ICO Spotlight: Interview with Tony Caradonna from EMV

We are restarting the ICO Spotlight series after a short hiatus and recently had a chance to chat with Tony Caradonna, who’s running the EMV ICO.

Hello Tony, can you tell us a bit about The Pitts Circus and EMV. What’s the relationship between them?

The-Pitts-Circus Movie is the worlds first Ethereum funded movie. It is a project based in Switzerland with swiss jurisdiction. The movie will be at Festivals end 2017 and in cinemas in 2018. We have a three phase funding concept. These three phases will make sure not only geeky early adopters can be part of this venture but also mainstream consumers. With this concept we want to foster Ethereum technology and tell the mainstream consumer how easy it is to use and how powerful it can be.

In the first phase only geeks who master the Ethereum technology can buy shares on a Ethereum contract. The shares that are not sold in phase 1 will be pooled into phase 2.
In the second phase that starts on march 20th 2017 we lower the treshhold so people can invest from exchanges as well plus the shares are tradable. That is why we have created the EMV (Ethereum Movie Token). It is tradable and already listed on two exchanges. It is a classic ICO with the only difference that there is no fixed funding goal. All the remaining Tokens after the ICO will be pooled into phase 3.

In phase 3, everyone who buys a online-streaming ticket before the release of the movie recieves an Ethereum Wallet. All the remaining tokens will be evenly distributed among the ticket holders.

The token has many functions: it represent a movie-ticket, it represents ownership of the movie, and it also represent voting power for future movie projects and the token will be used to pay out the net profit of this movie and the future emv projects during 20 years.

Tell us a bit about the movie. What is it about and how did you get involved with this project?

I have two souls, on one hand I am a physicist that owns a software company and teaches at universities, on the other hand I have financed my studies doing shows, I went to a circus school and perform my show on a regular basis. I have traveled with circuses and I go to Australia once a year for a month or so and work with a circus there.

One of my old time circus friends Ken Fanning has become a director and filmmaker now. Since many years we have tried to convince The Pitts Circus Family to be part of a non-documentary full feature film we wrote for them. Last year, with the birth of their third child they said: “now we are complete, shall we do this movie then?”.

The movie shows this weird circus family with amazing but really weird skills on the road in rural Australia and in a circus festival. Their oldest son is involved in crypto and gets in trouble with rich Swiss investors who send out a killer. So we get to see some of the scenic Swiss scenery as well.

This is clearly not a Hollywood movie but classic independent movie – low budget high impact. We have already three film festivals that want to show our movie before it is even finished and we have sold over 300 tickets for the movie online stream before we even finished shooting it!

Why did you decide to do a crypto crowdfunding for the movie?

I am a crypto-enthusiast since many years. With the advent of Ethereum I felt there is a tool that brings back power to the people. Also I find it really easy to use. Originally we planned a movie-dao, but with the debacle of the d-a-o we decided to look deeper into innovation theory and find out what we can learn from it.

That is when we decided to go for a three phase funding that guarantees a technology transfer to mainstream consumers. Because in the end, this transfer is beneficiary for all stakeholders in the project, the investors, the crew and cast, the Ethereum-community, and the mainstream consumers who own what they watch and get a low-threshold entertaining door into the cryptoworld.

Did you consider any other options apart from Ethereum?

We have commercial partners and sponsor, some are from within the crypto-community, some are art-funding-associations and some are plain product-placement deals. We are also still waiting for a funding decision from the Swiss government. But my fear is that this project is too innovative for people working for a government. But fingers crossed, maybe I am wrong.

Tell us about your team!

The Pitts Family (mom, dad, wee pitt 11, amelie 6, ollie 1) they are the protagonists of the family. In the movie and in real live they are down to earth, don’t like the internet too much, and they make everything themselves. They built their own circus tents, they build their own house, they eat food from their garden and do everything together as a family.

Matto Kämpf and Carlos Henriquez, are Swiss actors that are quite famous in Switzerland, they are the antagonists and fight The Pitts Family.

Ken Fanning grew up in Belfast which was basically a war zone when he was young. He thinks, that his weapon to change society is art. He was and is a Circus Artist travelling the world and he directs independent movies since almost 10 years now.
I am Toni Caradonna the producer, because I am the only one who can handle a computer and I speak four languages.

What sort of timeline do you envision for having the movie ready and what are some of the major milestones?

-start of phase 1
-hybrid smart contract on Ethereum blockchain since july 26st 2016 done
-EMV-Coin on blockchain since Nov-15-2016 done
-shooting the movie in Australia jan/feb 2017 done

-start of phase 2
-EMV-Coin on exchanges (2 exchanges are listing EMV already idex.market and EtherDelta) done
-ico phase 2 march 20th – may 15th 2017 ready to go
-shooting the movie in Switzerland march 2017 starting mid march

-ico phase 3 (online ticket-sales creating wallets for consumers) may 15th-dec 31st
-postproduction april – september 2017 lined up
-filmfestivals oct 2017 – march 2018 lined up (three festivals have already signed up)
-cinemas early Q2 (still working on distribution partnerships)
-online streaming Q2 2018 (working on technical blockchain-based solutions swarm/IPFS/decent or orthers)
-first pay-out of net profit in Q4 2018
-last pay-out of profit Q4 2038

Tony, thank you for your time and best of luck! For everyone reading this interview, what’s the best way to learn more about the EMV ICO?

http://emovieventure.com list all the details of the ICO, also if you register for the newsletter you receive links to behind – the scene movies and impressions from the set.
http://the-pitts-circus.com tells you everything about the movie.

If you have questions you can contact me directly [email protected]

Alex Buelau
Alex has a strong background in software development, product and business management. He started mining Bitcoins in 2013 and since then has been involved in several blockchain projects. He participated in some of the the first ever ICOs. He built the official block explorers for two major cryptocurrencies and founded Coinschedule in 2016. Alex is on a mission to eliminate scams from this industry and make ICOs easy and safe.

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