Token-Sale4th, June 2018 - 4th, October 2018
Project Concept 
IDM service provides a decentralized distributed cloud data storage system where security against both loss and theft of data provided by a unique algorithm SIZE. To procure the distributed data storage, the service will rent a free memory from miners for a reward. Administration of the service will be managed by blockchain technology.
Project Purposes
IDM is a platform that was created as a way to provide means for the secure storage and exchange of data. IDM uses a technology that is called SIZE. It enables the company to have post-quantum cryptography, which is just as complex as it sounds.
SIZE is a unique technology created by this company that is supposed to be stronger than the AES 256 for encryption. The company states that SIZE has safety, security, scalability and data governance, which is the bare minimum that the clients expect in today’s crypto market. As soon as anyone uploads the data on the company’s platform, it is highly encrypted and divided. This information is stored in many separate blocks. This process is completely automated by the blockchain.
The company is targeting people and company with concerns of how to store data so that the main buyers of this product will be companies and public institutions that have a major need for services of this kind. Banks, hospitals, and governmental agencies are the most likely candidates for them. Private investors will also be able to use its services.
They claim IDM tokens to finance the development of the platform, as SIZE is complete. This tokens will work as utility tokens and they will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. To use the platform, one must have them, which will ensure the liquidity of the asset.

IDM Features
The highest level of data protection: The absolute cipher, the “one-time pad” principle and the post-quantum level of protection
No Backdoor: The working principle of the system does not permit the creation of a functional backdoor.
The system configuration doesn't permit a successful (MiTM) hacker attack.
The service does not operate via DNS servers.
No metadata collection: All metadata is generated and stored only on users computers and is never transmitted over the Internet.
Independent metadata management system allowing users to manage, protect and search within the stored information.
Fully protected personal communication channel based on our own technology.
Possibility for full recovery of a file even if the 98% of stored data has been lost.
Automatic recovery and replication of the information from unreliable storage nodes, preventing reliability of the stored information falling to a critical level where recovery is impossible.
Inherent scalability: The ecosystem is easily scalable, depending on the number of active storage nodes.
Ability to generate revenue from leasing unused memory on mobile or home devices.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: IDMAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 60%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 IDM = 0.01 ETHHard Cap: 27,000,000 USD
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESBounty: Available
Restricted Areas: United StatesMinimum Investment: 0.1 ETH
Bonus Structure
Days 1-30: 20% Bonus
Days 31-60: 15% Bonus
Days 61-90: 10% Bonus
Days 91+: 5% Bonus
Investment Bonus: 10-50k$ + 3%, 50-100k$ +5%, 100k$+ +7%
Token Distribution
ICO: 60.00% (6,300,000 IDM)
Reserve Fund: 20.00% (2,100,000 IDM)
Team: 13.00% (1,365,000 IDM)
Developers: 5.00% (525,000 IDM)
Bounty: 2.00% (210,000 IDM)
Funds Allocation
Marketing: 55%
Product Release: 30%
The Cost of Organizing Work: 10%
Other Expenses: 5%
Q1 2010The SIZE algorithm was successfully tested on CamGrid network at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.
Q1 2012Foundation of Equivalence AG.
Q1 2014An ultra-secure file-sharing program based on SIZE technology was introduced.
Q1 2015The launch of a publicly available version of the BoobookBox for business and private users.
Q2 2018Technology has been successfully tested in European cybersecurity laboratories.
Q3 2018ICO for the global decentralized ultra-secure storage service IDM.
Q4 2019The launch of IDM service. Development of the cloud blockchain platform (SaaS) based on SIZE data protection technology.
Q1 2020Implementation of a marketing strategy for the promotion of the IDM service and SIZE technology.
Q2 2021Development of a decentralized and distributed cloud platform (PaaS).
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