Inspeer P2P Lending Platform Prepares for ICO

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by Inspeer. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.

Founder of Inspeer P2P lending platform Denis Kabanets reveals main opportunities of Inspeer project and answers most common questions regarding Inspeer functionalities and project leadership team.

I suggest that we start from the very beginning. What is Inspeer platform?

Inspeer is a peer-to-peer lending service that works with cryptocurrency and fiat. I see Inspeer’s mission in creating fast, convenient, safe and transparent platform for borrowers and lenders. From my perspective, within the modern financial market, it’s time for borrowers and investors to be connected directly, without middlemen. And Inspeer knows how to provide this kind of financial connection.


We all know that lending market in general and peer-to-peer lending in particular are growing faster and faster nowadays. How is Inspeer different from p2p services that already are on the market?

I think the Inspeer’s biggest advantage is an existing profitable business that operates as a microlending platform with impressive scoring algorithms. So our team knows how to handle risks and assess borrowers.

For its clients, Inspeer provides high-quality scoring based on AI and machine learning, ensures getting data from Credit Bureau, and controls AML/CFT. This is a great base for building a reliable financial platform for everyone.


I’ve been meaning to ask about the project’s name. What’s the story behind it?

We were playing around the verb “inspire”. We believe that equality in the field of personal and corporate finances may be something that inspires people to think big, lead better life, improve and grow. We thought that technologies are pretty inspiring in the modern world, so why fintech project can’t be a source of inspiration? I’m sure it may beсome a cause of positive changes in our users’ life.


Sounds great. Back to the topic, how does the fiat and crypto lending work? So does it mean that borrowers can simply decide how much fiat or crypto they’d like to get? Is crypto lending somehow different from the lending we all are accustomed to?

After the registration and identification process borrowers can choose the currency and amount of the loan, and that’s it. There is no big difference between fiat and crypto loans. The process of identification and applying is the same. So you can easily choose from your account which currency you would prefer.


May I ask to about the team behind your project?

I would say that Inspeer has assembled a really impressive team of experts. Our team has years of experience in online microlending, peer-to-peer lending, and traditional bank lending. Inspeer CFO Nikolay Otvechalin is skilled in the development of business plans, financial models, and leadership management for capital investment projects at all stages. Denis Ryabikin, our CTO, has been developing projects for a wide variety of microfinance organizations with different scope and complexity. Daria Patrikeeva is Inspeer COO and Head of brand. She had experience in working with government institutions, She also have completed a program focused on anti-money laundering procedures and financing of terrorism prevention in organizations that carry out operations involving monetary resources or other assets.

Dmitry Chirkin is responsible for the legal matters, he is an international lawyer with over 13 years of experience in both digital (VC, ICO) and traditional fields of legal practice.  Thanks to him and our partners, Inspeer has a unique legal instrument to protect ICO investors’ rights. During our ICO campaign, we are going to provide yet unknown level of transparency and control. This will be achieved by the Dutch fund fully regulated by the EU supervisors and managed by Byron Capital Partners Ltd (an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) with a multi-year award-winning track record managing regulated and unregulated investment fund offerings).


What kind of return should lenders expect? How profitable is it to be an investor on such platform?

It may vary. Lenders can choose an appropriate interest rate, and the platform will connect them with borrowers matching their criteria. Anyway, with proper portfolio diversification, p2p lending offers much higher yield comparing to  traditional investment tools. Why? It is mostly related to lower operational cost for p2p lending platform comparing to those of the banks. Additionally, user acquisition and scoring costs may be lower. This is achieved by simplifying the process and enhancing both scoring and predictive accuracy.

The market is growing very fast, and everyone is fighting to be ahead but I know Inspeer is well prepared.


Inspeer has announced their intention to host an pre-sale, beginning November 15th and ending on November 29th, 2017. INSP tokens will be available at $1.00 each, with up to a 25% bonus offered to investors during the first 5 days of the pre-sale.

 Inspeer is working closely with Ambisafe, the trusted Blockchain advisory team, to ensure the highest quality of implementation. For more information on Inspeer or their upcoming coin offering, visit


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