ICO Spotlight: Zsolt Rétháti from Gilgam.es

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Zsolt, thanks for your time today. I understand you are having a pre-ICO for Gilgam.es, and so to start this conversation can you please explain to us in a few words: What is Gilgam.es?

Gilgam.es is an OS independent platform we are developing, which will connect gamers – pros and amateurs alike – by means of clients, who can win the pot from each other. At first, fans of the most popular games like CS:GO, LOL, COD, DOTA2 can compete each other; but later even more games will be integrated. This is no novelty so far, but what will make a difference is the safe and secure environment we will provide, eliminating the risk of both in-game and financial cheating. The former will be ensured by by means of strict KYC1 software monitoring, using our own artificial intelligence, while the latter by executing transactions by means of smart contracts running on Ethereum blockchain, the execution of which cannot be manipulated externally.

So you use Smart Contracts to make everything transparent and fair?

Yes; we have decided on this way because participation and payment in online games – credit cards, etc. – besides being slow, can be quite unsafe and expensive both for users and for the platforms. However, an own token built on blockchain technology can filter fraudulent financial activities, transactions are significantly more cost-effective, and smart contracts mean safety for players.

And how exactly do people use your system? Is there an interface, for people to interact with the blockchain? Is that what your platform is?

Yes, there is a client application through which users can access the blockchain and dispose of their tokens. They can contact other players and get in rooms where individual games start on certain conditions. At the end of the matches our software and AI help determine the ultimate winner and filter cheating. Finally, the tokens placed in the smart contract get distributed to the winner.

Why are you doing a pre-ICO? What’s the objective of the pre-ICO and why not go straight to the ICO?

During the pre.ICO we would like to offer an even more favourable price to all those who honour us with their interest and trust at this early stage.

What can you tell us about your team?

The founders are Ákos Gilikter and I: Ákos, head of the development team, is a blockchain and mining expert, who also owns a mining farm. He graduated as a programming mathematician and applied mathematics expert. As for me, I graduated in economics and HR, and have set up quite a few various businesses. I’m always interested in new fields where I see great opportunities. Besides Ákos, our other key developer is Drazsen Blazsev, programming specialist and computer science engineer. Both him and Ákos are Node.js experts. Berta Bakonyi co-ordinates the PR and media relations team and customer support. We also have a team of advisors in various fields such as legal affairs, marketing and sales, including some experienced gamers.

Once the pre-ICO is over, what will be the next step? Do you have an ICO planned?

Of course; ICO is starting on 20 June and will last for a month; till 20 July.

Zsolt, thanks and I wish you all the best of luck with your pre-ICO.

For more information, please visit: https://www.coinschedule.com/projects/1162/gilgam.es-pre-ico-.html

Alex Buelau
Alex has a strong background in software development, product and business management. He started mining Bitcoins in 2013 and since then has been involved in several blockchain projects. He participated in some of the the first ever ICOs. He built the official block explorers for two major cryptocurrencies and founded Coinschedule in 2016. Alex is on a mission to eliminate scams from this industry and make ICOs easy and safe.

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