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Project LOGO wdt_ID Project Concept Project Logo
1 Javvy is the full integration of a universal wallet connected to numerous exchanges presently available to the cryptocurrency market. It eliminates the need for multiple accounts and applications while taking advantage of their respective benefits. Along with our simple and fast process for user registration and verification, Javvy brings confidence and clarity to the user as cryptocurrencies approach mass adoption. We provide all the tools necessary to securely store, use, and invest in cryptocurrency.
wdt_ID Project Purposes
1 Javvy integrates its crypto exchange aggregator into the powerful and comprehensive Javvy wallet solution, providing much faster, simplified registration and ID verification; eliminating the current need for multiple wallets and exchanges.
2 Javvy proposes its crypto solution for users to overcome all barriers to adoption with a regulation-first approach, defining a carefully crafted business infrastructure and multi-tiered, risk-mitigation policy. The technological framework is then built on that solid foundation. The consumer-facing front-end of the Javvy solution couples, by exclusive integration, a crypto wallet with the world’s first distributed, fully-automated, cross-currency exchange. The combination of a properly designed crypto exchange with a safe, intuitive and feature-rich crypto wallet and a capable team is what sets the Javvy crypto solution apart.
3 The Javvy Protocol serves as the underlying processes by which Javvy works quickly and effectively to provide ID Verification, an automated cross-currency exchange, and liquidity for cryptocurrency/token order fulfillment.
4 Javvy plans to disrupt the cryptocurrency industry by providing a superior alternative to traditional web-based crypto exchanges and wallets. By building a comprehensive, secure, and intuitive crypto wallet with buy, sell, convert, and management capabilities, Javvy aims to deliver the ideal solution.
5 Javvy approaches cryptocurrency from a compliance and regulation-first perspective, and is powered by a team with decades of extensive regulatory, compliance, programming, and security experience.

wdt_ID Platform Objectives
1 1. The Javvy Token itself does not constitute entitlement to a share of Javvy’s profits, losses, assets, or liabilities.
2 2. The Javvy token sale may technically represent an investment by merit of there being an initial offering, but token holders have no expectation of profit; only of the token’s utility within the application. Further, our varied use cases demonstrate a lack of common enterprise. Users may choose to spend, stake, hold, or sell their JVY, each finding different utility or reward within the application.
3 3.Javvy has no control over secondary token markets that may trade the Javvy token for its utility, or any other purpose, at a discount or for a premium. Javvy will not directly pursue listing on secondary markets, except in cases of preventing scams from listing fake and misleading tokens (such as occurs on EtherDelta), although we acknowledge that listing may occur on major exchanges due to the nature of markets developing for anything that has utility value or otherwise.
wdt_ID Token Informations Investment Informations
1 Token: JVY Accepting: ETH
2 Platform: Ethereum Distributed in ICO: 75%
3 Type: ERC20 Soft Cap: 1000 ETH
4 Price in ICO: 1 JVY= 0.0857 USD Hard Cap: 8,000,000 USD
5 Total Supply: 333,333,333 JVY Restricted Areas: China
6 Tokens for Sale: 100,000,000 JVY Maximum Investment: 0.4 ETH
7 Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Bonus: Available


wdt_ID Token Distribution
1 Loyalty Rewards Tokens : 45.00% (150,000,000 JVY)
6 Offered in ICO: 30.00% (100,000,000 JVY)
7 Operational Use: 10.00% (25,000,000 JVY)
8 Founding partners : 05.00% (12,500,000 JVY)
9 Attract/Retain Top Talen: 05.00% (12,500,000 JVY)
10 Key people, advisors, and influencers : 05.00% (12,500,000 JVY)

wdt_ID Milestones
1 2012-2017 : Developed Distributed Cross-Currency Exchange Proof-of-Concept.
2 April 2018 : Released Wallet Prototype.
3 June 2018: Decentralized Exchange/Wallet Alpha Complete.
4 July 2018: Official Wallet Release with Easy KYC, Convert, Send, Receive.
5 November 2018: Pre-ICO Begins.
6 December 2018 : Public ICO Begins.
7 December 2018 : Add Decentralized Buy & Sell; In-store Crypto Gift Cards for Cash.
8 Q1-Q2 2019 : Support a Javvy personal Security Device; Add Core Features; Register as a Bank or Partner with a Bank; Launch International Debit Card; Apply for Licensing; Continue Adding Cryptos & Tokens
9 Q3-Q4 2019 : Continue Expansion into Stricter Global Markets.
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