ICO Spotlight: Jon Jacobs from NEVERDIE

Hi Jon, let’s start with the basics: What is Neverdie?

Everyone Dies a lot when playing video Games. NEVERDIE symbolizes perfection in gaming, the ultimate game play, not impossible, but something to always strive for.

NEVERDIE is the name of my avatar I created 16 years ago in Entropia Universe. Under the NEVERDIE brand, the mission has always been to champion monetizing Video gamies for the players, to create real value in virtual currencies. NEVERDIE was instrumental in the development of the first Land tax system that enables players to collect a tax revenue from other players hunting or mining on their Virtual Real Estate. This system triggered the First Major Virtual Reality Gold Rush driving millions of users to Entropia Universe and also Second Life. Although entropia Universe was the only platform that featured the Land Tax system. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4385048.stm I sold my Virtual Asteroid in 2010 for $635,000 USD. Which still stands in The Guinness Book of World Records for the
Most Valuable Virtual Item ever sold Player to player. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-11795098.

The amazing thing is that the Virtual Currencies that we were using at that time were not decentralized and had a fixed rate to the USD.

This all pre-dated the creation of Bitcoin. NEVERDIE Studios has now built two real cash economy Virtual Worlds including ROCKtropia which we continue to operate. NEVERDIE has also Partnered with Universal studios on KING KONG and The THING.

This actually led to a group of players effectively minting $20,000 USD off a single Kill of ZOMBIE KONG. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gamers-loot-20000-from-king-kong-inside-entropia-universe-3d-virtual-reality-world-300054999.html

The whole history of NEVERDIE through until becoming the President of Virtual Reality can be found in the NEVERDIE Time Line http://rocktropia.com/virtual-reality-timeline.php and at http://www.VoteNEVERDIE.com which is focused on the idea of creating a
billion Jobs in Virtual Reality with the Teleport token system.

The Future of NEVERDIE starts with the monetized infrastructure of Virtual Reality and as the real world continues on this exponential technological curve NEVERDIE will start to be associated with our digital evolution as human beings.

I recently completed the Executive Program at The Singularity University where the focus is on exponential thinking and using it to address global challenges that will impact 1 Billion people.

The Challenge the NEVERDIE will tackle first is One Billion Jobs in VR and the NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport token will get us there, just like the railroad created the foundation for the US economy. https://innotechtoday.com/amevrica/

Tell me about the AI element in your project. Can you explain a bit more about how it works?

Currently we are engaging the public to be pro-active in the battle to prevent AI and Robotics from making humans redundant, we are doing this through the creation of gamified minimum wage VR jobs that employs gamers to Hunt AI to prevent Bots from farming in Virtual economies. I think we can afford to let AI and Robots do our labor in reality but I don’t think we want them playing our games for us.

We have successfully created scalable minimum wage Jobs in ROCKtropia and we will expand this system across all games and worlds that utlize the NEVERDIE Coin and Teleport token API.

You can see someone what a ROCKtropia Gamified AI hunting job looks like here on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyxsHy25cTg&feature=youtu.be
This type of Gameplay however can be modified to fit the style of any game that use our API.

So you are doing a pre-ICO now right? When does the pre-ICO finish and when does the ICO start? What is the advantage of participating in the pre-ICO phase?

We are offering sliding bonuses on the NEVERDIE Coin and a fixed bonus on the Teleport token during this early bird phase.

Which will end on June 29th. The ICO will start on June 30th and run until July 31st. Unless of course we sell out before then, which is possible as we are aware of interest from large investment groups.

Okay so can you please walk me through the process of participating in your ICO. Step by step, what is the easiest way to participate? I go to https://neverdie.io, click “BUY COINS” and then…?

To buy coins we recommend having a Parity or Metamask wallet open as they are both compatible with our NEVERDIE wallet, which makes it easy for you buy and then instantly see our coins appear in the wallet.

Visit NEVERDIE.io click on BUY COINS and you can follow super easy instructions to buy both NEVERDIE and Teleport. Just enter the Eth amount and you will see the number Coins and tokens you will receive.

And once you have the NEVERDIE Coins you can explore the wallet and even spend them instantly to buy other coins that are connected to various game development Funds that produce yields.

Lots to look at and this is just the Alpha. You can also see your Golem or Gnosis and First Blood Tokens with the NEVERDIE Wallet and we will add more soon.

What can you tell us about your team?

Our internal NEVERDIE Studios team who have been active for years developing Virtual Worlds and Gameplay for ROCKtropia, Michael Jackson and KING KONG created the Alpha Wallet. Their specialization is API, SDK, gameplay and economic balancing. We are bringing in a lot of expereinced talent from the Ethereum community to develop our smart contracts.

Thank you so much Jon and good luck with your ICO.

For more information and to join the ICO please go to https://www.coinschedule.com/projects/1173/neverdie-ico.html

Alex Buelau
Alex has a strong background in software development, product and business management. He started mining Bitcoins in 2013 and since then has been involved in several blockchain projects. He participated in some of the the first ever ICOs. He built the official block explorers for two major cryptocurrencies and founded Coinschedule in 2016. Alex is on a mission to eliminate scams from this industry and make ICOs easy and safe.

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