,000,000 JOY)15% Discount ($0.17) starts 7th Apr (21,000,000 JOY)
Rewards Pool: 10% (70,000,000 JOY)10% Discount ($0.18) starts 13th Apr (42,000,000 JOY)
Ambassadors: 3% (21,000,000 JOY)
Token Sale Bounties: 2% (14,000,000 JOY)
Token Distribution

Funds Allocation
Partnerships: 40.00%
Development: 30.00%
Operations: 15.00%
Marketing: 10.00%
Legal & Security: 5.00%

June 2017500,000 Seed Funding.
October 2017Onboard advisors from industry and blockchain.
November 2017Joy Gaming Foundation Established.
Speaking At BlockChain Expo.
December 2017Demo Slot Machine using Smart Contracts.
Application for Gambling Developer License.
The launch of Joy Gaming Platform for Developers.
Code Audit.
March 2018Token Sale.
April 2018Token Sale Audit.
June 2018Games live on Playcosmo.
August 2018Expansion into Fixed Odds Table Games.
Integration with More Platforms & Direct Operators.
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